What’s Your Christmas Theme Song?


I found my Christmas theme song via this test.
To my surprise it is one of my favourites – Let It Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!
Hope your theme song is just as jolly.

12 thoughts on “What’s Your Christmas Theme Song?

  1. my christmas theme song is “father christmas” by the kinks… no one ever plays it anymore,,, but i think that is the quintessential christmas song of the era……


  2. I’m chuckling over your theme song, Selma, ‘cuz you live in a place where it is highly unlikely you will get your Christmas wish! 🙂 Me? I think I love all the classic Christmas carols best, but also enjoy the jazzed up versions by Mannheim Steamroller!


  3. We can hear you singing ‘White Christmas’!
    White Christmas

    Looks like you might be the sentimentalist in the crowd. You, more than others, revel in the nostalgia of the season. Some may think it’s a little bit sappy, but you can’t help it if you feel all gushy at the first sight of snow, the scent of evergreens, or the tune of the first Christmas carol.

    You’re one who picks up on traditions, and you probably like to pass them on, as well. That ornament over there, we bet it has a good story attached to it. Truth is, Santa himself probably couldn’t spread as much Christmas spirit as you’re capable of. While others are mired in materialism, you keep the season’s true meaning closer to your heart. So keep on dreaming of a white Christmas with every Christmas card you write. May your days be merry and bright. And may all your Christmases be white.


    This is SOOOO me.


  4. “Let it snow” it is for me too! I’m soooooo in the right place! 🙂

    I just went to last.fm hopng they’d play my all-time favorite… Father Christmas. But guess what they played instead? Mistress for Christmas, by AC/DC! Good enough for me! 🙂


  5. My theme song results:

    We can hear you singing ‘Silent Night’!
    Silent Night

    Christmas parties and present giving are all well and good, but you honour the true meaning of Christmas, too. Tradition is probably important to you – whether you find it in religion or in your family’s annual rites of passage. In fact, it’s your spiritual centre that might direct your social calendar – making sure you never miss the local nativity play, make the time to spend with loved ones, or just set some moments aside to enjoy that feel-good festive cheer. These are the sorts of things that take precedence for you during the season.

    Of course you like a good gift and love the feeling of giving someone the perfect present. But let everyone else work up a sweat at the shops. You’re working on spending time with those who mean the most. And if you keep at it, that lesson will probably rub off on those around you. So if loved ones need a gentle reminder of what Christmas is really about, why not share your theme song with them? Whether you’re tied to its message or not, its gentle, powerful, “Silent night, holy night” is sure to get them where it counts.

    Id have to agree with my results!


  6. Well I’m “Let it Snow” too and boy did it snow this week – we got 41cm of snow last Monday and finally the city is all clean. I am hoping it won’t snow like that for a while LOL! At least it will be a white Christmas.


  7. Paisley – that is the coolest Christmas song ever. I just love Ray Davies.

    Josie – I know. There is no way we’ll get any snow here over Christmas. And I agree, you can’t beat the classics!

    Keith – will do. Haven’t been home much this weekend.

    Meleah Rebeccah – Silent Night is one of my faves. It is so beautiful sung in harmony.

    tball – WOW. 41cm of snow. I can’t imagine it! How lovely.


  8. Cool!!

    Josie is right – Mannheim Steamroller is my favorite!! I start getting itchy around Halloween for the sounds of Christmas music!

    My favorite is Pat a Pan by Mannheim Steamroller – you have to hear this Selma! A true classic!!


  9. David – I do love ‘Let It Snow.’ It’s a classic.

    jimmytomato – I haven’t heard Pat a Pan. I’ll see if I can track it down via YouTube.

    PWADJ – ‘Last Christmas’ rules. If you sing it really slow with a bit of harmony you realise what a nice melody it is. ‘Last Christmas I gave you my heart but the very next day you gave it away.’ Ouch. George M knew how to tug at the heart strings!


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