Keep Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’.

Move ’em on, hit ’em up, move ’em on, hit ’em up
Move ’em on, hit ’em up, Rawhide….

This week has been busy, busy, busy. Now I know how all those cowboys felt with all their wranglin’, and movin’ and rollin’ and spittin’ and lassooin’. Must’ve bin exhaustin’.

Here’s the montage version of my week –

Deadlines at work. Difficult meetings with art writers who believe the only way to write about art is to do so in a transformative, performative, crucially enigmatic way. (If any one can tell me what that means I will be eternally grateful….)

Further meetings with same writers who feel it is in my best interests to understand that photography as art is a spectacular collision of the animate and the inanimate; that it can be feminist, postmodernist and surrealist all at the same time and that to truly understand it one must have a doctorate and because I don’t have a doctorate in fine art I have no right to even hold their manuscripts in my unworthy hands, let alone edit them. (Hey, back off, buddy, I’m just doing my job…)

Whirlwind celebration of my son’s 12th birthday where he was overjoyed by the present I got him – a Star Wars Lava Lamp. Can you believe it? He says it is the best present ever. That is too cute to be true.

Hugging one of my best friends in the petrol station ( we just happened to be filling up at the same time) as he wept over his wife leaving him because he didn’t earn enough money. (Definitely a story for another post. You won’t believe it.) The funny thing was a woman came up to us with tears in her eyes and said:’ I cry every time I fill up my car too. It’s costing me a fortune.’

Not enough sleep. Too much coffee. Too much rain. Too much laundry waiting to be done. I’ve missed visiting you and all your wonderful blogs. I do apologise for my slackness and will catch up soon. Now I’m going to watch Rawhide on DVD and attempt to fall asleep. As many of you may know, I do love my cowboy movies. Love to you all!

19 thoughts on “Keep Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’.

  1. Oh my gosh all I can think about is that woman at the pump.

    With the high emotions running anyway, did you fall down laughing?

    Happy Birthday as a Mommy, by the way! And way to go on the lava lamp!


  2. NANNA – that woman at the pump made us both crack up. We’re now calling her the $1.55 a litre angel or the pump angel because she really lightened the mood. Some situations in life are so naturally hilarious, aren’t they? You couldn’t set that scene up. And lava lamps rule, so I’m told!


  3. I was just thinking about you and wondering if my feed was broken again! Yay!

    I mean, not yay for the crazy week: you deserve a cool beverage and a massage or seven.


  4. I tried to figure out the exchange rate between Australian & U.S. dollars and also liters to gallons. We’re paying $4.18 a gallon here. I’m ready to cry, I can see why that lady was at the pump. You’re paying more than us!

    …transformative, performative, crucially enigmatic…huh? My head is spinning (picture Linda Blair in The Exosrcist).

    Take care.



  5. I nearly spewed my tea all over the monitor when I read the part about the artists and the Art. And the woman at the gas station.

    And now I have the theme song to Rawhide stuck in my head. ooh, one of these days, I’ll have to tell you the story of my great-grandfather and the night of the ambush. Like it was straight out of a cowboy movie! Good times! LOL


  6. Can’t say that i love cowboy movies but Clint Eastwood was certainly dishy in those days!!! Huggs to you Selma, rest and stop by when you can. I’m in a funk these days, I can use all the cheering up there is to be found. Happy Birthday to your son too! 🙂


  7. Oooo! I LOVE Rawhide! Wish I was there… 😀

    Happy Birthday to your son – a Star Wars lava lamp has GOT to be cool. 🙂


  8. sometimes life just takes over.. no matter how much we would prefer it not to… you have a way of opening your door and inviting me inside i just cannot deny myself that pleasure… even when the view is just that of the mundane…



  9. Out of your whole post its the lady crying at the pumps that made me laugh! We are paying $1.51/L here – I guess its everywhere this gas price thing! Its enough to cry about… and yes Lava lamps rule! I know mine is somewhere!

    and happy birthday Seb!


  10. I’m going to havta get the set of “Rawhide”–it’s a set of DVD, yes? for my Dad…Father’s Day is comin’ up!
    Hugs & Peace to you, Selma…
    and DO fill us in on the fellow in the, uh, how do you say it? Petrol-biz? His wife LEFT him? I hope all is okay now…


  11. Petrol is $1.66 here today Selma and I want that lady to hug me because it’s enough to make anyone cry. How funny.

    It’s my daughters’ 14th birthday next Tuesday but they’re having a party tomorrow. Instead of doing the million and one things I should be doing I’m sitting here and reading blogs. Yikes!

    See ya when we see ya Selma and never apologise when life gets in the way. I’m always the last one to arrive at the party 🙂


  12. I know we shouldn’t laugh, but the woman coming up to you at the filling station was hilarious. As for the art writers, are they serious, or were they sitting on their heads and speaking from somewhere else? 🙂
    And now I’m nostalgically singing along with you: ‘Rawww-hideeee … ‘


  13. HEATHER – a massage? From a buff young Swedish guy named Sven? Now you’re talkin’.

    EMPLOYEE – gas prices definitely are a crying matter. So are art writers with attitude. But just when things seem really hopeless – the cowboys come riding in! Yee haaaa.

    KAREN – what are you saying here? A real, live ambush. Fill me in. FILL ME IN!!!!!!

    GERALDINE – I am on my way right now. I can’t have one of my fave poets in a funk. XX

    TEXASBLU – Rawhide was the greatest, wasn’t it? Thank you for your kind wishes.

    PAISLEY – so glad I can give you a little bit of pleasure. You have made my day by saying that!

    TBALL – the gas station lady is too funny to be true, isn’t it? i think there’ll be a lot more crying in the days ahead. Thank you for your kind wishes for the boy.

    LISA – it’s on DVD. Your Dad will love it. My Dad keeps trying to pinch my set. I will fill you in on that story. You just never can pick what’s around the corner, that’s for sure.

    GYPSY – it’s always the nicest people who are last to arrive. I know that to be true. Hope your daughters party goes well. Will there be cupcakes?

    ANTHONY – Hahahaha. They were definitely speaking from somewhere else, it’s the only reason I can come up with to explain their ridiculous comments. Let me harmonise with you – RAWWWWHHIIIIIIDDDDEEEE!!!!!!!


  14. Your art critics and my doctors sound the same. “But you are just a writer/editor. How dare you correct my poor grammar. I don’t have poor grammar. I just don’t have time for grammar.”

    Alas! Sounds like my week.


  15. I filled up at the station yesterday as I do once every two months. To my horror, it cost about 40% more than it did the last time. Was that some kind of Friday, the 13th curse or what?

    Anyhow, happy birthday to Jake.


  16. NAT – so sorry your week’s been tough. Some people are just too difficult to be true.

    CHRIS – Definitely a curse. Don’t know how we’re going to break that one. Awww, thanks for thinking of Jake!

    GYPSY – I LOVE fairy bread. All that crunchy, rainbow goodness! MMMMMMMM.


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