Sunday Shakedown

Posted by: Selma

Top news stories this week –

* Three rescuers die in the Utah mine accident rescue attempt. A seismic jolt caused a further collapse. As the rescue attempt continues, it is hoped the miners trapped underground will be found safe and well. Our hearts go out to the rescuers who lost their lives – and to their families.

* The US sub prime mortgage industry collapse continued to send shockwaves around the world. The ramifications are extensive as billions of dollars were wiped from the stock market. As global markets remain shaken and the dreams of homeowners and investors continue to sour, the question arises –Is it becoming too expensive to live?

* There were more deaths from bird flu in Indonesia – a mother and daughter died, sparking fears of human to human transition of the virus. Sick and dying birds had been fed to their pigs, causing scientists to worry that the pigs had acted as a conduit to the species barrier being crossed. However, it seems that the virus was transmitted directly from the infected chickens.

*Remember Britney Spears’ fender bending incident in the parking lot? Well, it seems she has met someone who may just be able to bend more fenders for her – with his mind.Brits is rumoured to be dating illusionist/magician Criss Angel. She obviously had a few magic tricks of her own up her sleeve when she dashed out to buy a packet of condoms in the middle of the night. Abracadabra, I did it again!

* This week also marked the thirtieth anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley. Fans all over the world held candelit vigils and paid ‘the king’ tribute. We love you, Elvis. Thirty years later you still rock!

* Finally, lots and lots of people got Nude for Nature.070818_naked_hmed_1phmedium.jpg

As part of a Greenpeace campaign to increase awareness of global warming, photographer Spencer Tunick crammed 100 naked people on the Aletsch glacier in Switzerland. This glacier has retreated by 115 metres in the last two years alone. Greenpeace claims that ” most glaciers in the world will disappear if global warming is left unchecked.” What an alarming thing to consider.

Yet despite the physical evidence there are still sceptics out there who doubt the veracity of the scientific community’s global warming warnings; and even worse, scoff at the suggestion that global warming is a man-made phenomenon.

Sean Hannity of Fox News is one such naysayer. He has stated many times that he doesn’t believe in global warming and that Al Gore is “unhinged.” He claims to have all these experts on hand to disprove all the evidence available but none of them ever appear on his show. What will it take, Sean, to make you see the light? A full body UV suit when the ozone layer is completely destroyed or a canoe to take you work because sea levels have risen so much, flooding New York? Okay, so I’m scaremongering, but Hannity’s whole approach to news seems to be to score points against his hated ‘liberals’ rather than an intelligent analysis of the facts. In the end, his rhetoric serves neither right nor left, causing action on global warming to stall. I hope he will reconsider his position before it is too late.

Until next time – stay safe.

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  1. I actually FEEL BAD for Britney Spears. I mean yes SHE IS AN IDIOT. But look where she was raised. I call that a product of her environment. AND I think all of her erratic behavior might have something to do with Post Pardom Depression?


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