This Ain’t No Ratatouille….

Posted by: Selma

I have just found out a freaky statistic about my hometown. Sydney currently boasts a population around the 4 million mark. But we’re not alone. Insert eerie soundtrack here. I mean, really not alone. The soundtrack reaches a crescendo of terror and suspense. The truth is we are sharing our fair city with millions of beings of the Genus Rattus persuasion.


That’s right you guessed it. There are as many rats in the city of Sydney as there are people. They say that when you are in the CBD you are never more than 10 metres from a rat. Eewwwwww! The rat catchers are so busy they are urgently seeking new recruits. It’s a well-paid job but there are significant drawbacks. Like maybe lots and lots of rats and the possibility of bubonic plague. Now that really is gross. Think I’ll get a cat!

2 thoughts on “This Ain’t No Ratatouille….

  1. >>Think I’ll get a cat!<<

    Got a better idea! Get a terrier!

    My uncle’s ‘Jackweiler’ turned his barn into a rat-free zone in about two days!


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