Simple Signs Of Life

I haven’t been able to post for a few days due to a recurrence of my old chronic illness, the sleek and silent energy zapper, endometriosis. I had a little bit of a fainting spell due to my iron levels dropping all of a sudden, and my blood pressure along with them. Luckily, I was at Mel’s house and she got me to the doctor’s where I got the dreaded iron shot. I say dreaded because the side effects of the injection vary from nausea, abdominal pain and constipation. Sometimes if you’re lucky you suffer from all three at once.

I haven’t been able to attend to things as much as I’d like and have missed blogging and reading everyone’s blogs but I will catch up over the next couple of days.

I spent a couple of afternoons sitting with Mel in the park and saw some things which made me feel glad to be alive.

There was a lovely old dog, hairy and black, with specks of grey around the muzzle who followed around this little toddler who obviously was the child of the dog’s owner. Some toddlers are prone to picking up things and putting them in their mouth as we all know and this little guy was no exception. He tried rocks, blades of grass, empty bottles, sticks. Each time he attempted to put something in his mouth the dog gave a little gruff. The tiniest of warning barks as if to say Oh no, you don’t. And the toddler listened. He didn’t put a thing in his mouth. It was a game to him. Everyone time the dog gave his little gruff, the toddler chortled. It was a delight to see.

One thing I love is when I hear lines from soap operas in the real world. My favourite soap opera line which probably came from somewhere like The Young And The Restless (not that I watch it) is Β I don’t know who you are anymore. I cannot tell you how much I love that line. It titillates me in a million ways. Well, I heard it in the park yesterday. A young girl on a mobile phone said it for all the world to hear. It was like a cluster of diamonds falling from the sky, it is such a rare event. I hope that whoever she was talking to doesn’t end up breaking her heart.

I saw another cute baby sighting on the same day. The chubbiest of little guys, maybe about 7 or 8 months old who kept pointing to things in the way babies do where their little fingers keep getting tangled up and you’re not sure which direction they’re aiming for. His Mum kept saying – Are you pointing to the tree? The sky? The boats? He shook his head, drool flying through the air, his little chubby face looking cross. It was obvious to him what he meant. Finally, when she guessed that the baby was pointing to a dog, he said GAH! and threw his little fat arms up in the air as if he was about to do the Mexican wave.

I saw two elderly ladies sitting on a bench, drinking coffee from a thermos. ‘I had a dream I was Helen of Troy last night,’ one of them said. ‘I had a dream I was Lana Turner,’ said the other. Now that gives me something to look forward to in my dotage. I want dreams like that. Dreams of women whose faces could launch a thousand ships!

I saw rainbow lorikeets chasing one another above the Bangalow Palms in a flurry of colour. They were so fast it was as if coloured lights were being flashed on and off from a projector. Their screeches filled the sky with a cheeky joy.

So much to see to cheer us up. Simple signs of life. Simple signs of hope. Sights like these make difficulties easy to forget.

24 thoughts on “Simple Signs Of Life

  1. Your post allowed me to see these things you experienced, and be swept by the joy of being alive. Thank you for that, I needed it this morning. Life is sweet, if we know where to look.


  2. “So much to see to cheer us up. Simple signs of life. Simple signs of hope. Sights like these make difficulties easy to forget.”

    And it’s wonderful posts like this that make me feel the same way.

    Welcome back. I’m sorry you were ill and I hope you have a speedy recovery.


  3. i just love how you can take the tiniest little thing,, something i am sure would have snapped right by me,, and retell it in such a way that it becomes awe inspiring…..

    rest my friend,, care for yourself and i will anxiously await your return to health…


  4. About the only “sign of life” type thing I’ve seen fit to report on my blog recently was when I saw the crack of some woman’s ass thanks to her very low riding pants. I’d have to say that you’re a tad more observant than me, and blessed with better taste to boot.


  5. Yes, do take it easy Selma. Sounds like you need some time to recharge and focus on your health too. Take care and as Tony says: we will be here when you get back. πŸ™‚


  6. Oh honey…just rest and get yourself better! Don’t worry about us!! We aren’t going anywhere.

    At least you had a lovely few days in the park!! Id love to hear soap opera lines in real life!


  7. I just KNEW something wasn’t right though I wish it was one of those rare occasions when I’m wrong πŸ˜‰ *chuckle*

    I have been very fortunate to not suffer with anything like that but I have heard about how painful and unpleasant it can be. I hope you get back to your old self soon.

    Don’t you just love people watching? Loved the toddler and the dog story. All such beautiful observations though.

    Big Gypsy hugs Selma xxx


  8. I hope you’re feeling much better Selma.

    I love those lorikeets too. Especially when they torpedo down the path towards you and you think for a moment that they are going to fly straight into you, but at the last moment they swerve just enough and you’re left with a whoosh of air past your ear.

    I saw a gorgeous baby in the supermarket the other day. I think his mum had just taken a beanie off his head because his fine butter-blond hair was so static it stuck straight up like one of those round paintbrushes. As he turned his head the hair swayed slightly and then sprang back into the upright shock. I was giggling all the way down the aisle.

    …Have a gander past WW when you get a chance too…


  9. I hope you recover soon. A world without Selma is like experiencing a global blackout. Or at least, a blogal one. Hey, there’s a new word for ya! πŸ™‚ Take care, Selma.


  10. Am sending love and energy thoughts your way… Take it easy and worry not. Yes, today I am acting like a bad Hallmark card.


  11. Sorry to here you are not feeling well. The trip to the park sounds like a wonderful remedy though!

    I wanted to let you know I am finalizing the first two chapters of Slice of Life Sunday, the book, for submission to the publisher on Friday, September 5th. The first chapter is now entitled, The Foundation Years and features stories from earliest memory to about age 10-11. The second chapter is called, The Wonder Years and features stories from age 12 to 19-20. I you want, will take you to the page which shows the prompts and authors of stories already selected to be included. If you would like to have another story considered, or if you have not submitted one in any of these categories, please leave a comment with link to your story on the current Slice of Life post no later than Wednesday, September 3rd. I am so pleased with the how the chapters have evolved. I have had two people, one a trusted English professor and the other being probably the best critic I could ever hope for, read the chapters. Both were blown away by the diversity of the stories and remarked how accurate a total picture is given of real life. Thank you so much for helping make a dream come true! We could all be published authors soon!


  12. >>One thing I love is when I hear lines from soap operas in the real world.<<

    Mmm! I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say ‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ in real life!

    Once, with nothing else to do, we watched an omnibus edition of ‘Eastencers’ and, in the hour-lng episode, we heard the words ‘What’s going on?’ at least ten times!


  13. ANTHONY – thank you, my dear friend. What would I do without you?

    INGRID – it can be really sweet. I rush around so much sometimes I miss things. It’s nice just to take the time to breath in the world.

    KAREN – I am feeling better. Thank you. It’s good to be blogging again!

    PAISLEY – you are an absolute sweetie. There is no doubt of that in my mind!

    RICHARD – hahaha. I saw a bricklayer with a huge crack today. Not pretty. Definitely not pretty!

    MELEAH – I must admit that I do listen for the soap opera lines. It’s so much fun. I have heard: ‘It’s not you, it’s me,’ several times. It was brilliant!

    GYPSY – I swear you are such an intuitive person. I feel so connected to you sometimes. My Adelaide-sister, that’s who you are!

    DAOINE – oh, I love the torpedo ones. They are the most beautiful of birds. That baby sounds adorable. I will try and stop by WW tomorrow!

    BEAR – now you know how much you like to go out and explore. How else are you going to find fresh honey?

    CHRIS – blogal. I like it. Thanks for your kind wishes. XX

    BEC – you could never be a bad Hallmark card. In fact, you would write the kind of cards I would buy. Thank you, hon.

    LINDA – thank you so much. Your lovely email the other day made me so happy. You are so kind.

    CRICKET – this is beyond exciting. How wonderful you are. I hope this leads to much success for you!

    TRAVELRAT – I know. I know. Guilty as charged – I do watch Eastenders and have watched it since it started. Now you’ve given me another one to look out for – ‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ Love it!

    GISELLE – you are absolutely right. For me it is the way I reconnect with the earth. Thank you so much for visiting.


  14. Hi Selma, sorry that you have been feeling under the weather, when I hadn’t heard from you I got a feeling that something may be wrong. Glad you are getting back to normal. You definitely have a way with words and seeing things in a very different way. I love this post – it was definitely what I needed.

    So much to see to cheer us up. Simple signs of life. Simple signs of hope. Sights like these make difficulties easy to forget.


  15. NAT – you couldn’t be as far behind as me. I am Totally Tardy today. Because this a chronic illness that I am stuck with for a bit (apparently there is a good chance it will disappear after menopause, though) I feel I am not going to let it get the better of me. Thank God for painkillers. I hope whoever invented them got a Nobel Prize or something!


  16. Hi Selma–

    YOU’VE been ILL!!I hope you feel better right away. btw, did you know peppermint tea can ease your nausea??–it works IMMEDIATELY.
    If you like ginger, try a bit of “candied ginger” to eat slowly(it comes in sugared bits, in a plastic bag, find it in Asian supermarkets). It kills nausea, and it helps digestion/digestive system, too. I also find buying FRESH GINGER-ROOT and boiling a few pieces in hot water, and then taking the juice and saturating a cloth and APPLYING it, will warm ya up, and helps relieve the pain. It really really works!
    And here I’ve been, feeling a bit “down”, as I too have a chronic condition(Diverticulitis–NOT mere Diverticulosis, but “itis”–the really inflamed variety– Ouch!
    I will be having major surgery in about one week.I will be going to Ohio for it, as there is a Specialist there. There are a few risks with this operation in that I’m very SMALL, and so it’s more “delicate”, surgery-wise. I’ll be having a foot or so(12 inches–I do not know the “metric” conversion, alas)of intestine REMOVED, and my intestine rejoined(sewn). I should be in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for a few days, then I’ll stay at a hotel, and recover. Then I’ll fly home to rest until Doc says I can walk, eat, and lift heavy objects….
    I should be able to eat ANYthing I wish afterwards(including nuts, all seeds, all berries, 9-grain bread, corn-on-the-cob, etc…all goodies I could not have, the past 5 years!)
    Continued Healing to you, Selma!Peace.


  17. OOPS! I also meant to say WHAT A GREAT POST YOU HAVE HERE!!
    When I’m lying inm bed, ill, I’ll think of chubby-child, and the little one with the dog who gruff’ed, and those birds you described, and you will help me smile, Selma..Lovely!


  18. LISA – oh, please don’t worry about me. You need to focus on taking care of yourself. I had no idea you are about to have such major surgery. I hope that it is completely successful and you will go on to be able to eat whatever you want. I’ll be thinking of you and praying for you for the next few weeks. Take care of yourself. Wishing you all the best. XXX000XXX


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