Men and their Health.


There’s a lot of literature out there indicating that men hate going to the doctor, or at least try to avoid going at all costs. My husband is one of those men.

As many of you know he had a heart attack a while back and is on lots of medication as well as a strict exercise and diet regime. For the last three days he has had a pain in his chest which he didn’t tell me about because he didn’t think it had anything to do with his heart or that it was anything to worry about.

Seems that this pain that he didn’t think was worth worrying about got him worried enough to visit his cardiologist because he called me from the cardiologist’s office saying he had a pain in his chest and was undergoing some tests. Whereupon I almost had a heart attack, panic attack and temper tantrum rolled into one. I don’t know what bothered me more – that he went to the cardiologist without telling me or that he put up with chest pain for three days without telling me.

Yet Alfie’s bravado is not uncommon. Many men I know will endure high fevers, rashes, coughs and stomach upsets for ages before seeing a doctor. A friend of mine who is a builder had an accident with a nail gun and refused to go to the ER claiming all he needed was a bit of antiseptic. His wife had to threaten and cajole for hours to get him to hospital, fearing septicaemia would set in.

As it turns out Alfie was right, it wasn’t his heart. He was having a reaction to the cholesterol-lowering drug he is taking. One of its side effects can be severe muscular pain which can occur in the chest and shoulders causing many people to believe they are having another heart attack. Doesn’t really sound like the type of drug you should be giving to patients with heart problems, does it?

I’m just relieved that Alfie is fine. He has promised to let me know in future if any further symptoms develop (straight away) and to visit the doctor more readily.

HIM: Don’t worry. I’ll be around for a few more years yet.
ME(in a sulk): Not if I finish you off first.

Aaah, the course of true love never does run smooth!

13 thoughts on “Men and their Health.

  1. As it happens, I logged in almost immediately after returning from my 6-monthly check-up at the Doctor’s … and two of the lady members of the practice are the reason most men around here have no problems about consulting them!

    As it happens, cholesterol levels and blood pressure are fine … Doc says I should maybe exercise more, and lose a little weight … and not to hesitate to call them for anything more than a cold or a headache!


  2. My husband is pretty good about going to the doctor when necessary. I think it’s because he’s a cardiac nurse and sees what happens when people neglect their health. He’s not a “health nut” but he is careful not to overeat and exercises VERY regularly.

    I’m the one more likely to put things off. Haven’t had an exam in 5 years. I guess it’s probably time, eh?



  3. Lord of the Manor went to the doctor for a pain in his side. After discovering he’d not been seen by a physician in about 10 years, the doctor ran a bunch of tests. That’s when we discovered he’s diabetic and has a blood pressure problem.

    Now he has to see the doctor every three months for monitoring and medication adjustment. Will he tell the doctor if there’s been anything else going on? Oh, heck no. Until the prostate thing happened, but it’s hard to ignore the “unable to sit down” thing, you know?

    I’m glad Alfie is ok. What a relief for both of you. Oh, and that conversation you had? Yeah, we had the same one a while back. Sheesh.


  4. I love it when the drug has side effects that are potentially worse than the thing it’s supposed to cure!
    BTW love this blog – am gonna spend some time over the weekend having a good dig around!


  5. Guilty as charged!

    I think, I’ve only been to the doctor twice in my life. I can’t remember the last time. But the first one was the day I was born. And I swear it wasn’t my idea!


  6. Ahhh the bliss of denial. I’m so glad that Alfie’s heart isn’t playing up again and I can certainly understand your frustration. My husband is the opposite. He goes to the Doctor for every little thing…..sigh.


  7. My husband’s the opposite. If he gets a sniffle, he is sure he has pneumonia and if he doesn’t get to the doctor immediately, he’s going to keel over. The entire world around him must stop until the doctor says, “Dude. You have a cold. Go drink orange juice.”

    Glad Alfie’s okay. Boys are hard.


  8. Travelrat – now if I had a doctor like George Clooney…..

    Ingrid – that is so true. Sounds like we have a lot in common.

    Groovy – your hubbie sounds so sensible. I wish mine could take a leaf out of his book!

    Karen – so sorry to hear about LOTM. Is he OK at the moment? Diagnoses like that are scary.

    Bec – I am absolutely delighted you have visited. Welcome. Don’t get me started on side effects…sometimes the original problem is preferable to what the drugs do to you.

    Chris – you crack me up! You’ve only been to the doctor twice and once was on the day you were born…. what a classic!

    Gypsy – between us we can cover the full spectrum of male attitudes to illness. LOL.

    Anthony – I had no idea you suffered from CFS. I sympathise. I know how debilitating it can be. Stay well.

    Heather – boys ARE hard. Jake is the same. Fortunately, he is quite healthy so I don’t need to force him to go to the doctor too much!

    DocsGirl – I know how difficult it can be. But you never know, maybe one day….


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