More Meme Goodness.

The air is thick with the meme. Roshan over at Awake And Dreaming has tagged me for a Personal Meme.

The rules are :

* link to the person who tagged you
* post the rules on your blog
* share six non-important things/ habits/ quirks about yourself
* tag at least 3 people at the end of the post and link to their blogs
* let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog


1. I am obsessed with the freshness of food. I am constantly smelling it and checking use-by dates. When I go to someone’s place for dinner I surreptitiously steal a sniff of the food before I eat it. I’m frightened I’m going to be caught doing it.

2. I can read and write Italian but can’t speak it fluently. I studied it throughout High School and at University as part of my degree and even though I have read Dante in Italian I come out in a cold sweat if I have to speak Italian to an actual Italian!

3. I taught myself how to play the piano in my twenties and can play anything from Blues to Beethoven. I did have a distinct advantage though because I had studied Classical guitar for 15 years so I could already read music.

4. I wear Doc Marten boots with skirts and dresses because I know it unnerves my well-heeled friends. (Actually, I like the look and it is very comfortable. I have a great pair I got in London with platform heels that lace right up to the knee. Whenever I wear them I feel like Lara Croft or Xena.) They think I’m going to insist they play The Sex Pistols over dinner.

5. I am obsessed with poetry. I read it every day. I carry some of my favourite poets in my bag when I go out. It is like walking around with a Bible. My faves at the moment include: Anne Sexton, Jack Gilbert, Les Murray, Ted Hughes and the Bronte sisters. Poetry brings me joy.

6. I talk to my goldfish in a silly little goldfish voice. They actually respond. (Contrary to popular belief, research indicates that goldfish are pretty smart.) They talk back to me and wiggle their tails. Sometimes when I am feeling stressed I sit with them and seeing their lovely colours and the way they glide through the water calms me!

There, all done.

Now I tag three people I’d love to learn more about : Heather at I’m Not Hannah

Keith at Travelrat’s Travels and

Bonnie at Bonnie’s Books

Hope you don’t mind me tagging you, guys, but I’d love to hear your responses!

19 thoughts on “More Meme Goodness.

  1. Thanks! (I think)

    I’ll have a think about it this weekend … if I don’t have too much whisky at the Burns Night Supper tonight …


  2. Uh-oh…
    And just when you thought it was safe… I picked you for this because not only do you paint with your words, you create lovely images to include in your posts.

    I don’t know if it’s too soon in our relationship to be asking you to do this, but what’s life if it’s not out on a limb some of the time.

    So if it’s not too much too ask of you Selma, take a look here
    and, if you don’t mind, send me one of yours via my site’s email.



  3. Okay, Ted Hughes. I love. Crow. Best anthology ever. Best poem ever, however – Not Waving But Drowning by Stevie Smith.

    And certainly not the rubbish I write, and have had published in a number of anthologies but will eventually by all brought together. The anthology will be titled ‘The Worst Poetry in the World’.


  4. Ooh! I have a pair of knee-high Docs too!!! But they are ordinary soles, not platforms – boy am I jealous of yours! I wear mine with fishnets and a short black skirt. But I refuse to tear holes in my fishnets. Or sometimes I wear thick black tights instead if I want the Docs to look more discreet.

    (Actually, I have pictures on one of my Squidoo lenses, but it is a commercial lens so I won’t post the link here. But it’s easy to find if you’re quizzy.)


  5. BONNIE – I’ve fixed the link ( I hope). So sorry about that.

    GYPSY – If only I had Lara’s body to go with the boots. HaHa. Maybe in my next life…..

    TRAVELRAT – Oh aye! I had a wee dram at our Burns night. It was braw. If you don’t have the time to do the meme – no worries. Only if you want to although I will admit to being curious as to what makes Travelrat tick!

    ANGRY – I’d be more than happy too. Coming over right now!

    BEC – As I am new to reading your blog I didn’t know you are a poet, and a published one at that. Congrats. I also like Stevie Smith. She is very clever. BTW, are you haveuseenmycml or am I imagining things?

    GYPSY – HAPPY AUSSIE DAY, DEAR GYPSY. So thoughtful of you.

    DAOINE – I am going to find that lens. I don’t need to tear a hole in fishnets or any other type of tights/stockings because whenever I put a pair on I can guarantee that within the next hour they will be laddered. It’s like whenever I wear white – I always spill either chocolate or tomato sauce on it! What can you do? LOL.

    ROSHAN – It sounds crazy but it’s true. I also whistle to birds. By the time I am 60 I will be completely eccentric. I am thinking abut dyeing my hair purple then. You’re probably too young to remember a show called ‘Are You Being Served?’ but there was a character on there – Mrs. Slocombe- who looked just like my Scottish grandma. Her hair was always either purple or blue just like my Grandma’s. I’d like to follow in her footsteps.


  6. >>By the time I am 60 I will be completely eccentric.<<

    Do you know a poem called ‘Warning’ by Jenny Joseph?

    ‘When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple/With a red hat which doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me …’

    I don’t want to post the whole thing here, for copyright reasons, but I’ll email it to you, if you like.


  7. My poetry would scare you…or nauseate you. It’s THAT bad.

    I read some Francais and some Español. I also read aloud in a very bad British accent because I am a lover of English lit.


  8. GROOVY – I am sure your poetry is very witty and well worrth reading.

    MELEAH – I am very forgetful re. tags. I write them down then I lose the paper I wrote them on.

    BONNIE – I am on it. It’ll be fun but it won’t look as nice as yours. Love your little heart-shaped candies!


  9. CRAFTY GREEN – now that would be heaven!

    TRAVELRAT – do you have any Italian trips coming up? Maybe you can hone your skills then!


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