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Peevishness. Noun. Adverb. Defined in the Oxford Dictionary as :

silly, mad, spiteful

Peevish. Adjective. Defined as:

irritable, querulous

That’s the way I feel today.

I picked up my copy of New Weekly yesterday and felt a sharp knot of anguish lodge itself in the pit of my stomach as I turned to page 28. Paris has dropped her Aussie boyfriend, Tyler Atkins and has latched onto Entourage pretty boy, Adrian Grenier. What the ???????

Paris, how could you? When you got friendly with Tyler I thought that maybe a simple Aussie guy like me could stand a chance with you. That when one of my screenplays was finally snapped up by Dreamworks or one of the Weinsteins you would be all over me as the next big thing in Hollywood. Instead I see you throwing yourself at Vincent Chase in a breast-enhancing swimsuit. Talk about life imitating art. That scene could’ve been plucked right out of an episode of Entourage. Now I know how Drama and Turtle feel spending all their time hovering in Vince’s shadow. How could you, Paris? How could you?

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