The ‘What Do You Like To Read’ Meme.

Elsa over at Hear Write Now tagged me for this meme.
It’s all about reading.

What have you just read?

The Witch of Cologne by Tobsha Learner. She is one of my favourite Australian writers. The book is set in 17th century Europe and is about a Jewish midwife who combines medicine with kabbala and is accused of witchcraft. It is fantastic!

What are you reading now?

I am presently reading Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman. After having coffee with my friend, Eadie, the other day, I realised I haven’t been reading enough of this astounding fantasy writer.

Do you have any idea what you’ll read when you’re done with that?

Oh yes. Ludmila’s Broken English by DBC Pierre about a Russian mail-order bride. I loved Vernon God Little and can’t wait to read this one.

What’s the worst thing you were ever forced to read?

My sister’s diary. She was 14. Every page said the same thing I Love Sean Cassidy. It made me sick. My mother forced me to read it because she thought my sister was taking drugs. After reading how much my sister loved Sean Cassidy I realised that she was.

What’s one book you always recommend to just about anyone?

This is a hard one but it’s probably Across The Nightingale Floor by another Aussie writer, Lian Hearn. I have a fondness for Japanese mythology so this one fits the bill nicely. Coming a close second is Donna Tartt’s The Little Friend. Everyone I know says they love The Secret History more but the little girl in The Little Friend was a fantastic character. And all the crazy aunts – reminded me of my own family!

Admit it, sadly the librarians at your library know you on a first name basis, don’t they?

Only because I keep getting fined for returning books late.

Is there a book you absolutely love, but for some reason, people never think it sounds interesting, or maybe they read it and don’t like it at all?

One of my favourite writers of all time is Anita Brookner. She makes the most mundane situation interesting. Her insight into human nature is astounding. I will cry while reading one of her books then lend it to a friend who will go: ‘ Well, it wasn’t really about anything, was it?’

Do you read books while you eat?

Only if I’ve done the cooking. It helps to take my mind off how bad the food is.

While you bath?

No. I am very fussy about keeping my books dry.

While you watch movies or TV?

Yes. Especially if it’s one of those movies the boys like such as The Fast And The Furious or The Transporter (lots of car chase sequences.)

While you listen to music?

Often – but usually only something soothing.

While you’re on the computer?

Why not. I’m always up for a bit of multi-tasking. Can I do the ironing as well?

When you were little did other children tease you about your reading habits?

Yes. I used to read a lot of mysteries. When I was seven my favourite writer was Agatha Christie. I wanted to be a private detective.

What’s the last thing you stayed up half the night reading because it was so good you couldn’t put it down?

The Guenevere trilogy by Rosalind Miles (I love anything to do with King Arthur) and Seven Types of Ambiguity by Eliot Perlman. He is another Aussie writer who absolutely rules.

Have any books made you cry?

Too many to mention. Atonement by Ian McEwan made me cry mainly because it was so good that I realised I could never write like that and went all ’emo’ and wanted to slash my wrists. Another book that made me cry was The Rules Of Engagement by Anita Brookner just for the sheer splendour of it. I’ll share the last little bit with you :

“Sometimes I walk as I used to, in the early morning, or after dark…..The time passes quickly now….But I sleep soundly, without dreams. Were I to dream I should find myself in the past again, at home, with my parents, or running to meet them, my face alight with joy, as it must have been, at the beginning of the world.”

The woman is a freaking wordsmith. That passage chokes me up every time.

Anyone who would like to do this meme please do so. Then let me know because I’d love to know what you like to read! I always hesitate about passing on memes in case I pass them on to someone who really hates doing them. But I love doing them. It’s fun!

13 thoughts on “The ‘What Do You Like To Read’ Meme.

  1. Oh, my God! Your mother thought your sister was taking drugs and for that reason forced you to read her diary. Sorry, but it’s very funny!

    I realised that you’re addicted in books, it’s so good.

    See tou later, bye!


  2. I could read all day! (Well, ok, if I got paid for it and there was nothing good on TV).
    Sean Cassidy? Wow 😉

    Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way!


  3. Good one. I read while I listen to music (I especially like instrumental music like Quadro Neuvo or Jesse Cook for background music), have food, coffee and in bed (when alone). I loved the part about reading your sister’s diary. I read my sister’s diary once and I almost puked.


  4. Veronica – I know. It was a funny situation.

    Michael C – You are very welcome. Your blog is fantastic! Sean Cassidy – what can you say? I’m still recovering!

    Meleah – I know. I was prepared for drugs, not Sean Cassidy!

    Roshan – thanks so much for stopping by. Welcome! I know what you mean about diaries. Sometimes it’s best not to read them. LOL!

    David – a wonderful series. He is a very talented writer!


  5. My mother read my diaries herself (no sister to delegate to) and then burnt them.

    I will have to make a reading list of some of those books you’ve mentioned. I’m intrigued. Strangely, I absolutely adored The Secret History. It’s one of my favourites. I was very disappointed with The Little Friend, but maybe I need to read it again. (I thought the little girl was a brat, sorry! :blush: (but a well-crafted character nonetheless). I felt awful for the friend of her brother after all that. Poor guy.)


  6. daoine – I cannot believe your mother burned your diaries. I hope it didn’t lead to a lengthy period of conflict between you.

    I also loved The Secret History but enjoyed The Little Friend more. The little girl was a brat, there was no doubt of that, but something about her appealed to me. (I think she reminded me of myself.) Donna Tartt is a brilliant writer. I wish she’d write a little more frequently, however!


  7. Sadly, just one more event in a long line of difficulties between us.

    But, moving on: Apparently Donna Tartt’s next planned novel is a psychological thriller about a group of people trapped in a lift. And there is also a possibility of a movie being made of The Secret History (although if Donna is the one writing the adaptation, I think we’ll be waiting a while for both the movie and the next book).


  8. daoine – only Donna Tartt would be brave enough to tackle a novel about people trapped in a lift. I can’t wait. I also hope we don’t have to wait too long for The Secret History film to come out. How fantastic!


  9. Somehow this kid from Oklahoma found Anita Brookner early on and became a big fan. No one ’round these parts even knows who I am talking about. I loved reading her and right after I could talk and write like her for a short time. I loved my Anita Brookner period and having those terrific sensibilities. Thanks for the memory.


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