Happy 4th of July

Wishing all of my dear American family, friends and readers a wonderful 4th of July.
Enjoy your weekend!

{Image: msnbc.com}

10 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July

  1. Why, thank you Selma! I agree that you picked a great photo. Do you celebrate Australia Day with firework, picnics, etc., like we do on our Independence Day?

    Sagacious Woman


  2. GERALDINE – I always love pics with fireworks. I find it astounding that photographers can capture something so fast-moving. What a skill! Hope you had a good weekend.

    SAGACIOUS WOMAN – yes we do. We try and get down to Sydney Harbour to watch them but of course, it’s always very crowded. Hope you had a lovely day. One day I hope to spend a 4th of July with my sister who lives in North Carolina. I would really enjoy that.

    KAREN – hope you had fun too. Looking forward to catching up on my blog reading and finding out what everyone’s been up to!

    MELEAH – hope you had a great long weekend. I know what you mean about work and no internet. It’s not much fun. I love you too. 😀


  3. Hi Selma!
    Your sis lives in North Carolina? That’s a hop, skip, n’ jump as we say, from where I live…
    Let me know if you’re in the States anytime soon, I’d certainly “host” you for a coupla days, if you wish!
    And thanks for the great “4th” photo!


  4. LISA – I am hoping to visit her sometime in 2009. I will definitely let you know if the trip comes to fruition. It would be brilliant to meet you!


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