True Blue Aussie Spirit.


I love Aussies and their spirit. Their sense of larrikinism and adventure. Some people would call this story sheer madness but I say it is embracing the true blue Aussie quality of having a go.

Justin Jones, 24, and James Castrission, 25, have just completed the first kayak crossing of the Tasman, the sea which lies between Australia and New Zealand. It took them 62 days, 20 days longer than expected because strong currents and winds kept pushing them off course. At one stage they were caught in a current that caused them to go round in ever-increasing circles for days. On day 46 they were circled by two very large sharks. All up they covered 3300KM, almost running out of food and stamina.

I have always admired explorers and adventurers, particularly the explorers of yesteryear like Columbus, Marco Polo, Magellan. Hitting the high seas with no idea of what lay ahead of them must have been so daunting, yet incredibly exciting. How different our world would be today without men like that. Maybe we’d be sitting in our houses thinking the world was flat with no idea that other countries even existed.

So I applaud the spirit of the adventurer that drove Justin Jones and James Castrission to cross the Tasman. Imagine looking out at the day for days on end and seeing only the blue melding of sea and sky. Your soul would be full of sunlight. And to have such faith in your own capabilities must be so empowering. Good on ya, boys!

7 thoughts on “True Blue Aussie Spirit.

  1. Bravo to the boys. I think that’s an awesome story but I have to confess it gives me the chills to think of being out on the open ocean in such a tiny vessel. Imagine being mere feet above water level when there are two sharks circling you. Yikes!!! That was very sad about the lone kayaker not making it though. What a lonely journey that must have been.


  2. I think looking out into the blue of the ocean and sky for days would do something else entirely to my soul. That’s amazing that they had the courage and stamina to do this!


  3. Laaaaaarge body of salt water with waves and carnivorous critters with sharp teeth plus itty-bitty boat of doom would put Groovy into a loony bin.

    I must not be Australian! (But I certainly admire those who are!)


  4. I’m afraid that days of the same view would put me over the edge, but I honestly admire those who can, and do, take on such ventures. Good for them!


  5. BRITT – I can’t believe they did it. Wild men!

    GROOVY – remember you are an honorary Aussie so if you really wanted to you could kayak across the Tasman too.

    MELEAH – they did well, didn’t they?

    KAREN – I couldn’t do it, either but I do love a good adventure story!


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