What’s Your Easter Bunny Name?


My Easter Bunny Name is

Doodles Velvet Ears

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19 thoughts on “What’s Your Easter Bunny Name?

  1. I’m ‘Puddles Cottonball’. Which reminds me of an old joke;

    A man walks into a chemist and asks the pharmacist, “Do you have any cotton woool balls?” The pharmacist says “What do you think I am? A bloody teddy bear?”


  2. Mopsy Honydrops – hooray! I see there are other Mopsy’s here as well. I declare a Mopsy holiday!!

    And you know what – if you saw my hair first thing in the morning you would definitely declare me aptly named!


  3. Happy Easter Selma!

    I’m Sammy Cottonball … I tried it twice and got the same answer both times… I wanted to have chocolate in my name!

    I just read a blog from Tasmania where they were making chocolate in the shape of Bilbies (although I gather there aren’t any Bilbies there!!)


  4. GYPSY – that is too funny. I really wanted chocolate in my name.

    JOHNNY – naughty bunny.

    KAREN – your name sounds, part bunny, part pixie. LOL.

    MELEAH – awww, that’s cute!

    LISA – awww, adorable. I love Mopsy too, reminds me of Beatrix Potter.

    POET – you sound like a 100% genuine Easter Bunny with that name!

    MICHAEL – that is hilarious!

    TRAVELRAT – a few specialty shops sell the Bilbies but they are still not all that popular. Guess the chocolate companies felt they weren’t big enough sellers.

    DAVID – Hahahahahaha. Good one. 🙂

    CRAFTY GREEN – it cracks me up that you called your real bunny Anya. LOVE it. (Buffy reference, for those who have never watched it. Anya was a demon who was afraid of bunnies.)

    NANNA – I want a Mopsy holiday too. With my hair in the morning I could definitely participate!

    JONAS – too funny!

    GROOVY – now that is cute!

    CHRIS – I have to respect a bunny with excellent product placement skills. LOL.

    MOMO – I hear ya but Flopsy Floppy Ears is gorgeous!

    KATE – Happy Easter to you. I’m going to have to find out what happened to all the bilbies. If I get time I’ll do a post on it.


  5. The Easter Bilby never leaves me any eggs.

    But my bunny name comes out as Buttons MacBunny… makes me sound like a gangster that would take eggs rather than leave them. (hmmm, might just do that)


  6. ANGRY – you are definitely a Gangsta Bunny hanging out with no-good types like Roger Rabbit and Fingers Cottontail. Hehehe.. Happy Easter to you and your family, my friend!


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