Nothing like a Tom Cruise Pick Me Up

Whenever I am feeling a little gloomy
when nothing is going right
I just watch this here video on You Tube
And it keeps me laughing all through the night….

Oh, Tom, you might have been awarded Scientology’s Medal of Valour and be next in line to L. Ron Hubbard’s throne, but you’ll always be King of the Nitwits to me.
Thanks for the pick me up time and time again.
All these years later, seeing you on that yellow couch is better than any antidepressant.
Thanks, Tom. I mean it.
Peace out.

12 thoughts on “Nothing like a Tom Cruise Pick Me Up

  1. BRITT – I feel a little mean for posting this but some days I just need to feel normal. Tom on Oprah just does it for me. In a big way. LOL.


  2. Dear God, it never gets less embarrassing does it? Nicole must have been down on her knees thanking God that she dodged that horrific bullet. Poor Katie…


  3. I had almost forgotten about this. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I see it. Oh, Tom, you are such a great actor. Why are you such a loony?


  4. You know, he was all on Brooke Shiled’s back about not taking drugs for post partum depression, but I seriously think he was high on something other than Katie’s love when he appeared on Oprah.


  5. It simply proves why Mr Cruise is such a ‘great’ Hollywood actor and exponent of Scientology… it takes very little brain to be either.

    That’s not to say that there aren’t any intelligent actors or scientologists, but intelligent not a word I’d use for Mr Cruise.



  6. GYPSY – I know. (I am laughing too much to type right now….) Nicole certainly had a lucky escape. Despite all the hilarity did you notice Tom’s beady little eyes? His glee never hits his eyes. I find that really interesting.

    MEL – I know. It really is a blast from the past.

    LINDA – oh, he must have been. Surely all that hilarity isn’t natural? It makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

    GERALDINE – I know. I know. Too funny to be true.

    BEC – yeah, it’s a nice little tonic of normality, isn’t it? Brilliant!

    ANGRY – Amen. You summed it up completely. 😉


  7. That guy is such a loon. Seriously. The stories I’ve heard about him – from people who work in the business – would blow your mind. Its actually pretty sad.


  8. I’m just so creeped out by Tom Cruise. I don’t enjoy his movies, probably because he never morphs into a role; he always plays Tom Cruise.


  9. HOLLY – I agree. It is sad. I was never much of a fan until I saw him in ‘The Last Samurai.’ That is such a good movie. Heart-wrenching. But now I try and avoid his movies. He’s a little over the top for me. Shame.

    DAOINE – I do think there is an element of that with him. It’s as if he’s afraid to let himself go.


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