Doth Thou Protest Too Much?

It’s all over the news in Australia this weekend.

A group of protesters have taken to the streets, unhappy with the recent Federal Budget, claiming they have been overlooked.

They are a different kind of protester though. They are pensioners and they are stripping to get their point across.

Gives a whole new meaning to letting it all hang out.

Only in Oz!

16 thoughts on “Doth Thou Protest Too Much?

  1. Grey power! Rock on…

    I admire their fortitude and conviction. Hope mine lasts that long and that I’m not sagging tooooooo much if I need to ‘take it to the streets’ in my 70-80’s LOL!!!! Huggs, G 😉


  2. i live in the san francisco area,, we ought to get our naked gays and your naked pensioners together,, and have a rally no one would ever forget!!!!! of course by the end of the day no one would remember what they had been rallying for or against anyway……


  3. Hey, there’s a law says you have to be young and beautiful to take your clothes off? 😀


  4. REBECCA – I’d give them anything they wanted. Anything.

    NAT – they’ve definitely got the power. Hilarious!

    GERALDINE – I can’t imagine doing it myself but never say never!

    BRITT – I think it was. Hahahaha.

    PAISLEY – now that would be a sight worth seeing. Talk about a life-changing event.

    KAREN – my mother always asked me if I was wearing clean underwear when I left the house. I thought it was in case I got hit by a truck. I now know it was in case I got caught up in a pensioners protest . 😉


  5. ANGRY – so glad you’re back. I missed the King Of The One-Liners. After seeing those risque pensioners, I don’t think I can ever look at a pendulum the same way again. 😉


  6. Laughing at Angry…..:)

    Bless their hearts, we’ll all be in their shoes one day and we should be applauding them for their fortitude and willingness to bare all and pave the way for us almost pensioners.

    Go Grey power 🙂


  7. MELEAH – Some Aussie pensioners are wild. I love it. I hope I have their enthusiasm when I get to their age.

    GYPSY – Angry cracks me up. I know. We almost pensioners have to stick together and keep up our weight-bearing exercises so we are toned up when the need to strip in public arises. Grey Power Forever!


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