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My dear blogging friend, TBall, is at home recovering from surgery for breast cancer this week.

I was hoping that you would join me in praying for her as she is still waiting for the final results as to whether the cancer has spread or not.

She is a lovely, warm, generous, talented person. I would give everything I had if I knew it meant she would recover. Any thoughts or prayers you can send her way would be greatly appreciated.

As you probably know there is a campaign at the moment called Stand Up To Cancer. One of the songs being used to promote this very worthwhile cause is Rise by Eddie Vedder.

If you can I would be very grateful if you would listen to this beautiful song and say a little prayer for dear TBall. Thank you.




24 thoughts on “Say A Little Prayer

  1. My Aunty lost a breast to this insidious disease not too long ago but I’m very grateful to say she survived. I sincerely hope TBall has the same outcome


  2. Selma, thank you so much for this, you made me cry and thank you every one else who are sending me positive thoughts and prayers, today is particularly a hard day and I’m trying my damnest to make it through it without being a total basket case.


  3. GYPSY – I am so glad your Aunt survived. I am praying TBall will also have such a positive outcome. Thank you.

    LINDA – how many people know someone with breast cancer? It seems more widespread than it used to be. I am so sorry about your Aunt. That is really sad. I hope your friends continue to be well.

    KAREN – thank you so much. I’m sure your kindness will help. XXX

    GERALDINE – thank you. That really means a lot to me but I know it will mean much more to TBall!!!!

    TBALL – Just hang in there. You have a lot of people who care and are right behind you. For the moment all you need to do is rest. XXXX0000

    CHRIS – thank you, my dear. I know she will appreciate it.

    NAT – it would be tough to get that news, wouldn’t it? I really appreciate you visiting her. You are very kind. And Eddie as therapy? Totally works for me!


  4. Selma, my prayers go out to TBall. It is a disease very close to my heart, as I lost my mother to breast cancer when I was twelve. Since then, some marvellous new treatments have appeared, increasing people’s chances significantly.
    Once again, TBall is in my thoughts.


  5. ANTHONY – thank you so much. I am really sorry you lost your Mum to this horrible disease. XX

    CRAFTY GREEN – so sorry to hear about your Grandmother. Your kind wishes are really appreciated.

    KATE – I really appreciate you stopping by. It will mean a lot to TBall.


  6. Someone very close to me was given a five percent chance of surviving the following five years after the removal of a malignant melanoma, and he’s still with us after almost thirty years.

    TBall, for all the losses to cancer that we hear about, there’s many times more that have survived it and go on to living a wonderfully fulfilled life.

    My thoughts are with you.


  7. BEAR – you are right. There are hundreds if not thousands of success stories. Treatment is extremely advanced these days. Thank you for your very kind words of encouragement.


  8. PAISLEY – we are so fortunate. I agree. Techniques are improving all the time. I hope and pray TBall is among that number too!

    MELEAH – thank you so much. That is really kind of you!

    EPIPHANY – she will really appreciate that. Thanks so much.


  9. I am stopping in at Tball’s blog on a regular basis, sending hugs and letting her know I care ( I DO care).

    I think it’s important to keep the good healing vibes and thoughts coming her way…hope your other readers agree Selma.

    It’s kinda lonely over there right now. 😦


  10. GERALDINE – thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there. I know it means a great deal to her (to me, too). What a kind person you are. XXXX0000XXX


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