Hallowe’en Horror


4 thoughts on “Hallowe’en Horror

  1. Happy Samhain to you! We (I) bought our candy a little too early this year. It was delicious!

    I’d better get to the store before they’re all sold out and I end up passing out nickles again. Oh, I was so unpopular the year I did that.


  2. Karen – you would be very popular over here if you passed out money. There is an urban myth circulating among the trick or treaters that in one of the local streets a man doesn’t give out candy, he gives out money – five, ten, twenty dollar bills. Despite no one I know ever encountering him and his stash of money, the myth persists. It is becoming legend, like Big Foot or the Loch Ness monster.

    Meleah – Happy Hallowe’en. Hope you are feeling better.


  3. The police have been handing out stickers to put on your door if you don’r want ‘trick or treaters’ to visit … I would have thought that’s just asking for a firecracker through your letter box or something.

    But, we only had two lots came … three little boys and four little girls; all polite and courteous, and had obviously gone to some trouble over their costumes.

    Those kind of visitors, I have no problem with.


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