What Romantic Movie Are You?

Oh yes, love is in the air during Valentine’s week. During this week of all things romance it has to be time to take a quiz. What Romantic Movie Are You?

I am :


Typical. I get the guy in the coma!

9 thoughts on “What Romantic Movie Are You?

  1. I LOVE doing quizzes. I got Much Ado about Nothing and apparently so did 23% of participants. Believe it or not I have never seen this movie so maybe I should rent it out to see if it suits me…..


  2. I also ended up with Much Ado. Figures I’d get something written by Shakespeare. Don’t tell anyone (especially my son-in-law), but I’m not a big fan of The Bard…


  3. GYPSY – the movie version was OK. I find Shakespeare hard to get into in movie form. I prefer him on stage. Still, it is quite a romantic story.

    KAREN – I know what you mean about the Bard. However, I love Macbeth. One of my fave plays ever. Lady Macbeth is a truly dark, unnerving character. Totally unbalanced. What every good story needs!

    MELEAH – I love it too. Great result. You don’t wanna swap for the guy in the coma, do you?

    BRITT – you have to see it. Billy Crystal is hilarious!

    CHRIS – John Cusack is my second ‘fantasy’ husband after Christian Bale, that is how much I love him. Say Anything is pretty good!

    BONNIE – I’ll be right there…….


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