How Acute Are Your Senses?


Are your eyes being tricked by your brain?
Take the senses test to find out.
It’s actually quite a tricky test where things are not what they seem.
My eyes are definitely being tricked by my brain. I only got 11 out of 20.
How did you do?

9 thoughts on “How Acute Are Your Senses?

  1. Poet With A Day Job – the questions were tough. I’m also dependent on my sight. I never know the names of products I buy like washing powder, I go by the colours of the labels. If they change the labels I am lost!

    Meleah – it was a tricky one, that’s for sure.

    Ms Karen – now there’s no need to show off. You’re the highest scorer so far!

    Laurie Anne – you are not alone there. I was sure I’d blitz it, but well, I guess I didn’t. Sigh…


  2. Not that all easy when English ain’t the first language, but most of all, not easy fighting what the brains thinks is right… I got 11/20… yeah, as it said, let’s go sharpen our brain (now where’s my cholocate?)


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