Go, Sydney, Go.

I knew it would happen eventually. I felt the sense of greatness rising from the farthest reaches of the city. It’s here at last – validation on a global scale for my hometown.


In the news today I read that Sydney is one of 22 cities featured on the new Global Version of Monopoly. After millions of votes in her favour it was decided to include my fair city.

It couldn’t be because of the hunky Bondi lifeguards.


Or the beautiful Harbour.



I actually think it’s because of our beer





and our wildlife.






Either way, I am proud as punch today, because who wouldn’t want to live in a city featured on such a popular board game? I’m sure someone is printing up T-shirts right now.


Go, Sydney, Go.

You’ve done it at last!

26 thoughts on “Go, Sydney, Go.

  1. Yeah for Sydney! I had to go check that out. Sydney will be paired up with London and New York for the red squares. Totally not fair that there are three Canadian cities and only one for the USA, oh well.

    Have a great day~


  2. Oooh I wonder how much Sydney will be worth. Gee I hope it isn’t one of the cheapies right after you pass GO. Maybe Adelaide will feature in Community Chest…hmmmm fat chance I’d say but hey I’m thrilled about Sydney making the cut.


  3. Yay, Sydney! You totally rock!

    So, um, would the wildlife have anything to do with the beer? Kinda looks like it from where I’m sitting (wink)


  4. Bondi beach… when The Man visited Australia as part of a “trade mission” a few years back, he talked at length about Bondi beach. He, however, did not mention the body guards. I wonder if he was looking at the “scenery.”


  5. No such honor will ever be bestowed upon my home town. But then again, it keeps the real estate very affordable. My house would be a millionaire’s castle in any “real” city.


  6. >> Maybe Adelaide will feature in Community Chest…<<

    Go to Adelaide. Go directly to Adelaide. Do not pass Go; do not collect $200.

    (Only joking … it’s a great place really 😀 )


  7. That’s way cool Selma! Monopoly is such a universal game. Did you know when the game was originally submitted for consideration, it was flatly rejected. LOL….goes to show that “try, try again” is always the way to go for writers and inventors too it seems. G


  8. Ahhh,Sydney,Like a lot of people who were born, raised, and live there, I have a love/hate relationship with that city. I love to hate it, hate to love it, hate to hate it, and love to it. I love/hate to leave it and love/hate to come back to it.


  9. You know, if someone in Sydney were to brew a new beer and call it, oh, maybe “Go!” then everyone who drinks it really WOULD be passing Go! I crack myself up… (sorry).

    And, I should just leave this alone now.


  10. Hi Selma I’ve been here before, it’s just that I’ve changed a little.

    Melbourne received the most votes from Australians, isn’t that interesting… and quite understandable.

    Adelaide in Community Chest…? Makes perfect sense to me, and if Melbournians had their way, Sydney would be in the square at the bottom left corner of the board “Go to Sydney, go directly to Sydney, do not pass Go and do not collect $200”

    Oh alright, congratulations… pffft.



  11. You know, I’ve never thought ‘Hahn’ was a very good name for beer. True, it’s a well-known German family name; it’s also German for cockerel. But, it sounds too much like ‘Harn’ …. which is German for urine!

    (Pity, because it’s not bad beer :D)


  12. LINDA – I can’t believe there’s only one for the US. That does seem strange. What’s going on?

    GYPSY – it would be ironic if Sydney was one of the cheapies, like Old Kent Road that nobody wants. You never know, they might put us in the same spot as Mayfair!

    KAREN – naturalists don’t like to admit it but in Sydney there is a strong correlation between wildlife and beer. Very odd. Ha ha.

    NAT – well, occasionally there are a few female lifeguards. Not like old Pammy Anderson in Baywatch or anything, but some of them are quite spunky sheilas – so maybe he was taking in the scenery…..

    RICHARD – hahaha. Good one!

    TRAVELRAT – you crack me up about Adelaide. Most Sydneysiders are like that about Melbourne. And you should hear the people from Bondi go on about the Kiwis!

    GERALDINE – I didn’t know that. Doesn’t surprise me, really. The hits usually get rejected a few times first!

    DAVID – my sentiments exactly. LMAO.

    ANTHONY – I don’t know. Tokyo? Paris? I’m intrigued.

    JASON – if someone prints one of those I will definitely buy it. I want a Monopoly T-shirt!

    MELEAH – you are an honorary Aussie for saying ‘Sweeeeet.’ Very popular turn of phrase here.

    KAREN – actually, that is pretty funny. In fact, I have just mentioned it to my husband and he is cracking up. You really have a great sense of humour!

    SNACKIEPOO – well, I hope you make it here. That would be brilliant!

    BEAR – glad to see you’re not so angry anymore. (nudge nudge wink wink) I’m not surprised Melbourne got more votes from Aussies, it is a much more salubrious city IMO. So glad to see you back!

    TRAVELRAT – yikes. Not a very comforting similarity, is it? The Hahn brewery is just up the road from us. Not a bad beer, although I do prefer Boag’s. Nice drop.


  13. Blue Properties:

    Green Properties:
    Cape Town

    Yellow Properties:
    Hong Kong

    Red Properties:
    New York

    Orange Properties:

    Purple Properties:

    Light Blue Properties:

    Brown Properties:


  14. We have the regular game and a Canadian version but the one I really want is the CHOCOLATE monopoly game!!! Wouldnt that be a hoot? Hard to finish a game though, with all the player pieces gone to stomachs around the board LOL! 😉

    This was a fun post Selma. Sydney must be a special place, for so many reasons.


  15. LINDA – thanks so much for researching that. Wow. We’re on the same block as London and New York. How cool is that? I appreciate you taking the time to do this. XX

    GERALDINE – chocolate monopoly wouldn’t last long with me. I had no idea there was such a thing. What a clasic!

    DAVID – I feel so sad about the little whale. I suppose these things happen all the time on the high seas, but it’s still heartbreaking. Whales are so intelligent – the mother will be in a state of mourning now. I thought it was handled really well too. So sad, though.


  16. EPIPHANY – comment gremlins activated again. Sorry about that.

    Oh yeah, the Sydney wildlife is something special all right. LOL.


  17. Since everyone seems to be having a wisecrack at Adelaide anyway I just had to share something funny I saw on Rove last night. On Carrie Bickmore’s segment while reading the “news” she said that Adelaide was going to be chosen until they found two bodies in the Community Chest and had to pass on that idea. How ironic that I was the one who mentioned the Community Chest in the first place and just for the record all you Eastern Aussie dwellers, Adelaide is a beautiful place to live 🙂


  18. GYPSY – don’t listen to all these silly East coasters. I love Adelaide. It is pretty and picturesque. And the people are much friendlier than in Sydney. It’s just rumour and innuendo about the bodies, isn’t it ? 😉


  19. GYPSY – don’t listen to all these silly East coasters. I love Adelaide. It is pretty and picturesque.

    I agree.

    And the people are much friendlier than in Sydney. It’s just rumour and innuendo about the bodies, isn’t it ? 😉

    “…there is an inexplicable dark side to Adelaide. Some are now choosing to call it the “City of Corpses.” And it is not hard to understand why. Per capita Adelaide and environs has recorded more of Australia’s most notorious crimes than any other Australian capital city. In the annals of Australia’s most horrific crimes, laid-back Adelaide’s sinister past (and present) makes other cities look like Camelot.”

    Dexter Showcase Ad – Serial Killers in Adelaide


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