Happy New Year, everybody!
Thank you for enriching my life so much in 2007.
Peace to you and those you hold dear in 2008……

11 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR !

  1. MELEAH – Happy New Year. I am so looking forward to reading your blog in 2008!

    JIMMY – Happy New Year. Much happiness to you and your lovely family!

    CHRIS – And to you, too. Hope you get more time for your music in ’08!

    ROSHAN – peace and prosperity to you too.Wishing you many happy times.

    DAOINE – Happy New Year, my friend. Enjoy your trip to NZ. Say ‘Hi’ to Omaru for me (south island.)

    KAREN – you were the one who made the year nice for me. We are going to hit the bullseye in ’08, don’t you worry. Happy New Year!

    MICHAEL C – and to you. I’m glad you said that. I don’t think I can give up Steve and Edie. Even my 11 year old son likes them. I wasn’t sure if they were cool or not but I can tell you are a man of wisdom and experience, so if you say so…LOL!

    HEATHER – hope your dreams come true too. Happy New Year. Go the DAWGS!


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