Invisible Images Meme

Angry has tagged me for this meme.

RULE: Any image used for this meme must never have been used for any purpose by you before.


1: Take 5 images that you have stored on your computer and post them, each with a title and/or a single line description of what the image is, or represents, or means to you.
2: Tag five people telling them that they are in fact tagged to do this meme, and also asking them to take a look at your 5 images and then email you 1 only Invisible Image from their stash. They should do this within 4 days so that on the fifth day you can post another Invisible Images post as before, but this time using the 5 images that you received from your taggees. Only this time you don’t need to tag anyone. And who knows, you may even get a full post out of one of them.

After the second posting, you have completed all your meme obligations.

Here are my five images:


SYDNEY: You are not an ancient city, brimming with tales older than the trees, but I love you nonetheless.


Swimming underwater is a dance with no music, peaceful as fish coasting in a pond.


I talked to you long distance for three hours and in the final minute you told me the farm was abandoned due to drought.


Bunnies slip out of their hutches at night and bounce under the moonlight.


The dry sky is the colour of grapefruit skin, burning with heat.

I have started to volunteer with the youth group again and I would like some of the photography kids to tackle this. So I tag – LJ, Ozzie, Ryan, Krista and Dan. Give it a try, guys! Thanks, Angry. That was good fun.

10 thoughts on “Invisible Images Meme

  1. That bunny is SO cute! Bunnies are totally the greatest creatures ever! The bunny that is in that picture is as cute as a button!

    P.S.- Don’t test your products on bunnies. Please! They don’t deserve to be punished for nothing! Please stop the animal testing.


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