Little Wren

In the garden today I saw a piece of silver paper, long as a ribbon, flowing behind the deep pink face of a camellia like a wedding train. It had been blown, separated from somebody’s present, maybe a gift for someone’s mother, up into the wide, blue sky and had fallen like a dream into the pink upturned faces of the perfect flowers.

A little bird came down, a tiny wren, catching sight of his reflection and prancing, performing a show for the flowers. He smiled at himself in the silver paper mirror, charmed by his own beauty, warbling at his delicate feet and shimmering wings.

The wind swooped, twisting the silver, snatching it back up to the sky where it coiled and whirled like a shooting star. The wren watched, momentarily deflated, then raised his wings to the light and followed.

17 thoughts on “Little Wren

  1. And this, my friend, is why I treasure you so. Because you notice things like this, take the time to watch and appreciate them and then take the time to portray them so beautifully so the rest of us can also appreciate them.

    I do dearly love little wrens!


  2. Ditto Nanna! Thank you for sharing your wonderful observations. So many would have missed the show all together, and the little wren would have danced without appreciation.


  3. NANNA – they are little cuties, aren’t they? You spoil me with your lovely comments.

    KAREN – It was a sight to see. I couldn’t believe it. The animal world never ceases to amaze me.

    DIAMONDS – you are lovely. Thank you.


  4. I didn’t know I could get excited about–little wrens–
    Thank you for this charming tale!
    I’ll havta watch nature with more care!(I live directly in front of a greenspace with all kinds of wildlife–deer, birds: cardinals, blue-jays, owls, geese, ducks; rabbits, chipmunks, snakes, and the occasional coyote, and “feral” cat…)


  5. LISA – you have chipmunks? I have never seen a real chipmunk. Or a blue jay. How lovely. I just have to say it one more time – you have chipmunks? I would be beside myself with excitement if I saw one.


  6. Your reply to Lisa made me smile, Selma. Chipmunks, go figure!! These are the slices of life that brighten my day – paying attention to what is going on in the natural world. It’s so easy to rush about and not truly see … Thanks for making me feel as if I was watching the wren alongside you.


  7. KATE – I have only seen a chipmunk on TV. They look so cute. I would love to see one for real. The natural world reminds me that there is still a lot of joy left in the world and I feel grateful to have all those lovely little visitors to my garden.


  8. CRAFTY GREEN – they really are treasures. When I saw the little wren I was elated. It was almost too good to be true.


  9. oh, this was beautiful! i love stories dealing with nature and all the blessings and beauty we gather from it.

    “then raised his wings to the light and followed.” the post itself was sheer music to my ears. so very well done….bravo!


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