5 Question Meme.

I’ve never done one of these before, so I hope I do it justice. Ms Karen has tagged me for this meme, so here goes……

1. How long have you been blogging?

For three months. It’s fun but I still don’t actually know what I’m doing. I think my approach is ‘make it up as you go along.’

2. What inspired you to start a blog?

I began reading a lot of blogs and found a lot of the writing to be really professional, covering a variety of interesting topics. I do a lot of writing for work and it can be monotonous and technical, so I wanted a place sort of like a journal where I could write about things that mattered to me. I see a therapist occasionally who suggested I write a blog in a positive way (if possible) as a way of addressing my fears, hopes, and so on. I am also a member of a writers group, and we have all found that blogging is a good way to hone our skills.

3. Are you trying to make money online or just doing it for fun?

I doubt I have the expertise to make money out of it, quite frankly. I’m hopelessly in the dark regarding social networking sites and all that. So I am just doing it for fun at the moment. If I were to be completely honest, however, I would hope it would provide me with a platform over time to launch my fiction. You just never know…..

4. What three things do you struggle with online?

I struggle with finding the time to write a post I am happy with. Sometimes I do several drafts of the one post and tremble as I press the publish button. Blogging has been really good for me in that regard because it’s reined in my slightly perfectionistic streak. I am so over-zealous as an editor that in the end I would have nothing left to post but one word – the – and I probably wouldn’t even be happy with that.

I also struggle with finding the time to visit all the blogs I love to read. I find if I miss a day it preys on my mind quite a bit.

The last thing I struggle with is the people who leave nasty comments, as well as all the spam. I mean, why can’t we just all love each other? I’m also curious as to how many penis enlarging products the spamming community thinks I need and why a guy called Hot Ronnie wants to meet me tonight. Apparently, I won’t be disappointed.

5. What three things do you love about being online?

The first thing has to be all the people I have met. I genuinely feel like we could sit in a cafe or a bar and have an absolute whale of a time. Hey, maybe one day we’ll be able to do it! We’ll call it Selma’s Soiree.

The second thing I love is the sharing of experiences. Some of the things I have read on other people’s blogs and the responses I have had to experiences I’ve shared have made me feel so comforted. It’s like an old friend putting their arm around you and telling you everything will be alright.

The last thing I love about being online is how it has given me a sense of satisfaction. I love the interaction, the feedback and I look forward to planning my post for the day. Blogging really is an opportunity to get to know other people, but is also a way of getting to know yourself. I think I’m hooked!

Thank you for tagging me, Karen. That was fun!

7 thoughts on “5 Question Meme.

  1. This was a really interesting meme, Selma, gave us a chance to get to know you a bit better. I didn’t realize that you’ve only been blogging for a short while – you’re a pro at it! LOL on the perfectionist tendencies, me too. I even return to old posts to revise a word or sentence here and then, and rarely am happy with the slop I end up posting. I know there is more creativity inside of me, if I’d take the time to work at it a bit! I ‘ve been lucky on minimal blog spam thus far, but I so agree on the nasty comments. Why in the world do people do that? We don’t always have to agree with the writer, but there are so many respectful ways to share an opposing viewpoint. To me, it’s a lot like tracking in mud when you go to visit the house of a neighbor. I totally enjoy your writing efforts, and will look forward to you sharing some fiction when you’re ready!


  2. Beth – you are so right. It has been a godsend for me! Thanks so much for stopping by. Lovely to meet you!

    Jimmytomato – I love your name. Thank you so much.

    Josie – thank you for the kind words, Josie. The feeling is definitely mutual!


  3. Miss Britt – I made a facetious comment about religion once and ouch, did I get a serve from a reader. I don’t really mind though, religion is one of those topics guaranteed to get people’s backs up. Thank you for thinking I’m nice – the pills must be working! BTW, I love your Marilyn avatar – she is the best as far as I’m concerned. ‘Some Like It Hot’ is in my top 10 fave movies of all time.


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