Must Be Funny In A Rich Man’s World

My friend, Jase, has just come back from New York. He is a software developer and was in the Big Apple meeting with some potential investors. Jase is one of those computer nerd types who knows everything there is to know about software (and then some) but the vagaries of business leave him like a blackbird that has lost the power of flight, listing in the wind.

One of Jase’s potential investors had the whole team over for dinner at his apartment overlooking Central Park. You must realise that to many Aussies Central Park has an almost mythical quality – many of us will never actually have the opportunity to see it – so Jase was overwhelmed just being there.

The investor wasted no time in showing Jase around his luxurious pad, complete with separate quarters for the butler; not forgetting to highlight his 300 million dollar art collection. He could afford it because he apparently was the 110th richest man in the world, a fact which he reminded his guests of with irritating frequency.

Before getting into computers Jase had trained as an art historian and critic so he was very interested in the investor’s collection. Mark Rothko was an abstract artist famous for work like this.


He is one of Jase’s favourite artists so he was very excited when the 110th richest man in the world told him he had his own Rothko. It was hung perfectly in his study with just the right lighting; trouble was, it was upside down. Jase was horrified. I haven’t stopped laughing about it since.

It reminds me of the days when Jake used to do that scribbling kind of painting toddlers do. He would hand his work to me proudly, waiting for me to hang it up. The problem with scribble however, is that it can be difficult to tell which end is up. I offended Jake many times by hanging it the wrong way round. Eventually he would get sick of my lack of artistic appreciation and just rip it off the wall. I wonder if Mark Rothko would have done the same in the investor’s apartment. Maybe one of the drawbacks of being the 110th richest man in the world is not knowing the upside from the down.

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  1. I must admit I don’t know anything about art but I had to laugh at a man who is intent on bragging about his illustrious fortune and collecting art he obviously has no real appreciation for. It would seem he buys his art to further enhance his reputation for great wealth rather than actually enjoying it. Can’t say that painting did much for me. My daughters painted me more interesting pictures in kindy…..


  2. he didn’t tell him??? oh my… i think i would have had to… or leave a note in lipstick on the bathroom mirror or some thing…. this was too funny….


  3. The right way up for a Rothko, Pollock or Chidi Okoye, would never be a problem for me. But that’s only because I’d never be able to afford one to hang in the first place.

    110th richest? Pfffft who cares…? Besides him that is.

    Oh and not only have I struggled with the kid’s school paintings and which way is up. There were some that I had hung with the front of the painting facing the wall. Well how was I supposed to know? There was a lot more paint on the back of the sheet than the front.


  4. I can’t stop giggling over this. It’s a good thing modern art is wasted on me, otherwise I’d probably have everything hanging at wrong angles. Of course, I’d hope someone would point out my folly.

    Personally, I think this guy deserved to not be told, rather let it hang upside down so more people will understand what a dork he really is. Yeah, I’m that mean…

    Oh, and it’s official. I’m the “tendy-bazillionth” richest woman in the world. Cool, huh? Are you impressed? No? Same here.


  5. Well, if I were the 110th richest man in the world, I’d hang my pictures any which way I liked 😀

    But, I wouldn’t buy Rothkos … I’d probably go for Monets or Renoirs. At least, I’d know which way up they should be hung.


  6. I’m so NOT into modern art. My mom had a season’s pass to the art museum in Daytona Beach and took Mulletman, Funsocksgirl, Scout and I to see the Picasso sculpture exhibit. We had a WONDERFUL time loudly making fun of each and every piece.

    Yes, we Groovies is classy like that.


  7. OK, I have it narrowed down to a couple of guesses….

    Greenberg, Maurice Raymond

    Sainsbury, David (and this lucky son of a bitch inherited his money)


  8. I just loved this! Anyone egotistical enough to continually refer to their net worth deseves to make an ass of themselves by hanging artwork upside down!


  9. GYPSY – I know. It seems crazy to brag away and then hang the bloody thing the wrong way round. Get over yourself, mate!

    PAISLEY – he should have told him. But the guy would probably have argued the point anyway. Seems you know everything when you’re that rich.

    ANGRY – I remember those days when the paint was on the back as well. Talk about a tricky decision. And you could never ask the child – they got so offended. How I loved those days.

    KAREN – It cracks me up too. And I didn’t realise YOU were so rich. Now I’m really impressed. Hahaha. You are a doll!

    TRAVELRAT – now that is a point. You got the money, you can do whatever you want. I’d buy a Bonnard or a Matisse. My two fave artists.

    GROOVY – I know what you mean about the modern stuff, especially the abstract stuff. It can be hard to decipher.

    BRITT – are any of them married?

    JOSIE – it’s priceless really, isn’t it? Some people……


  10. Loving Jase! What a perfect ending for the setting described. Comeuppance comes in the most marvelous of ways.


  11. MELEAH – there are so many places in Sydney I never visit. But I would love to live 45 mins away from Central Park. How cool!

    UL – it was a funny story!

    TR – Jase is a great guy. Can you believe that rich man? Not good.

    CHRIS – I doubt I’ll ever know either. I’ll just stay poor and insecure (only joking…)


  12. NECTARFIZZ – I am so sorry I wasn’t there to see it. I would have loved to have seen the look on his face if Jase had told him the painting was upside down. Hahaha


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