I’d Like To Thank…..

Back in the Mesozoic Era (that’s how slack I am) the lovely Bec gave me this award.

You are so kind, Bec. Thank you so much. Please go and check out her blog if you already haven’t. She lives in England and I love hearing all the tales from home (although my fellow Scots would be shocked to hear me call England home.)

During that same period, the just as lovely Meleah Rebeccah gave me this award –

Aww, Meleah, you are the one who is one in a million. Thank you, thank you, thank you. If you haven’t visited her already, why not pop over? You’ll enjoy your visit.

I’d like to pass both of these awards on to one person. The wonderful Nanna at What’s A Nanna? She is the most groovy, articulate, inspiring Nanna I know. Good on you, Nanna, you are numero uno in my book.

6 thoughts on “I’d Like To Thank…..

  1. Oh God! You’re sending people my way?! When I’m being hopeless?! Oh NO! Must think of something good!

    But seriously, you’re welcome – you really are quite the excellent… well… everything!


  2. Oh my gosh I am – um – I am – gosh!

    Thank you so much. You have no idea how much this means coming from YOU!


  3. GERALDINE – it is a nice feeling. I only wish I had the technical savvy to design a few awards myself. I have a few ideas but no ‘know how.’ I might just get my son to do it. His generation can just look at a computer and get it to do their bidding. Oh, to have such power!

    BRITT – she is one of my favourite bloggers (besides you, of course.) She is truly awesome!

    MELEAH – you are the best. XXXXXXX

    BEC – the feeling is mutual. You are brilliant!

    NANNA – You deserve it so much. I am SUCH a fan of yours. You are wonderful!


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