Movie Personality Test.

Needing a break from NaNo -ing I decided to take the movie personality test.
Which classic movie best describes your personality ?
Take the test to find out.

To my surprise the classic movie which apparently describes me is:

Selma puts marbles in mouth, adopts husky, throaty tone. “Just remember,” she says. “Don’t go against the family.”

Which classic movie best describes you?

8 thoughts on “Movie Personality Test.

  1. ok, when I did only 9 questions – I was Raiders of the Lost Ark and then when I decided to I think it was 45 – I was Schindler’s List – go figure!!!


  2. Paisley – I would so love to be Easy Rider. So cool.

    PWADJ – can you believe it? No matter how many questions I answered I still got The Godfather. You may now refer to me as ‘The Don.’

    Keith – I know what you mean, I so wanted to get something like A Room With A View or Some Like It Hot. But hey, you might actually get The Great Escape. One of my faves too, I must admit. Steve McQueen was amazing in that.

    Kate – good to see you here, my friend. I’ve always thought there was a little bit of the Indiana Jones about you. Ha ha!

    tball – Raiders to Schindler’s List is a big stretch. They only thing they have in common is that they were both produced by Steven Spielberg. Maybe next time you’ll get E.T. LOL!


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