You Make Me Feel Like Dancin’


I’ve been covering some fairly heavy topics lately. I am exhausted. I need to dance. Please join me in this fun quiz. I think if we danced more our hearts would be lighter. So tell me, what’s your dance style ?

I’m a Swing Dancer, energetic and exuberant. Yay. It’s one of my favourite styles. I can’t say I’m good at it but I do enjoy watching it!


20 thoughts on “You Make Me Feel Like Dancin’

  1. Hi there, I’m a Bgurl – breakdancing is my style LOL! I put the results on my blog for my friends to get a kick out of it!


  2. Bellydancing. Huh. I think I need to actually be comfy with my belly before that becomes a reality, although I think it would be really cool to be able to move my body the way Shakira does. Honestly, her spine isn’t like other people’s.

    Also, is it just me or does the dude in the swing dancing picture above look like he has just injured his groin while performing that move?


  3. Hi Selma, Just popped by to say thanks for visiting my blog and what do I notice right off? A quiz? I love doing quizzes and the result didn’t surprise me at all. I got belly dancing which is ironic because I did classes for a few months last year. Now I will go off and read a few of your posts if you will just excuse me.


  4. Probably doesn’t work for men … it said I should try Line Dancing or Square Dancing. Yee-hah!

    (Actually, I would love to learn the tango)


  5. Tball – you are too cool. I wanted to be a B-girl. My son has taught me how to krump. (well, I actually look more like I’m having a fit, to be honest, but at least I’m trying….LOL)

    HEATHER – now that you mention it, that guy looks like he’s in excruciating pain. You crack me up!

    GYPSY – I’m delighted you stopped by. Welcome. Bellydancing sounds so cool. I’ve heard it’s quite difficult though, you must fill me in on your lessons.

    TRAVELRAT – I did line dancing not long ago and it’s great fun once you get the rhythm of it. I would also love to learn the tango – it looks fabulous!


  6. I don’t need no quiz to tell me that, now, I’m a Daddy Dancer. The kids’ laughter tells me all I need to know 🙂
    And to think, I once won first prize in a disco contest.


  7. Hi Selma,
    This is a great way to start an icky work week! I liked reading the responses. I’m either to sleepy or too old to see the quiz.

    But I know for certain that I am happiest when I am in the Arthur Murray Dance Studio working on my rhumba or my foxtrot. Taking real ballroom dance lessons changed my life. I learned to stand up straight and look people in the eye. I learned to flow with the music, even when my instructor was jabbering in my ear. I learned to let men lead when necessary. I learned to dance with short men and not feel large. I would ride my bike home and imagine that Fred Astaire was on the bike behind me. Thanks for this!


  8. Sadly, I only know how to dance by convulsing, smiling and shaking my arms a lot. My arms do swing, so I guess you could say I swing dance. I am a horrible, horrible dancer and friends and family tend to disappear when I take to the floor…


  9. Despite the quiz saying I’ll take Bellydancing lessons from Fred and Ginger, I think my style follows more along the lines of what Michael C. does.

    People tend to steer clear of me if I ever find myself on the dance floor. It can get a little dangerous to stand too close. Especially if I run out of rhythm and start twirling.


  10. I am a belly dancer. This soon after the holidays I would be a “belly flopper”. I wouldn’t wish a pic of that on anyone. I wouldn’t mind a gold coin belt to keep the pants up.


  11. I started off with ballet and tap, badly, at an early age, made my way to ceilidhs as a student, tried to shimmy and sparkle with my friends in Malawi and ended up in goth club, though I do punk as well.


  12. It looks like I’m the only BGurl out there – everybody else is a belly dancer! Krumping is hard – I watched them do that on “So You Think You Can Dance” last summer – Sara was the only bgirl they had – and she made it pretty far and so did many of the bboys! Do you get that show also out in down under?


  13. Anthony – Daddy Dancers are the best of all. I love it when they do that funky chicken move. Brilliant!

    Caroline – you sound like a proper dancer. I have tried ballroom dancing and it is tough. Wow. Hard work but fun!

    Roshan – you sing and we’ll be your back up dancers. There’ll be a variety of different styles but it might set a new trend. Anyone for ‘I Will Survive?’

    Miss Britt – I think Usher teaches a lot more than belly dancing – nudge nudge, wink wink!

    Michael C – you are my favourite kind of dancer, you put everything you have into it. People who leave you alone on the dance floor are just in awe of your moves, that’s all!

    Karen – you would do well with traditional Highland dancing. There’s a lot of twirling in that. LOL!

    TR – I wouldn’t mind a gold coin belt, either. I had one in my dress-up box as a kid and loved it. I would also be a ‘belly flopper’ – my sit-up regime isn’t what it used to be!

    CRAFTY GREEN – I was wondering where the punks were. Alfie came up as as punk. He still does a fantastic pogo!

    TBALL – I loved ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’ Sara was fantastic, wasn’t she? So talented. I also loved Lacey and Neil. That routine they did with the flowers about the girl dancing with her father in heaven made me cry for days. When you see stuff like that you realise dance really is art!

    CHRIS – Moshers Rule! Angus’ moves certainly lend themselves to moshing – the neck gives out after a while though!


  14. apparently I am :

    Practiced by both Northern and Southern tribes, the traditional Buckskin dance was originally only for princesses and ladies in leadership positions. Today, all women are allowed to practice this very special dance that is normally preformed at pow-wows.

    It seems like you’re admired for the way you are able to appear graceful, even under the worst pressure. Maybe you were able to pull off that oral presentation, even though you only remembered the period before.

    If staying composed and cool is your MO, then you’ll admire the moves required of these dancers. For traditional buckskin dancing, the movements are light and those performing bounce gently in one place to the beat of a drum. The performer also uses a fan to acknowledge the drummer and to signal the drumming tradition.


  15. Square Dancing…!!!
    Square Dancing…!!!

    Well I guess I should be thankful for that… I mean I realy couldn’t dance to save myself. If I was in a saloon and the gunslinger said “Dance” as he started shooting at my feet… then I guess I’d learnibg to walk without toes.


  16. Angry – square dancing is so much fun, especially in cowboy boots. Join with me, won’t you? “Now twirl your partner round the floor…’


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