Things That Go Bump In The Night.


When I was visiting Bec over at Out of My Tree the other day, she spoke about how part of her office building felt cold and people wondered if it was haunted. It reminded me of a couple of houses I’ve lived in that were haunted. I am writing a story about one of them for tomorrow’s post.

All night I have been thinking about the supernatural, the paranormal. I believe in ghosts and I have definitely met people in my life who possessed some kind of paranormal ability. Sometimes I have been scared by the experience, sometimes I have been calmed. One thing I am sure of is that I don’t want to become a ghost-hunter or anything like that. Far too spooky.

I took a fun quiz to determine if I have any supernatural powers and it would seem that I have the power to dream events before they occur. My subconscious mind is sensitive to the future, almost psychic. If only it would be sensitive to this week’s winning lottery numbers! So tell me – Do You Possess A Supernatural Ability?

13 thoughts on “Things That Go Bump In The Night.

  1. This is really odd, but it happens almost all the time. Someone who I haven’t seen or heard from in a long time will pop up in my mind. They’ll stay there maybe or week or so…and then, lo and behold, I’ll actually see them or they’ll contact me. It happens all the time. I really feel like it’s some kind of psychic thing. I sometimes feel like singing the tune of the Twilight Zone…Do do do do, do do do do.

    Sometimes I’ll think so strongly about something that it will happen too. I make every effort to put bad happenings or thoughts out of my mind almost immediately. It’s scary.

    Oh! and Scotland is another place I want to visit before I die.

    Again. I love your writings.


  2. I have the same experiences as Coleen describes. I also sometimes have flashes along the lines that a certain famous actor who hasn’t made a film for the last 20 years will make a comeback film or a that a band will get back together, or if I am meeting up with a friend, I sometimes have a dream about what they will be wearing –and be right. My predictions come true only if I don’t tell anybody about them.

    Also, even on phones that have no caller ID. I get a ‘feeling’ about who’s calling and I’m really good at predicting/guessing who has called. It’s hard to explain but I just ‘know’ if it’s a relative, a friend who calls a lot, or one who hasn’t rung in years, or a telemarketer, or someone from work.



  3. COLEEN – it does sound as if there is an element of psychic ability there. Very uncanny that you can think so strongly about something that it often happens. I do hope you get to visit Scotland one day. I’m dying to go back!

    DAVID – that seems to be the key, doesn’t it? Don’t tell people about your predictions. I get the phone call thing too. My grandmother would get it even before the phone rang. She’d often say :’so and so’s going to call in a minute.’ It used to freak me out as a child.


  4. unfortunately, i do not think i possess a psychic ability… in fact,, if i have to say i have any ability at all it is scaring the “ghosts” off… many times in my life i have hoped for ,, even invited the presence of ghosts into my life… nothing.. not a chain rattling,, not an eerie light in the hall not a moaning in the night… nothing.. i have pretty much given up hope….


  5. Paisley – I would suspect you would have a psychic ability that is lying dormant at the moment. It would really surprise me if you didn’t because you are so in tune with your mind and your spirit. It might happen when you least expect it.


  6. i took the test and it said: You possess the supernatural ability to foretell other people’s futures. You are not able to foretell your own future, but you can see the future of other people. Just by looking at a person in the eye, you can see their future. Whether it be good or bad, you see all in everyone. You can also sense when someone is lying to you by the energy they give off. You are sensitive to human energy.

    This is totally news to me. But I sometimes know things in advance, eg when letters have been posted through the door, knowing who they would be from, even people I’ve not heard from for a while (this doesn’t happen that often, but it has sometimes)


  7. The spookiest thing … the night before I was due to appear in a quiz show, I dreamt I was asked ‘What is Madras now known as?’. I woke up … and I didn’t know. So, at 3am, I got up, got my atlas out and looked it up. Then I went back to bed.

    And, when the quiz came around … what was the second question I was asked? Yup …. !!

    (Chennai, to save you looking!)


  8. Well, having researched the subject for decades, I can tell you the spookiness of an encounrter never goes. Scares the hell out of me, and I’m rational about the subject.
    I blame it on the fact I also like, and write, horror fiction. A clash of reason verses too much imagination, me thinks 🙂


  9. I believed more than I do now. i think any ‘abilities’ I had have been locked deep inside myself. I used to have a friend who believed she was a white witch. Well, what she was certainly rhymed with witch. Anyway, I took the test and it crashed. Three times. Maybe that means I’m not supposed to know what my ability is!


  10. CRAFTY GREEN – I wonder if you’re picking up the energy of the person who wrote the letters when you know who they’re from prior to opening them? That is quite uncanny.

    TRAVELRAT – now I’m starting to freak out. That is incredible. You must have got a shock when they actually asked you the question from your dream. Did the answer elude you for a moment? How interesting.

    MELEAH – I know what you mean. Sometimes it’s best to leave these things alone.

    ANTHONY – the spookiness of an encounter never does leave you. I know. I have had a few and they still give me chills.

    BEC – the powers that be are trying to stop you from learning the true extent of your abilities, that must be why your test crashed. LOL. I know only too well what witch rhymes with. Sorry you had to experience that!


  11. I was sceptical about ‘ghostly things’ till I visited the Shoemaker’s Hall, in Salisbury. They told us that one corner of the room was always cold, and they could never induce their dogs to go near it. I thought (but didn’t say) that most old buildings had cold spots, and no dog with any sense would go near them anyway.

    Then, all the lights went out … it wasn’t a power cut, because the street-lights outside stayed on, and the proprietor said afterwards the lights were controlled from three switches, & couldn’t all go out at once … and the room was filled with a strong, flowery scent.

    Like I said, I’m a bit sceptical about the paranormal … but the nearest person to that door was the second person through it!


  12. No psychic ability here I’m afraid though I certainly believe in the supernatural. I did the quiz and it crashed for me too. Hmmmm….


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