Calling all writers…..

I have a great prompt over at Search Engine Stories this week.

The Boy and the Mermaid.

If you have been considering writing something, why not give it a go?

We have some great writers on board.

You should check out their work.

6 thoughts on “Calling all writers…..

  1. I missed out on last week’s prompt (too much crazy happening), but I actually did something for this one. I’ll post it after I’ve let it steep for a day or so.


  2. It made me think of the film ‘Boy on a Dolphin’, and visiting the shop of the Athens shoemaker (and part-time poet) who said he made the sandals Sophia Loren wore in that film.

    I was fiftenn years old when that film came out … and I wasn’t looking at Ms. Loren’s feet!


  3. TRAVELRAT – nobody was. 😉 Great film but what has really sparked my interest is the Athens shoemaker who was a part-time poet. There’s a story there……


  4. MELEAH – I really appreciate your support. I absolutely love mermaids and am working on a little tale right now. But maybe one day there will be a prompt that appeals to you… just never know!


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