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Sydney news –

This is NSW Premier, Morris Iemma’s, new toy. A $600,000 water canon which can shoot a stream of high pressure water further than 50m. It may be used during the coming APEC summit (September 2-9) to stem the flow of expected violent protests. The stream of water has such force it can a knock a group of people off their feet in seconds.

I have two words for Mr. Iemma – water restrictions. For several years the residents of Sydney have had to endure water restrictions due to a long lasting drought. We are only allowed to water our gardens once a week and we pay for excess water usage. The water canon has a 12,000 litre tank, who is going to pay for that excess?

The Stop Bush Coalition isn’t happy about the planned use of the water canon but will continue with its protest on global warming and the war in Iraq. “We won’t be swayed by a stream of water,” says spokesman Alex Bainbridge. “These issues are too important.” Hope they turn up in wet suits.

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