Heath Ledger.


I feel sad about the death of Heath Ledger. He was a gifted actor with such promise. I feel deeply sorry for his family as they wait for the coroner’s verdict while enduring the speculation of the press, circling like hawks for the one word that will send them into a frenzy – suicide.

I have experienced suicide and ‘death by accidental overdose’ up close. There is nothing easy about either state. Questions plague those who remain. How could he not know how much he was taking? Why didn’t I see he was depressed? Why didn’t he ask me for help? What were his thoughts in his final moments? Why did he feel he had no one to turn to? Why did he do it? Why? Why? Why?

I feel pain for Heath Ledger’s family because I know some of those questions can never be answered. My cousin Patrick’s death was deemed ‘accidental’ and it hangs just as heavy on his family’s heart as a conclusion of ‘suicide’ would have done.

Often, we view the life of these celebrities, actors, musicians with an envious eye. Many of us feel well-known, successful actors have nothing to complain about. But they are people who live and breathe as we do. They ache as we do. Their families and loved ones feel their loss as acutely as we feel the loss of one of our own.

Farewell, Heath. Peace to you and your family.

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  1. this is an amazing tragedy… i don’t get the feeling of a suicide,, but as you say,, it doesn’t really matter,, the press will have a heyday either way….


  2. I was working on a lens and sifting through all the reports as they came in. To me it really seems like he was battling to get to sleep because he was so wired after the two intense roles of Bob Dylan and then The Joker in a row. He said that the Joker was such a psycho character with no humanity that really required some deep digging to play. To me it two points seem very likely: it’s been claimed that he was ill with pneumonia and it seems he was desperate for sleep – on top of the illness, he may not even have required “too many” pills for it to affect his heart. Poor guy took a nap and slipped away instead of waking up. It gives me shivers thinking about how fragile life can be.


  3. It’s all over the news tonight as I finally sit down to watch tv!! Very sad – I feel bad for the family and those left to deal with it.


  4. ” He was a gifted actor with such promise.”

    And he seemed to be (and probably was) what we Aussies call a good, decent bloke. Sad news.

    “Why didn’t I see he was depressed? Why didn’t he ask me for help? What were his thoughts in his final moments? Why did he feel he had no one to turn to?”

    “The lack of awareness and understanding of this debilitating illness among so many in the community is unacceptable. Statistics show we’re all likely to know someone who’s affected by depression, whether it’s our friends, family or work colleagues, yet there’s still a worrying level of ignorance and stigma around the illness. People don’t know what to look for or how to help a friend or family member.”
    Australia’s media joins the fight against stigma and ignorance


  5. PAISLEY – it’s a real shame.

    DAOINE – sounds like was really ill. There is so much pressure on stars these days. It’s awful.

    JIMMY – I feel so bad for the family too. They must be devastated.

    INGRID – I know. He was so young.

    MELEAH – it is such a shame.

    DAVID – we sure do need to do something. Jeff Kennett has done a wonderful job in recent years. I really admire him.


  6. Hi Selma,
    It is, indeed, tragic.
    People should not admonish themselves, though, over a close one who had an ‘accidental overdose’. From what I can see, those who seem to be ‘suicidal’ are really those who are crying out for help. The others rarely give the hint. It is rarely the case that one could know.


  7. It’s a terrible tragedy and such a waste of a life cut so short. My heart aches for little Matilda Rose who will never feel as though she knew her father and for his family. I know it is big news but I wish the media would use a little bit of humanity and give those who are grieving some privacy. Isn’t hard enough without having cameras and mics shoved in your face and your every move hounded. It makes me sick to tell you the truth.


  8. ANTHONY – I know. There are rarely any signs anything is wrong. You’re right, people shouldn’t adminish themselves, but sometimes it can be hard.

    GYPSY – I feel so bad for Matilda. Can you imagine having photographers following you everywhere you went? It would be a nightmare. Such a sad day!


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