Traffic Stopper

I almost had a car crash today laughing at this number plate.


Of course it wasn’t a Californian plate, it was a good old Aussie one, but this was the only template I could find that would let me alter it for free.


Get it?

Sexual – A


Now you might think that this plate was proudly adorned on an Aston Martin DB-9 or the latest model Mercedes, or even a zippy little Alfa Romeo; but you would be wrong. In fact, I don’t think you would be able to guess what kind of vehicle it adorned if I gave you a whole week, because this was the vehicle in question driven by a man in a singlet with a cheeky look in his eye.


Who said mixing cement was boring?

Now that’s hot!

20 thoughts on “Traffic Stopper

  1. I believe you can get a personalised plate in NSW for only AUD75 ?? (if you ever see the number GAZ 50 R, that’s my brother-in-law)

    Whereas a few years ago, in this country, I was offered the number K 31 THK for £600! What’s the significance? I asked. Well, at first glance, it looks like KEITH K.

    And, I remember at primary school, how old Miss Woolf used to smack my fingers with a ruler for writing Es like 3s.

    (The number signifies the car was first registered in 1993 … at the time I was driving a 2001 model!)


  2. I remember living in Hollywood CA back in the 80’s and rooming with a cousin whose car plate said… BLEEP U. I can’t tell you how many times we got pulled over by cops just so they can put the joke back on us by saying… “Well, bleep you too. Now, please drive carefully.”

    And I have since been regretful of having suggested this name change to him.


  3. LAURA – nice of you to visit. A man with a sense of humour is a wonderful thing!

    POET – I couldn’t believe it. Too funny. My Scottish Grandma would have been offended. I’m sure she would have shouted out the car window :’You dirty little devil!’

    MELEAH – me too. There are some beauties out there.

    TRAVELRAT – I think it is fairly reasonable to get a personalised plate in NSW. I’ll keep an eye out for your brother-in-law’s. I had a teacher like Miss Woolf – Sister Benedicta. She liked to do a bit of whacking!

    CHRIS – oh, that is priceless. “Bleep U’ – I so want that plate. It would be hilarious to have it on a little Fiat or other small car. A little car with a big attitude. Love it!


  4. That’s cool. We can’t use personalized plates in India. Some people use bumper stickers or art on the rear window. The only cool messages I have seen here are “Not too close; I Don’t know you” & “Go On Overtaker…….I am an Undertaker!”!


  5. In Germany, the registration number followes the driver, not the car, UNLESS he moves to another ‘kreis’ or county. Although, officially, they don’t have personalised plates, when I lived there, the daughter of our lanldord was distraught when she graduated from University, moved, and had to give up her prized SE:XY 21.


  6. Forgot … many years ago, I used to own 4 RON. I used to say, there are maybe 200 people know my name isn’t Ron, and I don’t have another three cars. But, that’s infinitesimal, compared with the number who DON’T know!


  7. How did the state of California find a bureaucrat who could spell sesquicentennial? It really boggles the mind.

    Hey Selma, are you a fan of the first Road Warrior film? I dig it, but some of the accents are hard to follow. Mel didn’t put up with no bull in that show.

    You are from the land down under, “with the cold beer and the juicy steak, when the boomerang go, it come back, so will you.” That is a commercial jingle for Outback Steakhouse. It is a restaurant chain in the U.S.

    Hollah Back girl!


  8. I don’t know where they’ve gone, but there used to be a fleet of PINK cement mixer trucks in Melbourne. That plate would be perfect on a pink truck.


  9. BRITT – oh, that is so funny. Of course. The poor guy’s driving about having everyone point at him and blog about him and he doesn’t even own the vehicle. Classic!

    ROSHAN – I also love a good bumper sticker. A friend of mine used to have a “Keep On Truckin” sticker on a Fiat Bambino. It cracked me up every time I saw it.

    TRAVELRAT – I didn’t know that about Germany. I would have been sorry to give up that plate too. But I love ‘4 Ron’, makes you sound like a business mogul.

    JOHNNY – I suspect spellcheck was lurking around somewhere. I love the Road Warrior but in Oz we called it ‘Mad Max.’ It is a classic movie and in some ways, quite prophetic with the fuel wars and so on. Mel Gibson was at his most hunkalicious in that film. I believe when it was first released in the US they wanted to dub in American accents cause some audiences couldn’t understand the ‘Strine.’ I mean , fair suck of the sav, mate, what’s the prob? Things are crook at Tallarook when youse Yanks don’t know what we’re sayin’. Strewth!

    Outback Steakhouse – now that is something I want to see. In Sydney they have a Texan Steakhouse and a New Orleans, soul food cafe. The food is excellent. G’ Day from the Land of Oz!

    GROOVY – absolutely. Wouldn’t trust him as far as i can throw him.

    ANGRY – I heard about those pink cement trucks. Love it!


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