I See A Full Moon Rising


Right now the moon is full. It would be a beautiful orb of buffalo mozzarella but for one thing – the incessant glare of a naked lightbulb coating the trees and the grass and the rooftops with moondust. I feel myself slipping into something akin to lunacy when the full moon rises. Mistress Insomnia creaks the floorboards in the hallway at all hours, demanding yet another glass of water full of moonlight. Something urges me not to drink because the last thing anyone wants when the moon is full is to drink something containing moonlight. It is edgy as quicksilver, filling you up with restless thoughts and dreams without conclusions.

There is a glassiness to the light from a full moon. My hands shimmer in it, pale as a lady from yesteryear who always wore kid gloves. My face and hair become mystical, not my own. I feel separate from myself as if I belong somewhere else; it is a puzzling kind of sorcery.

Full Moon Fever exists. There is a website dedicated to it. Old books in the library, behind the reference section, mention lycanthropy, as in werewolves, as in howling at the moon. I want to see this phenomenon up close, armed with a silver bullet. Before the full moon rises I scoff that such a condition could exist but when the moon watches me from every room I feel like it is real, that the moon’s power includes transforming mere humans into creatures of light who howl in pleasure at their creator’s presence.

Scientists say we may have to go and live in outer space to survive as a species. I want to live on the moon so I can still see my beloved home planet. Maybe I can join the Moon Parliament and become the Watcher of the Tides of the Earth.

When I see the fullness of the Moon it seems so close, like I could clasp it in my hands without flinching if I were tall enough. And I wonder if there are moon creatures whom NASA or Stephen Hawking haven’t discovered, spending their nights watching us.

Moonglow spreads into the far reaches of the garden. Making it impossible for things already white or silver to hide. The mourning doves snuggling in the brushbox tree fidget, ruffling their feathers in displeasure. The possums squeal, spitting fruit onto the ground. Fruit bats fly haphazardly from tree to tree, sick from the silver light.

I close the curtains tightly, forcing them to stay together with clothespegs but the moonlight oozes through like batter leaking from a cake tin, through tiny slits at the base of the windows and under doors, glimmering at me, flowing surely as clockwork.

The moonlight is wordless, yet direct, stealing sleep, a villain throwing the world into a smelter from which we will all emerge translucent as children of the gods. My eyelids flutter as it plucks at my hours of rest with the fingers of someone playing a wicked trick. And then one bird sings, breaking the spell and the silver light is doused with gold. And the power of the full moon, for the moment, is gone.

13 thoughts on “I See A Full Moon Rising

  1. have you ever walked on the beach on the glow of the full moon?? it is like a silvery glowing daylight has erupted all around you.. the most beautiful thing i have ever seen… this post was delightful…..


  2. It is as black as ink outside at my place at night. There are no artificial lights at all and the moon is our only guide to what is out there. You seem to be in a very mystic type of place at the moment and your writing reflects the enigma of it all. Perfect as always Selma.


  3. “I close the curtains tightly, forcing them to stay together with clothespegs but the moonlight oozes through like batter leaking from a cake tin, through tiny slits at the base of the windows and under doors, glimmering at me, flowing surely as clockwork.”

    SO WELL SAID. Great imagery. Man your good.


  4. I have always been fascinated with the moon. I love just staring at it through a telescope. I guess its literal and figurative pull on us is stronger than we all suspected.


  5. “Full Moon Fever exists.” Years ago, a guy I knew, who was a trainess police officer, was stationed at a police station out in a suburbs of Sydney. He asked why extra officers were rostered on at certain times of the month. He was told that it was because of the full moon.- “But that’s off the record.”

    He had thought his collegaues were pulling his leg. However after having worked at the station for years, he noticied that was a correlation between over the top craziness and nights when the fmoon was full – and on those nights every extra officer was needed .


  6. My mom works in a nursing home and she always complains about the chaos that inevitably ensues when it’s a full moon.

    (PS – sorry I haven’t been around here for days!! I’ve been swamped! 😦 )


  7. I hope fror cloud cover when there’s a full moon … not through fear, or anything, but I hate to draw curtains, and you could just about read by its light in my bedroom when it’s at the right angle (and, it usually is!)

    Hope you’re keeping the rights to this stuff … it’s well publishable IF you can find anyone to do so.

    ‘To write what is worth publishing/ to find honest people to publish it/ and get sensible people to read it/are the three great difficulties in being an author’ (Charles Caleb Colton)


  8. I dunno if you are a Saturday Night Live, Will Ferrell, Harey Carey, or Jeff Goldblum fan, but this is one of my favorite SNL skits. Will Ferrell plays Harey Carey (Chicago Cubs broadcaster) interviewing Goldblum.

    Harry Caray: Hey! Now Ken, We all know that the moon is not made of green cheese.
    Jeff Goldblum: [cracking up] Yes, that’s true, Harry.
    Harry Caray: But what if it were made of barbecue spare ribs. Would you eat it then?
    Jeff Goldblum: [confused] What?
    Harry Caray: I know I would. Heck, I’d have seconds. Then polish it off with a tall, cool Budweiser.
    Jeff Goldblum: [blank stare]
    Harry Caray: I would do it.
    Jeff Goldblum: [just playing along] Yeah.
    Harry Caray: Would you?
    Jeff Goldblum: [cracking up and looking at the audience] I’m confused.
    Harry Caray: It’s a simple question, doctor. Would ya eat the moon if it were made of ribs?
    Jeff Goldblum: I, uh… I don’t… I don’t know how to answer that, Harry.
    Harry Caray: It’s not rocket science. Just say yes and we’ll move on.

    I woulda supplied a link to the video, but it has been pulled due to copyright and terms of use restrictions.


  9. CRAFTY GREEN – what a beautiful image that would be. I missed the lunar eclipse unfortunately, but am always awestruck when it happens. There is so much wonder out there in the sky!

    PAISLEY – I can imagine how beautiful it must be to walk on the beach in the moonlight. A bit like entering fairyland. I’ll have to try it the next time the moon is full.

    GYPSY – you are so observant, I am in mystic mode at the moment. I can imagine at your place how lovely it must be if the only light around you is the moon.

    JONAS – thank you so much. Good to see you again!

    MELEAH – you are very kind. That darned moon kept me awake for so long I forced myself to describe it as a way of getting to sleep.

    MICHAEL – I love looking at it through a telescope too. It is amazing and quite entrancing.

    DAVID – that is such an interesting story. The police must dread the onset of a full moon with all the extra work it brings.

    BRITT – please, there is no need to apologise. I love to see you whenever you get the chance to visit. I understand about being swamped. That is so interesting about your Mum. The moon sure does affect us.

    TRAVELRAT – you are always so supportive. Thank you. Maybe one day a publisher will take pity on me. You never know…..

    JOHNNY – hilarious. I do love SNL. Unfortunately they don’t always play the most recent series in Australia, so I miss a lot of the best skits. I did love Will Ferrell recently in ‘Blades of Glory’ though. That guy is a maniac!


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