Look At This Stuff. Isn’t It Neat?

Heather over at I’m Not Hannah tagged me sometime in the last millennium (oops) with the Look At This Stuff meme.

You have to find five things around your house that say something about the person you are and snap a picture of them.

Tell us about them.

Link back to the person who tagged you in your post so he/she can be all nosy.

Tag five (or more…or less…I’m easy like Sunday morning, my loves) folks via their comments and tell us who you tagged.

So here we are –

1. 2322648885_a665270bb9_m.jpg

My piano. I play every day. I am crap but I love it. It’s a great form of relaxation. I read music and play by ear. I like to play old jazz standards and stuff like Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen. I think it depresses the neighbours but so far they haven’t said anything.

2. 2322716585_eac8425a72_m.jpg

My first edition of a collection of Shelley’s poetry. I got is as a graduation present and keep it in a special handmade box. I’ll never sell it even if it means having to sleep in the park (well, maybe then, there are lots of bugs in the park.)

3. 2322649771_f2cd46276f_m.jpg

Vinyl collection. About 3,000 records. This is Sail On by Muddy Waters on the Chess label. Classic stuff.

4. 2323467034_9ab3bf67d5_m.jpg

Camellias in the garden. I often sit beside them and write. They are little pink muses.

5. 2322715773_a3c91b1fa3_m.jpg

Buffy to the Max. Every season, every episode. I also have every season of Angel. It’s a sickness I can’t help but indulge. Everyone needs a little of the Buffster!

Now you know a little more about me (probably not such a good thing.) I’d like to tag Poet With A Day Job, Ms Karen, and Meleah Rebeccah.

But please, no probs, if you don’t feel like it.

Thanks, Heather. That was fun!

28 thoughts on “Look At This Stuff. Isn’t It Neat?

  1. 1 Piano good, although a lot shinier than ours. I don’t play piano but most of my kids do. I do play electric guitar though… badly.
    2 I love books, no first editions or anything because they’re hard to come by in Op-shops, but I will read just about anything… including the Dictionary.
    3 My vinyl collection is only a couple of hundred and my old 78s also amounts to about a hundred and fifty. And I have a restored gramophone upon which to play them.
    4 I don’t have much of a garden, but I do love sitting in one to read, write and dream.

    Why am I telling you all this…?

    Well I must confess… with every point on your list I moved ever closer to asking you to run away with me… but BUFFY!?!? I’m sorry, Selma, we are destined to remain blogging friends… which, though an enormous disappointment for you, is fine by me.


  2. ANGRY – I am so disappointed I missed out by just one point on being asked to run away with you. Would it have made a difference if I had included my collection of Elvis movies? Or if I’d shown you the inside of my wardrobe, colour coded according to season? Or my collection of Shortbread Tins detailing the Battle of Bannockburn? If only I could make amends. I am crushed. But at least I have Buffy…..


  3. BUFFY!!! I commend your wonderful taste in TV shows. Please say that you have also seen the brilliance that is Firefly. Joss Whedon is truly the god of TV.


  4. RIAYN – so nice of you to stop by. Yes, I love Firefly too. Joss Whedon is brilliant. I hope he’s got another show in the works because I am experiencing Whedon withdrawal.


  5. As always not just fantastically turned out but cultured to boot.
    Hope you’ve got some E.L.O in that huge collection of yours, else we aint mates no more.


  6. Would it have made any difference if you had included Elvis…? Yes indeed it would have… so please Selma, please stop digging the hole deeper than it already is.

    And thank you so much for the good wishes.


  7. KATE – is the Pope a Catholic? Jeff Lynne and me, we walk to the same beat. Sing with me: “It’s a living thing..” and my all time ELO fave : ‘Tell, (tel), telephone li-yi-ine!’ Nobody does overdubbed harmonies better than ELO (except perhaps ABBA.) So glad you stopped by.


  8. I absolutely LOVE that book and here’s a thought. Maybe you could use it as a pillow on the park bench or you could swat the bugs with it but PLEASE don’t ever sell it….. it’s gorgeous.

    I’m so glad you like ELO too. I saw them in concert about 13 or so years ago and they were brilliant. I think their music still holds up today too.

    One more thing before I go….Angry would be a good catch….he’s a Pisces if you are just now wishing him a happy birthday.


  9. Ah the camelias. Sigh. I am buried in snow here so forgive me, my love of the arts is overshadowed by my aching for spring and dirt and CAMELIAS!


  10. You are very cool, Selma. I am Buffy to the max too. I own the DVDs, most of the books, and I read Slayage: The Online International Journal of Buffy Studies on a regular basis. Thanks.



  11. There’s nothing quite like having music in our lives, whether it be playing or listening. It doesn’t matter how good we are at it … the process is such a pleasurable one. I’m reading a book by Oliver Sacks, Tales of (or from) Musicophilia. It is a fascinating read … why music is so intrinsic to our beings.

    And I am totally envying you your first ed. Shelley. Good on you! That is a treasure. A girl after my own heart – pink flowers. You are so fortunate to have Camellias growing in your garden. I think I missed out on Buffy. I’ve never seen it unfortunately. Maybe one of these days, I’ll have to broaden my horizons.

    I love that you have a vinyl music collection. There was something so wonderful about putting on a 33 lp … those days are but a fond, and long ago memory now.


  12. Excellent answers, I play the piano occasionally but don’t own one, I love Shelley’s poetry and my mother has an old book of his (but not as old or beautiful as yours). And I too own the complete Buffy collection not to mention Angel too, which we’re currently watching the last season of….


  13. SELMA! Yay! (Okay, I’ll stop with the exclamations.) I’m so glad you (ahem…finally) did this.

    *I’ve always wanted to play the piano, but have never gotten a good instrument. Maybe when the first novel sells…snort.

    *Drooling on the Shelley. Because even though Shelley isn’t my favorite Romantic, he DID write “Ozymandias,” which I regard as a terribly underappreciated sonnet that too many people think is simple. Ooh, look. A literature nerd.

    *Muddy Waters? You are a Renaissance Woman.

    *I love camellias, although I consider it a huge letdown that they don’t smell. There’s a camellia garden near here that I love to visit. It has peacocks.

    *If I had all of the seasons of Buffy and Angel, I would literally get nothing done. Ever. And I’d cry a lot at the abrubt and ultimately unsatisfying end to Angel. It would be very tragic.

    Good stuff. Yay! (Sorry, couldn’t help myself…)


  14. That’s a great list! I love that you have the piano and the buffy. I wish I had drums (someday), but I do have all the Charmeds!!!! Thanks for the tag…I’ll get to it tonight!


  15. The sight of a beautiful old piano reminds me of when I used to learn, note for note, the entire Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album in the late evenings. Mine had candelabras that I made good use of. My sister used to call me the Phantom!


  16. GYPSY – I just can’t sell that book. It would kill me. You’re right. I have to keep it. I have a few Piscean friends and they are very cool. Darn it, another missed opportunity. If only I hadn’t mentioned Buffy…..

    NANNA – I saw some beautiful red camellias in a garden the other day. Absolutely gorgeous. We also have some that are white with pink centres in our garden. It’s so nice that they come out in Autumn.

    BRITT – I’m glad I finally got around to doing it. Can’t wait to see your neat stuff!

    MELEAH – I know you will come up with some great stuff. Looking forward to it!

    PAISLEY – It’s funny you should say that because many people say to me – I never expected you would watch Buffy. A musician friend of mine who only ever listens to bands like The Ramones and The New York Dolls got me into Buffy. I was surprised he liked it. At first I scoffed, but once I started watching it I was hooked.

    DAVID – I haven’t read ‘Slayage.’ Sounds like I’ve got some catching up to do. Thanks for the tip!

    MICHAEL – I know. I know. I like to throw in a curved ball every now and then. Keeps people guessing!

    KATE – vinyl is actually making a comeback. Alfie sells almost 50% vinyl in his shop now. The collectors agree that the classic stuff on vinyl sounds better – it has a richer, warmer tone. It has surprised me how popular it has become and how much it is worth. Guess you can’t beat an old classic.

    CRAFTY GREEN – you are definitely a woman after my own heart!

    HEATHER – literature nerds rule. I did my University Honours thesis on Shelley, that’s how much I love him. Love me a bit of Muddy and early John Lee Hooker too. If there was a camellia garden near me with peacocks I would never leave. Fantastic! Oh, and I agree about Angel – deeply unsatisfying ending…..

    POET – I can just see you playing drums and reciting poetry at the same time. Now that would be cool. Looking forward to seeing your neat stuff!

    MELEAH – Excellent. I know you’ll have some wonderful stuff.

    BEC – You are more than welcome to come and live here. Any time!

    CHRIS – I love those old pianos with the candelabras – my Mum has one. It has all these birds and roses carved into the legs, it is stunning. I can imagine you as the Phantom. I’m sure you would suit a cravat!


  17. TESCO – you are very naughty. Vamp porn just doesn’t do much for me. Too many fangs in unmentionable places. Hehehehe.


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