Taking It To The Streets

Some days are black. You get up in the morning and grumble. Then you have a shower and grumble some more. Before the day has even started you characterise it as – one of those days.

And then you see this, written on the Bottle Shop wall and it lifts your spirits.


Every now and then I see graffiti that truly is creative and original.
I would rather have poetry written on my wall or garage door than those horrible tags you see all over the place.

So I’d like to call to arms all you poets, writers and social commentators out there. If you were to WRITE POETRY ON PROPERTY, what would you write?

26 thoughts on “Taking It To The Streets

  1. Well if it wouldn’t land me in Federal prison, I’d write poems of peace on the White House. I’d also write poems about life’s worth on the side of Phillip Morris USA and poems about love on every racists house from this coast to the other.


  2. Oh dear… (do you follow footy Selma?) – what with the theme song heading your post, of course gutter-brain here thinks: How about writing “This is a police station” on the police station in question?

    Hee. Here you go – (think this will work?):

    A police station
    Is not a convenient
    Place for relief, mate


  3. i am going to work on this and post it on one of my blogs… i am not sure what i would write,,, but it definitely deserves a thorough investigation….. again i thank you my dear for the lovely inspiration…….


  4. and just to let you know i have passed this post on to michelle over at poefusion,, and suggested that it be incorporated in her writing prompts at some point in time….


  5. DAOINE – Hahahahaha. Good one. I have a spray can at the ready. And yes, I am a footy fan. Go the MIGHTY TIGERS!

    PAISLEY – I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. I would love to meet the person who wrote it. And WOW, what an honour. I would love if you would pass it on to Michelle. That is brilliant!


  6. I did once see ‘All hope abandon, ye who enter here’ painted on the wall of an Army recruiting office.

    (Thank you, Mr. Dante!)


  7. I don’t know about poetry, but this is the graffiti I would like to do…

    I would dip my paintbrush in various media and write;

    In water;

    In blood;

    In perfume;

    In urine;

    In graphite;

    In paint;

    In pure emotion;


  8. There’s an underpass near where we live which has some poetry grafffited on it (no I didn’t write it!). I think its a great idea! I’d write something environmental but not sure what yet… Maybe I’d vary the words depending on the building…


  9. Selma, I can’t think of what I would write at the moment-but your post reminded me of Arthur Stace’s ‘Eternity’

    ‘As he walked every so often he would stop, pull out a crayon, bend down and write on the pavement in large, elegant copperplate – ETERNITY. He would move on a hundred yards then write it again, ETERNITY, nothing more, just one simple word. For thirty-seven years he chalked this one-word sermon and he wrote more than half a million times.’


  10. On the wall of a Hair Salon:
    “We curl up and dye for you”

    On the wall of a funeral parlor:
    “Everyone is Just Dying to Get In”

    One the wall of a Furrier that sells rabbit coats:
    “Hare Hair Here”



  11. “Peace goes into the making of a Poet, as Flour goes into the making of Bread.”–Pablo Neruda

    “There is no Way to Peace, Peace is the Way.”–Mahatma Gandhi


  12. DAOINE – love those guys in the short shorts. COR!

    NANNA – too right. And it does count. If only everyone knew it.

    TRAVELRAT – someone actually painted that on the wall of my High School on the day I started (age 12.) I remember thinking ‘Holy crap.’

    KATE – I’m intrigued. You’ll have to fill me in later.

    MICHAEL – I’ve tried to think of a few words but I can only come up with made up ones like – patitti or tweety or babiti. It’s like trying to find something that rhymes with orange. I don’t think it can be done. 😀

    ANGRY – awwwww. That’s lovely.

    CRAFTY GREEN – you’re right. It would be hard to decide until you saw the building. Your graffiti would be FAB.

    MELEAH – I bet you could if you put your mind to it. You underestimate yourself. You are a brilliant writer.

    LINDA – so nice of you to stop by. Welcome. I love the Furrier one. Hilarious. 😀

    LISA – those are the type of quotes I wish I could come up with. Beautiful.


  13. Can’t beat what Hilly said. But maybe on a grey city wall I would like William Wordsworths’
    ” I wandered lonely as a cloud” . I love the colour yellow.


  14. I’m thinking a very naughty ditty or two would fit the bill. What a great sign to read on…’one of those days’ . I had one of those days yesterday, I could have used a good chuckle!!! Geraldine


  15. GERALDINE – sometimes you need a laugh, that’s for sure. Luckily, I have a very funny husband and son who always crack me up. It’s like living with Martin & Lewis. Never a dull moment!


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