Pet Power.

I have been touched by two equally moving images today. The first is from the wonderful I Can Has Cheezburger. I can’t tell you how much Jake and I love that site – we really lovez our kittehs!


It’s hard to tell from the photo where that soldier is stationed but it must have been a welcome break in his day to come across a little cat – perhaps it was a reminder of a cat he had back home. Hopefully, it provided him with some kind of sustenance to carry on. I just love this photo so much. It should be the poster for a campaign for peace!

My second touching image is more of a story. I encountered an elderly man at the shops today, laden with shopping bags, struggling with a cane. I offered to help him carry his bags and we chatted for a while. The silvergrey leaves of eucalypts cast little pointed shadows on the ground as we walked. ‘See those leaves?’ said the man. ‘My wife was a dressmaker. She used to have a dress in that exact colour with matching shoes. Very elegant it was. She’s been dead for over twenty years now but I think of her every day.’

To miss someone for twenty years must be hard. The man never imagined he would live for two decades without his wife. ‘Sometimes I begin to talk to her and then I remember she is gone,’ he said.

As we walked I became aware we were not alone. A black and white cat was following us. When we stopped to rest every now and then, so did the cat, standing a few paces behind. I mentioned it to the man and he laughed. ‘That’s Flo,’ he said. ‘I’ve had her for over ten years. She always comes to the shops with me. She likes to make sure I get there and back in one piece. I think my wife sent her to watch over me.’

A few minutes later we reached the man’s door. I put his bags in the hallway. Flo sat on the doorstep as I left. Our eyes met. I could have sworn she nodded as if acknowledging my help. The bond between she and her owner was tangible. There was a richness to it.

As I turned the corner I saw them standing at the window looking out at the day. If you were on a photo hunt with the theme of belonging, this is the photo you would use. An emotive snapshot. I felt happy they had one another. Companionship wherever it may be found is truly welcome.

17 thoughts on “Pet Power.

  1. That is a lovely photo. Actually I have a few similar pics on file. I will try and find them and send them to you.

    What a lovely story about the old man and Flo. We all should know the kind of love he obviously shared with his wife at least once in our lives. Just beautiful. You are a good soul for helping him like that. A small gesture but one I’m sure was greatly appreciated.


  2. That was lovely, Selma. I’d like to think that our pets are like our guardians as well as our best friends. I miss my dog & my two cats. I don’t believe in a god or heaven. But who knows, there might be an afterlife somewhere just without the clouds and the harp music and the bearded fella.

    I keep thinking of a lush meadow with lots of flowers, some trees and a brook. Lots of butterflies and birds. And when I die, waiting for me in this place will be my dogs & my cats. And they’ll be with me forever.

    Seems like a good idea to me.


  3. Hi Selma I’ve just popped in via Groovy’s site.
    I was just going to have a cursery look and come back later to read, but I’m not here 2 minutes and you’ve brought a tear to my eye.
    I’ll be back again after I’ve composed myself, to read some more.


  4. Gypsy – I’d love to see those photos but please don’t go to too much trouble on my account. Can I say how pleased I am to be reading your blog and to have you visit. It’s so nice to speak to another Aussie!

    Crafty Green – it did seem like Flo had been sent here. There was an otherworldliness about her, which I think cats have anyway, but it was quite pronounced with Flo.

    Roshan – I agree with you about animals being guardians. I lost my beloved dog and cat to old age a few years back and know they looked after me. I still can’t bring myself to get another dog or cat. It feels on some level like disloyalty.

    Angry – so glad you stopped by. Anyone who is a friend of Groovy’s is cool in my book. I have to come and check out your blog to see if you really are angry. On my way!

    Michael – I was touched by his story too. Sometimes the people you come across unexpectedly provide you with surprisingly uplifting moments!


  5. Okay, that’s it…
    I’m not coming back again…

    Although I must admit, this time, it took about 30 minutes before I started tearing up.

    Oh okay… When I’ve composed myself… again… I’ll return and leave a comment on the Epiphany post.



  6. Selma,
    Well done. I love the photo of the soldier. The composition is striking. Your story of the elder is delightful. I love animals so much, but reading this helped me realize that it’s actually the bond between humans and animals that touches me most deeply.


  7. It’s no trouble at all. I have the one you posted plus about 3 more that are very poignant. I couldn’t find your email address so if you can send it to me to, I will forward them on to you. I am also glad to find another Aussie, someone I don’t have to explain our sometimes weird vernacular to….lol.


  8. What a wonderful post, Selma. I had seen that image yesterday and it brought a smile to my lips. And the story about Flo is so sweet that I feel all warm inside now.


  9. David – great videos. You are a master at finding things on You Tube. Loved the dog!

    Angry – it is so great to have you on board. I really appreciate it!

    Caroline – I am also touched the most by the bond between animals and humans. I think it is something we often underestimate.

    Britt – I think it takes a bit of getting used to. But once you get into it, it can be quite funny!

    Meleah – thank you. Your stories aren’t bad either!

    Gypsy – Aussie Aussie Aussie. Oi Oi Oi. Daoine, who has commented below you is also an Aussie. So are David M and Angry. Hey guys, we should have a barbie and watch the cricket!

    Daoine – now that’s hot. So far we’ve been lucky in Sydney but I’m sure the heat is on the way!

    Ingrid – Flo was a cutie for sure. Thanks for reading!


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