More APEC insanity…….

Nice, ordinary, upstanding citizen Greg McLeay was arrested on Friday for attempting to cross the road in the middle of the city. His attempt to cross the road in front of an APEC motorcade led to his arrest in front of his 11-year old son. He was strip-searched and thrown in jail for 22 hours. He shared his cell with an ice addict. This is a violation of his civil rights on so many levels. It is outrageous and shameful. It should never have happened. Have we just stepped out of the pages of Orwell’s 1984 when the thought police monitor our every move and every breath, every inflection is a possible offense?

It makes you wonder if APEC is in danger of nullifying its original intention of attaining cooperation on the important issues pertaining to our moving forward as a global society. If innocent, good men like Greg McLeay (he’s an accountant, for God’s sake!) are persecuted because of some overly paranoid security protocol then the whole thing is close to becoming redundant. I mean, where are we living – Stalinist Russia?

Seems like many of the visiting dignitaries have been very, very busy during their stay in Sydney. While most business owners have reported a drop in their takings, Sydney’s brothel business is booming, with a 300% increase in trade. Interstate prositutes have been brought in to fill demand with such delicacies on offer as the Condi Combo and the Secret Service Stranglehold. Sadly, there have been no takers for the Bush a la carte. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

Meanwhile, George W Bush has departed Sydney, leaving the calm that descends when you have emptied your bowels for the final time after a particularly nasty bout of food poisoning. The poster boy for inarticulates everywhere was

So glad to be here in Austria

and couldn’t stress enough

the importance of the OPEC summit.

I’d like to end with an observation by my son. “Mum, does President Bush know what he’s talking about?”
Out of the mouths of babes…..

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