Just A Bit Of Peace And Quiet

I found myself behaving like a hermit all weekend, or possibility a narcoleptic as I kept falling asleep at odd moments. I am a bit of an insomniac but when stress is in the air as it has been for the past few weeks I sleep even less than my habitual four to five hours. And you know what? That sleep deficit really catches up with you over time.

I hadn’t planned it but I spent the weekend sleeping, watching movies and generally recharging the old batteries. It’s my birthday in five days and last week I fell into the doldrums about it. It’s not a fearing getting older thing it’s a feeling like I’m running out of time to do all the things I want to do thing. I have realised I need to prioritise my time a little more stringently if I ever want to achieve the things I wish to but having an easily distracted mind and a natural tendency towards laziness, I find time management difficult. I am determined however, to make a change this year. I mean, I can’t be a recluse forever.

It is lovely, slightly decadent feeling to lie in bed in the middle of the day with the blankets pulled right up to your chin watching the sunlight form a criss-cross of yellow veins on the window. Little birds, wrens I think, whistle to each other from their nook in the plumbago bush. Blue petals scatter and they swoop, nibbling. There is such joy in birdsong, such unblemished charm, that the day is immediately brightened upon hearing it.

Little girls walk by, giggling, talking about how much they love pink socks. ‘I have pink gloves for winter,’ says one. ‘And I have pink tights,’ says another.

Someone walks by eating hot chips. The smell of vinegar wafts, languishing just below the rose bush. I am hungry but too relaxed to get out of bed.

A dog barks, squeaking like it is made of rubber. A cat scrambles up the cherry tree, searching for the wrens, but they are too quick for it. The curtains move in the wind, flapping like flags. The wind makes me snuggle, warm, sinking back into sleep. Maybe I will sleep a little more, maybe not. It is a good day when those are the only kind of decisions that have to be made.

No one knows I am here. No one can see. I have calls to make, emails to answer, but I do nothing. I want to be alone just like Greta Garbo.

It is tranquil, this resting-place. I remember as a child that winter’s day when I slept in my parents’ bed as big and soft as the bed of a princess. Try as I might, I couldn’t get my arms to stretch from one side to the other. ‘When I am big I will have a bed like that,’ I promised myself. ‘And then I will be Queen of the World.’

The memory makes me smile. Here I am, in a big bed once more, still plotting and dreaming. Some things never change.

The old clock chimes. It is growing dark. The shadows are golden. They gild the room with magic. It is time to rise, late as it is. I am mellow. My hands are warm and soft as my son’s used to be as a baby when he rose from his cot. It is a wondrous thing, this sleep. Some days it gives me trouble but today it was warm and true. Just when I needed it. Just when I felt it was out-manouvering me. And I give thanks for the solace of a little bit of peace and quiet.

21 thoughts on “Just A Bit Of Peace And Quiet

  1. You hit it spot on about the birthday thing. That exactly what bothers me about them. Getting older isn’t my problem, it’s running out of energy to do all those wonderful things I keep pushing aside to do “later.”

    Some years ago, I told my mother that I’d spent the day in bed, sleeping, resting, doing nothing. She spent the next five minutes chastising me for “wasting all that time.” Considering the fact that despite the bombardment of her disapproval, I did not crumble into a heap of remorse and regret. That is the true measure of how beneficial and restorative it is to do that very thing she railed against.

    Good post, Your Majesty.


  2. I try not to let that “oh crap, time is running out and there is still so much to do” feeling get to me anymore.

    I’m trying to embrace the idea that I have no clue what is still in store for me, and that I can do anything that I want if I just decide to do it.


  3. Mmmmm…I’m hit by a sudden urge to go tangle myself up in my blankets and have a little snooze and snuggle.

    However, as I myself am gunning for the position of Queen of the World, I really need to go do my dishes. How embarrassing when one’s subjects arrive and there aren’t any plates for the finger sandwiches.

    Love the imagery here, Selma. Yawn.


  4. >>slightly decadent feeling to lie in bed in the middle of the day <<

    In Mediterranean countries, it’s quite acceptable, and is known as a siesta. I’ve been known to have a nap after lunch, too … I call it ‘Egyptian Aerobics’ 😀


  5. I hadn’t planned it but I spent the weekend sleeping, watching movies and generally recharging the old batteries.

    Yep. THAT sounds like THE PERFECT weekend to me! Im glad you had a chance to rest, relax and watch movies.


  6. KAREN – I know what you mean. Too much to do, too little time. You and me, we’re going to get there though. I believe there’s a royal decree about it. 😉

    BRITT – you are a wise one. Thinking like that is the best way to get things done but sometimes I do revert back to that ‘oh no, I’m running out of time’ mentality. I’m going to stop right now. It’s not helpful.

    HEATHER – I get my butler to do my plates. And his cucumber sandwiches are excellent. XXOOXXOO

    TRAVELRAT – you always make me smile. ‘Egyptian Aerobics.’ I’ll have to remember that. Hahahahaha.

    MELEAH – it was perfect. I really needed it.


  7. Oooh that sounds so decadent. I need a day like that… curled up to do nothing but watch old movies and daydream.

    Lovely description of the world outside your door too.


  8. DAOINE – I’m doing the accounts at work right now and a snooze would be very welcome. Maybe after lunch. Hehehe.

    NAT – It is restorative. If you get the chance, give it a go. I know it’s difficult with kids but my son has been known to curl up with me. I love it because then he’ll tell me all of his funny stories about school. He is a true blue gossip, that one!


  9. Fabulous post Selma and so timely after the hectic day I’ve had.

    I long to find an old-fashioned, hand-made quilt to climb under and to (hopefully) savor some heavenly scents wafting by a window (chips with vinegar ie: heavenly indeed LOL) 😉

    So glad I stopped in, thanks for providing such an uplifting and relaxing end to my work / study day.

    Huggs, G


  10. I identify with your character traits – easily distracted and tending toward laziness. I am always most productive when deadlines loom or a threat of non-compliance punishment is on the horizon. I like to stay in my brain and avoid the louts, pressures, and minutiae. But then again, I like to eat and have a roof. The cavemen had it rougher though.


  11. MICHAEL – Now that my son is old enough to get up and make his own breakfast, I often have a sleep in until 9AM on weekends. It is ‘heaven on a stick’ as my Aunt used to say.

    JOHNNY – The cavemen did have it rougher but they didn’t know they did. They were too busy hunting and gathering or inventing the wheel. I also like to eat and have a roof but sometimes the lazy gene kicks in. I’m trying to overcome it.


  12. The question,will I have time to see and do it all,is for me at my time of life very omni, especially because as you get older everything takes so much longer. I try not to think about it too much though, or get an attack of “bad conscience” if I do spoil myself.
    All the years when the chidren had grown and I was still working part time,I would enjoy one day a week which I called my “away day”. Then I could really do exactly what I wanted and everyone accepted it. It is really to be recommended,in the pursuit of sanity and freedom.


  13. Oh I know what you mean staying in bed all week-end – did that this week-end to escape from this world, I was curled up in my bed under my covers with my puppy right next to me snuggling right up to me. She had put her head right on my shoulder with her paws around my neck and just slept there… it was would have been such a cute picture! I felt so loved by my puppy, at least I have her when the rough times hit… your chips and vinegar gave me the urge to go pick up some of those greasy fries we have here and pour tons on vinegar and salt and eat them – that made my tummy feel good! I have to admit that I love sleeping, if I could i would sleep 12 hrs a day! When things get rough my brain starts working a mile a minute and insomnia hits so when I can sleep I love it!


  14. DIAMONDS – an away day is an excellent idea. We all need a bit of time to ourselves on a regular basis. I’m going to try it!

    TBALL – I can just picture you snuggling up with your pup. Awww. Dogs really know how to make us feel loved, don’t they?


  15. although i haven’t spent a day in bed in forever,, i am a napper… and there is nothing quite like the luxury of being in bed under the covers in the middle of the day…….


  16. PAISLEY – it is a guilty pleasure of mine. I am also a bit of a napper. I always think it’s better to nap than to struggle with a really long sleep.


  17. My birthday is going to hit what I calculate to be the day before yours, and although it’s just a number, the relentless march forward is not very heartening. Still, in another culture we’d be considered wise and greatly valued for that wisdom.

    It sounds to me like you got a lot done in your rest. All that reflection, the memories, the planning. That’s why Sunday is the day of rest — you absolutely need to recharge your batteries.

    I’ll bet you got even more done the rest of the week because you took some time off!


  18. CLOCKSTOPSHERE – hello, fellow Taurean. It’s true, that march forward can be relentless and depending on one’s mood – a little daunting. You are so right – after lazing around all weekend I have been super-productive this week. Who knew that being lazy would pay off? Thanks so much for stopping by!


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