iWeb Survivor by Selma.

Hi and welcome to the new look Selma In The City, a blog coming at you from Sydney, Australia. We’re going to cover local and world issues and views. There’ll be fiction, an advice column and lots of fun articles ranging from whether or not Paris Hilton is going to adopt a baby from Africa to the best of the week on YouTube. I’ll be writing with my friends Axel and Adrian. Hope you can come to visit.

Why am I here? Because I’ve heard so many good things about WordPress and because I could no longer handle the pitfalls of iWeb. I love Macs, I’ve used them for years, but they are not blog friendly. Formatting problems, slow publishing times, and storage problems. And you can’t choose your own domain name.

The thing that pushed me over the edge was that iWeb cannot read HTML code. So guess what ? No widgets, which means you’re out there on the Net but no one can find you. What is the point? You can see what I mean at http:// web.mac.com./selmainthecity

So here we are : BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER, MORE! We can’t wait to get started.

One thought on “iWeb Survivor by Selma.

  1. >>I’ve heard so many good things about WordPress <<

    So did I … and if I’d known it was so easy, I’d have started blogging years ago. So far, I’ve been able to upload pictures, and embed video, slideshows and a visitors’ book into my blog; just trying to work out how to beal with sound files.


    Keith (Travelrat)


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