Sunday Shakedown.

The week as it was.

Posted by : Selma

* Sydney – equine influenza toll rises to 12. Eleven of the horses affected are stabled at Sydney’s Centennial Park. Most of these are thoroughbred stallions worth around $500 million. An outbreak of horse flu could bring the racing industry, worth a staggering $7.74 billion, to a grinding halt. The Spring Racing Carnival may have to be postponed. What, no Melbourne Cup? I’ve already bought the hot pink Terry Biviano stilettos I saw on sale with a matching hat Barbara Cartland would be proud of. I’ve also been studying the form guide. This year is my year – I know I’m going to pick a winner. I’ll walk away with at least a $5.70 !

* Our prayers and thoughts are needed for the people affected by the forest fires in Greece. At least 41 are dead with many more people trapped by fires which are moving with astonishing speed. A number of people were burned to death in their cars while trying to flee. It’s a terrible situation. A state of emergency has been declared.

* In more sad news, a sixth bore hole drilled at the Utah mine collapse has found no sign of life. Experts have determined that there was no space where the miners could have survived. This is devastating news for their families. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

* In an unexpected DUI trilogy, Lindsay Lohan gets one day in jail as a result of her DUI charge. Nicole Richie spends 82 minutes in jail and Bill Murray may get charged with DUI as a result of driving a golf cart while intoxicated through the streets of Stockholm, Sweden. I think he might have been airmailing the green. FORE !!!!@@@@###!!

* In the story of the week, a team of astronomers at the University of Minnesota announced on Thursday that they’ve found a hole in the universe 1 billion light years across. It seems like it’s a big hole of well, nothing. A blank spot for which they can find no purpose. Now I know all those guys possess a superior intellect to the rest of us and discuss quantum mechanics and Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle the way we discuss what we’re going to watch on TV; but isn’t it obvious what that big empty hole of nothing is? It’s the spawning ground for the Hilton family. Obvious.

Have an excellent week!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Shakedown.

  1. I had NO IDEA horses could even get the “FLU”

    and I am really glad that Li Lo only got ONE DAY. I love her movies… I would have missed seeing her on the big screen. I wish her health and happiness in her future.


  2. >>driving a golf cart while intoxicated through the streets of Stockholm, Sweden.<<

    Bloke deserves a medal! I wouldn’t wash my dog in Swedish beer, and all other alcohol is way expensive!

    And, in Sweden, I believe the permitted drink/drive limit is 0%


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