I am enjoying my new job. It is labour intensive as I am basically cramming five days worth of work into three, but the work is enjoyable and I am having fun getting to know my new colleagues.

One of my fellow editors is Glenda. She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Long, jet black hair, pale, porcelain skin, emerald eyes. She really could be one of the fairy folk except that she wears Nick Cave T-shirts and Doc Marten boots to work. She has so many black bangles and bracelets on that she jingles as she types. “I hope you’re not freaked out by me, Selma,” she says, “but I am one of the last remaining Goths in Sydney. Everyone is an emo now. They totally don’t get the Goth sensibility. It’s a lifestyle not a name tag.”

Glenda drinks black coffee all day long. The only hint of colour surrounding her is the little red pencil she uses to correct the proofs; it flicks tirelessly, a little red bird darting through tall grass. Glenda may be doused in black but there is something about her that is golden. She is a knit graffiti artist.

She was inspired when she heard the story of a group of guerilla knitters from Houston, Texas who wanted to make graffiti and street art more acceptable and decided to use their unfinished knitting projects as a way to “warm the world, one car antenna at a time.”

Glenda’s tag name is Stitchez and she knits colourful scarves, blankets and even tea cosies which she attaches to pieces of public property like telegraph poles, fence posts, parking meters, mail boxes and so on. She views it as a form of installation art. Her ultimate aim is to tie a 100 foot long scarf to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. She says I can come along the next time she tags as long as I have something I have knitted myself to tie to something. Now if I could just figure out how to cast on…..

9 thoughts on “Stitchez

  1. Do you get the American TV show ‘NCIS’?

    One of the characters is a Goth called Abby. Pauley Perrett, the actress who plays her said:

    ‘I want to be Abby when I grow up!’


  2. Keith – I agree. Goths are cool. I used to be one but it’s very hot wearing black and velvet all the time in Sydney summers. It also takes ages to get ready. I gave up in my mid-twenties but every now and then I have a Goth flashback and get out the long skirts and the jewellery and the boots. I live in a very conservative neighbourhood and my neighbours freak out when they see me but I still enjoy the style of it!


  3. I want to be Abby too!

    My older son is a “pseudo-goth,” (his words, not mine) i.e. he’s got the clothes, but he doesn’t wear black lipstick and he refuses to let me dye his hair. But he likes the music and the color scheme, always has matching socks, leaves his steel-toe boots in the middle of the floor where I can trip over them. That’s how I’ve taught him most of my naughty word vocab.

    As for Stitchez… all I can say is: How. Very. COOOOOL! I wanted to do something similar to a parking garage in my fair city, only I just wanted to hang bright orange paisley’s on it. The building was purple. In fact, it was so purple it had earned the moniker “The Barney Building.” Orange paisleys would have looked cool.

    Um, I crochet a little bit. If I ever get to come for a visit, could I go tagging?


  4. Karen – I would love it if you would visit. I would also love it if you came tagging with us. Now I’d better work on my knitting. I’m doing a scarf. Knit one, purl one, drop a stitch, drop the needle – oh wait, the ball of wool’s rolled under the table. I wonder if I can still tag if I’ve ‘bought’ the scarf?


  5. I am glad to hear you are enjoying your new job. Man I wish I worked in an environment that allowed me to dress the way I wanted.

    However, if that were the case Id show up in Pajamas.


  6. Meleah – you sound so like me. If I really wore what I wanted to work I’d look like a bag lady. Sometimes when I am lounging around on the weekends my son says :”Mum, I don’t mean to be rude but you look like a hobo.” You never know, I could start a new trend!


  7. Crafty Green – it definitely is a winter look in Oz but I love it – so romantic, so Wuthering Heights. You feel so elegant. I think I was born in the wrong era.


  8. I hear you … but I certainly wouldn’t want to wear the male fashions of the day. Apparently, you couldn’t even answer the door unless you were dressed like an undertaker’s clerk!


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