Meleah Rebeccah from Momma Mia, Mea Culpa has given me a Friendship Award. She has made me feel such a welcome part of the blogging community that I am inspired to pass on the award. When I began to blog I never expected to meet people I would come to regard as friends, but I have, and it’s fantastic!

So my dear blogging buddies, this award is for you –

Karen from Ms Karen’s Blog

Elsa from HearWriteNow

Sherry from Groovy’s Ruminations

Melissa from Poet With A Day Job

April from Desperate Writer

Heather from I’m Not Hannah

Miss Britt from Miss Britt

Eadie from AlistairKateMilan

Keith from Travelrat’s Travels

Josie from Picking Up Pieces

And I know Meleah Rebeccah has already passed on this award to them but I would also like it to come from me –

Laurie Anne from All Over The Bored

Jodi from Why Paisley?

Thank you all for your friendships. I value each and every one!

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  1. ho ho ho! thankyou for a very cathartic coffee break yesterday, and being a good friend back.
    I was joking about being called Eadie by the way.


  2. Eadie, I mean, Kate – you are very welcome. I thought you might have been joking but it’s just that Eadie suits you so well……

    daoine – it’s my pleasure!


  3. Geesh thanks! *Josie blushing* What a nice suprise to find at the end of day! I totally agree that you deserve this award, I’ve found your blog, comments and caring to be awesome!


  4. I needed this so much today, I can’t even tell you. Your words inspire me and to be counted as your friend is just…wow. Smooches to you!


  5. Meleah – you also have been a great friend to me. I really mean it!

    Josie – likewise. It’s been wonderful getting to know you through your blog and your comments!

    Laurie – you are most welcome!

    Miss Britt – I’ve appreciated how welcoming you’ve been to a very newbie blogger like lil ol me. Gracias!

    PWADJ – you are welcome. It’s been great getting to know you!

    Heather – have you any idea how much you make me laugh? That is such a gift. You are very welcome!


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