NaNoWriMo Winner !


I did it! I did it! I finished the National Novel Writing Competition on time. I am so pleased. It was really hard work and as usual, I found it hard to slot myself into a lil’ ole genre but in the end I settled for Horror/Thriller, even though technically I believe my genre is magical realism. I know I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I hate being categorised by genre. But if it keeps the powers that be happy…..

I have to thank my wonderful writing buddies: Ms Karen, Poet With A Day Job, and Groovy Old Lady for their support. Having you guys around made the whole thing so much more fun. If you are interested in reading the absolute drivel I came up with, press on the NaNoWriMo icon in the sidebar and then on novel excerpt. It’ll give you a good laugh, if nothing else.

I’m going to finish the novel off over the Christmas break but for now I’m free as a bird! No more NaNo-ing. I think it’s time for a season of Buffy! YEEEEEEHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

13 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Winner !

  1. i am finished as well,,, i had written on the same piece for about a month straight before nanot,, and i have put the whole thing aside for now … i began to feel like a stage director instead of a creator,, so i said.. it is time to leave go…

    i am going to begin work on a whole different full length piece today based on my “silence” character… well see if that gets the creative juices flowing again… god i hope so… i haven’t been able to write a thing but poetry since i finished nano… and even that has been like pulling teeth!!!!!!!


  2. Where’s the rest of it? You’re a tease Selma.
    Next week you can make me coffee and tell it to me.
    And by the way, you can call me Eadie now.


  3. Congratulations on being the winner! I loved reading the excerpt – I liked the little grannies giggling at the beginning. I want to read more!!!


  4. Kate, I mean Eadie – it’s on for coffee. I’ll tell you the rest then, definitely. Selma and Eadie: we sound like a couple of old Cockneys, don’t we? Wotcha!

    Miss Britt – I got a rush of adrenaline towards the end. I am pleased it’s over, it was exhausting.

    PWADJ – GOOD ON YA. We both did it!

    Chris – it was fun. You should give it a try next year!

    tball – thank you for your kind words. I may post more soon.

    Meleah – I wasn’t sure for a while there but I persisted!

    Groovy – sorry about the bad vibes. I love a thrilling read ,so I love to write it too. Aren’t you glad that Na No is over? It was tiring wasn’t it?


  5. daoine – many thanks. I wasn’t sure I would but in the end persistence won out. Now wouldn’t it be nice if what I wrote actually made sense……


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