Thank You, Internet.


Here I am proudly clutching my copy of Melissa Fondakowski’s wonderful book of poems Impatiens. Melissa, AKA, Poet With A Day Job has worked tirelessly on this collection and I am so excited to have my own copy. Melissa has an original, versatile voice, weaving her imagery into a dynamic texture, exulting in life with an unfailing sense of grace.

I will treasure these poems and am grateful to have met a like-minded person like Melissa on the internet. It has been a privilege to share her creative process. Thank you, Internet. You receive a lot of criticism for your myriad shortcomings but in many other ways you succeed in bringing people together. Merci beaucoup!

10 thoughts on “Thank You, Internet.

  1. Just look at you, you tiny adorable little thing. It’s always nice to be able to put a face to a name. The internet is magical as far as I’m concerned. It certainly has enhanced my life beyond words.


  2. Selma, you are fantastic. What a wonderful, beautiful thing to say about my work. I am so pleased you love the poems. THANK you a thousand times! (And also for the note you left on my blog about the poems too! I still can’t believe they made me fill out a customs form though…)


  3. GYPSY – there is something magical about the internet. I have gained so much since I’ve been blogging. Three cheers for the internet!

    LISA – I am really honoured. Thank you so much. I am a fan of yours too! And PWADJ, what can I say but – a great talent!

    KATE – you meet some lovely people on the internet, for sure. (including you…)

    POET – you are so welcome. They are Customs crazy in Australia. We have to show ID for overseas parcels and fill out a Customs Dec. The last parcel my sister sent me from North Carolina was held in customs for 6 weeks. It just contained clothes and books. When I finally received it most of the stuff was damaged. I was peeved.

    MELEAH – I heart the internet too. And you!

    NECTARFIZZ – yes, that’s me. Guilty as charged.


  4. JIMMY – sorry about the late reply. The Mac is the ultimate accessory. Better than a Prada bag, that’s for sure. Great to hear from you! πŸ™‚


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