Nice Day To….Start Again.

My Aunt Jo is the coolest 64-year old I know. She read my rather morose post yesterday and rang me early this morning.

“You know, you don’t need to attend Mass every bloomin’ day of the week to be religious or spiritual,” she said. “If you want to pray under the trees, then do it. If you want to give thanks under the stars, then do it. Sitting in a Church listening to a priest pontificate for over an hour about mortal sin is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some of us wish we could stand in a field and feel the glory of God and we envy you your ability to do so. You are a spiritual person who puts into practice what you believe every day in the way you deal with other people. Your joy at life remains undiminished. You do not need a church and a priest and an altar to tell you the truth. You believe. You are a mix of Christian and Celt, reaching for daylight even when all around it is dark. I love you for that. It is who you are. You don’t need to change it.”

Oh, my dear Aunt Jo, you have blown me away.

I would like to post a photo of my Aunt to show you how lovely she is but she refuses to have her image on the world wide web net. Her friend, Esther, who is also in her early sixties joined an online dating agency six months ago and has been inundated with calls from would-be suitors. Esther is very glamorous and does look like Kim Novak, so it is no surprise to me that men are chomping at the bit to get to her, but Aunt Jo is insistent on remaining incognito. “As soon as my photo is posted, I’ll start to be stalked,” she says. “People are stalked all the time on the web net. It’s shocking.”

So, in lieu of a photo, I’d like to post a song for my dear Aunt from her favourite singer of all time. You’re immediately jumping to conclusions about her musical preferences, aren’t you? You’re thinking – Patti Page, Vic Damone, maybe some Ella.

Not even close. Aunt Jo’s favourite singer of all time is Billy Idol. Yes, I can’t believe it either, but there you have it. Billy Idol rules in Aunt Jo’s household. She can even curl her lip like him.

In the 1980s when I was still in my teens, Aunt Jo and I went to a Billy Idol concert. She wore ripped fishnet stockings, a tartan miniskirt with safety pins in it and a T-shirt that said Rebel Yell. I have never laughed so much in my life, particularly when during a break between songs, Aunt Jo called out: “I love you, Billy.” Billy was so quick, he spotted her in the crowd (we were in the third row) and crooned : “I love you too, darlin’.” For years that was the soundbyte to my Aunt’s life. “Billy loves me too….”

So for you Aunt Jo because I love you and because you are glorious and fabulous and give the best advice in the world; here he is, the one and the only……

And please, my dear Aunt, try and contain yourself. It is Easter Sunday after all!

19 thoughts on “Nice Day To….Start Again.

  1. I think I’d like Auntie Jo … her views on church-going are almost the same as mine.

    She reminds me of my Auntie Meg … although ‘CofE’, she regularly went to the Methodist chapel ‘ … because the minister there talks to you, rather than mumbling meaningless rituals like that sanctimonious old God-botherer we call a vicar!’


  2. I can imagine your Aunt with that famous sneer while dancing with herself! That’s the coolest thing I’ve heard in a while.

    And I like her spiritual attitude, as well. πŸ™‚


  3. Your Aunt Jo is the coolest! Love what she said about going to church and all… and love the fact that she loves Billy Idol! Wish I had an Aunt Jo! I think her advice is priceless…

    HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!


  4. I hope I’m as cool as that when I get to Aunt Jo’s age. What an awesome Aunt. Love her ‘tude and please tell her I said “Rock on Billy”.


  5. Look, I go to Mass every Sunday, and we said the Rosary every day during Lent, but my Mom never, ever goes to church…and she has more faith than just about anyone I know. She has the motto of “I live my religion”. I wish there were more people like her.


  6. What a super aunt you have! Being that I am in her generation, I totally understand her love of Billy Idol. You can take the girl out of the rock generation, but you will never take the rock out of the girl! Right Aunt Jo?!


  7. Faith isn’t about religiosity. It’s about knowing the truth of who God is and trusting Him with your life. Church? yes. We need to fellowship with other believers and be built up in God’s truth; equipped to serve Him through the rest of the week, but there are so many churches out there…

    I’d encourage you (and Aunt Jo) to find one where they teach from God’s Word and where they worship with joy and serve with vigor.


  8. So, um, is Aunt Jo looking for another niece, because if she is, I have my application all filled out and ready to send to her.

    Seriously, she is amazing and I’m very thankful she said what she said, and that you shared it with your readers. Thank you Selma and Aunt Jo.

    You both rock.

    (And Billy Idol? Oh, I swoon!)


  9. The world needs more Aunt Jo’s … would that we all had one in our lives. She is so right about attending church … I can’t say anything better than she did – I won’t even try.

    And Billy Idol – oh boy, Aunt Jo gets my vote!


  10. Kim Novak rocked in “Vertigo.” That is one of my favorite Hitch movies. I wish I had an auntie that looked like that. I would take her to get her hair peroxidized, get a new hairdo, go to the museum with her, buy flowers.


  11. PAISLEY – Aunt Jo is cool. Actually, you and she would get on very well. I just know it!

    TRAVELRAT – Auntie Meg sounds wonderful.

    BRITT – she knows what she’s talkin’ about, that’s for sure.

    CRAFTY GREEN – I don’t know what I’d do without her.

    CHRIS – have you ever tried to do the sneer? I don’t know how Billy does it. When I try it ain’t pretty.

    DAOINE – she is a gem, that woman!

    TBALL – Hope you had a great Easter. Aunt Jo freaks people out when she puts on Billy Idol. They expect her to listen to Kenny G or something. πŸ˜‰

    BEC – It’s always time for Billy Idol. His music is infectious!

    GYPSY – Billy is always ‘rockin’ on’ in Aunt Jo’s house. It’s hilarious!

    MOMO – Your Mum sounds fantastic. I wish there were more people like her too. The world definitely would be a better place.

    CRICKET – You go, girl! You are soooo cool!

    GROOVY – now that sounds good. I’ll need to look into it.

    DIAMONDS – I’m sure you would. You are also very young at heart. I really admire that.

    HILLY – so nice of you to visit. I really appreciate it. I would like to live my spiritual life like that too. In fact, from now on, I will.

    KAREN – Aunt Jo would love to have you. Seriously. Several of my friends are her honorary nieces.

    MELEAH – she is wise. It’s so nice when people who have actually experienced a lot of different things in life give advice because they are usually very broad-minded. I have gained a lot from her.

    KATE – Do you know how happy you and the other readers have made Aunt Jo with your endorsement of Billy Idol? She is beaming!

    JOHNNY – Kim Novak was a stunner, there was no doubt. You would get plenty of attention with her as your Aunt.


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