Sweet Mistress Mischief

This week on Search Engine Stories the prompt is sweet mischief. I immediately thought of writing a story about mischievous fairies but then this story came to me instead.  Unusual subject matter for me, but an occupation I find fascinating……



Sometimes I wonder what I am doing with my life, teetering on the precipice of propriety in my eight inch stilettoes, rubbing myself down after a day spent in red or black leather or rubber.

My name is Hayley Woods but you, you can call me Sweet Mistress Mischief. They all do. My clients. In case you hadn’t already guessed I am into a bit of discipline for a living. What? Not sure what I mean?

I punish men for a living. Whip them, chain them, humiliate them. Sometimes I pretend they are my babies, or my dogs. Sometimes I make them lick my boots or clean my entire apartment with a toothbrush. But I’m not a fetishist or a feminist with a chip on my shoulder. Oh, you’re getting it now….yes, that’s right, I am a dominatrix.

I fell into it by accident. It’s a strange career path to follow, I do know that. Full of mischief. Full of cheek. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to be careful whom you confide in. Once I had a boyfriend who told all his friends what I did for a living. They made a joke out of everything I said, nudging each other in the ribs until entire nights out became an endless series of one liners. It was exhausting. I could have shown them a thing or two if they had come to my dungeon.

Yes, I work in a dungeon. Well, actually it’s a cellar converted to look like a dungeon. It’s owned by Mistress Maxine. She owns the entire house, a massive mansion on three blocks of land. She inherited it from her father, a wealthy industrialist. She needn’t have worked ever again, just lived on her father’s enormous fortune but she likes whips and leather. She finds them intoxicating. Whips and leather – people have followed other careers for much less.

I met Mistress Maxine one night at a club. She began chatting to me because I am tall. 6 foot 2, an  Amazon in heels. Mistress Maxine thinks a tall dominatrix makes the best kind. There is an air of indomitability about her. Perhaps she is right, but sometimes I find all that bending and whacking from such a height plays havoc with my lower back.

A bad lower back is an occupational hazard in my game. And not for the reasons you might think. There is a lot of heavy lifting – the chains in the dungeon weigh a ton – and if you’ve ever tried to fling a 150KG man across the room because he’s been a naughty boy, you will know what I mean.

The violence is staged to a certain extent. We take dance and movement classes, so the violence is a mere suggestion. A bit like the wrestling on TV. I mean, we have equipment in the dungeon that could kill someone. I once had a guy who nearly asphyxiated from the rubber head gear he was wearing. It’s a bit like smoke and mirrors without the actual smoke and mirrors.

Mistress Maxine insists we all know basic first aid, particularly CPR. Sometimes all that punishment gets too much for a man and he becomes a little light-headed. I have had to revive a few men, instead of rubbing salt in their wounds.

A lot of people think what I do is sick, perverted, that I am encouraging men to give in to their baser instincts. What they don’t seem to understand is that it is fantasy, alchemy, and I am the one spinning straw into gold. For many men the pretending, the role-playing, brings them to an even place in their minds.

There is no sex involved. Ever. I have had people call me a whore, women mostly, who don’t understand my purpose. I am dominating, setting the tone.  I do not capitulate. It would destroy the scene I have set.

It is seduction taken to another level. Hot red trembling breaths. Rumpled silk clinging to oil-soaked limbs.

My clients come to me for one reason alone – relief from their demanding lives. They arrive tense, quivering, furtive as rats. They leave, redeployed, the blood awake in their veins.

I wonder a lot what I will do when I’m a little old lady. Will I still be cracking my whip and calling stockbrokers and barristers slave? Will I wear support hose under my cat suit? Or will I condemn myself for the immoral actions of my youth?

I hope that I will be Sweet Granny Mischief, the oldest dominatrix in the business, prodding my clients with my walking stick, making them sterilise my dentures. For there is something about being mischievous that is difficult to give up.

23 thoughts on “Sweet Mistress Mischief

  1. I totally loved this!!!! I’m with Ms Karen trying to picture Sweet Granny Mischief and cracking up at that mental image! Your stories are the best!


  2. Hmmm.. Selma, yes, your imagination is golden, …..or is this non-fiction????

    Interesting. I wonder that about the no sex for the dominatrixes. Is that how it works? Funny how fiction takes us so many places we never thought we’d go.


  3. Clean an entire apartment with a toothbrush? Now that’s kinky!

    Hey, I believe Jane Wiedlin does this for a living when not on tour with the Go Go’s!


  4. ANTHONY – I’m on my way!!!!!

    KAREN – not as strange as it sounds. I have heard that some men have a thing for Grannies – a REAL thing. Could be a lucrative sideline for me in my twilight years. Hey, I’ve just thought of it – could be a new sit com going on from where ‘The Golden Girls’ left off. A group of women retire to Florida and find they have a lot of time on their hands. One of them reads an ad on Craigslist: Granny wanted for dungeon work, whips and chains included. She answers it and well, there you have it. The theme song would be ‘Whip IT’ by Devo. It might catch on, it really might. Hahahaha!

    TBALL – Can you imagine? I honestly don’t know where these ideas come from. I think I need help. 😉

    GERALDINE – she should get paid extra for wearing those stilettoes. She could cause someone an injury with those! LOL.

    MELEAH – I will admit to being quite fascinated by this line of work. I have watched quite a few documentaries about it. It is a weird world out there!

    LAURI – Definitely fiction. But it is loosely based on a flat mate I used to have. She was a nice, respectable law student who lived with Mel and I for about 6 months. She used to go out every night and come home at dawn. She didn’t seem to have a boyfriend or a big circle of friends. Eventually she told us she was working as a dominatrix. We were shocked mainly because she seemed so quiet. One day she took us to the dungeon. It was extremely funny to be in there, if a little perverse. I actually thought I had stepped onto the set of a movie. She assured us there was no sex involved. Stuff I have read and seen since then supports that claim. She was also making a fortune. Three grand a week back in the 80s!

    CHRIS – I have heard that about Jane Wiedlin. I couldn’t stop laughing when I read about it. It’s the pretty, sweet-natured ones you’ve got to watch out for. I’ve heard she likes to say to men: ‘Bark like a dog!’ LMAO. 😀


  5. I am picturing an old dominatrix and that the fact that she got a bad back, that somehow makes me laugh. Though I don’t really get what the hype is about but I guess I can sort of understand why some people likes this, anyway, I thought that you would end up writing about fairies but this is interesting too, you make it sound like a comedy, well, almost


  6. LISSA – I guess I kind of approached it as a comical piece. The whole thing has an aspect of hilarity to it. Don’t know how the idea got into my head – sometimes it’s just plain scary up there!


  7. We all need to have a little bit of mischief in our souls or life would be boring! Great story Selma. I’m wondering what on earth you will write about next 😉


  8. sweet selma by day,, mistress mischief by night…. i wonder ,, as your grasp on not only the theory but the technique is quite accurate… quite accurate in deed….. hmmmmmmm…..

    i have tried this line of work,, but found i was way to angry to pull it off… seems no one was really supposed to get hurt… oops…


  9. GYPSY – there are many weird and wonderful stories waiting to be told. Who knows where my muse will lead me……

    PAISLEY – I have heard that the anger needs to be quite contained because it can be easy to get carried away. I hope that one day you write about your experiences in this field. I will admit to being very interested in this line of work. Reading back over this piece I have realised there is the suggestion that I may have been Mistress Mischief for real at one time. All I can say is, I will never tell…..

    LINDA – can you imagine? I had a little giggle when I wrote this.


  10. Yeah, I really don’t get it either. Then again I should probably try it all before I pass judgement. Who knows, perhaps it could help me deal with all my insecurites better. I look to women for exceptance and warmth and have no desire to dominate or be dominated by anyone. I guess that makes me some kind of saint. I don’t know, I have darker impulses as well, but they’re not really of a sexual nature.


  11. “My clients come to me for one reason alone – relief from their demanding lives. They arrive tense, quivering, furtive as rats. They leave, redeployed, the
    blood awake in their veins.

    I wonder a lot what I will do when I’m a little old lady. Will I still be cracking my whip and calling stockbrokers and barristers slave”?

    Hi Selma,
    Years ago,I listened to very interesting interview on 2JJJ.FM with Madam Lash. According to her, not very many working class (or even middle-class) people use the services of a domantrix. Most clients, in their real lifes are powerful men: politicians,executives of companies (and stock brokers and barristers as you mention and,of course,Judges). These are powerful men who are NOT sociopaths or narcisists -i.e the one’s that feel empathy for others, remorse,and guilt. Men who cannot shrug off their actions with a “I’m just doing my job”. ” I’m just following orders, company policy,ministerial directives”, “It’s not personal, it’s business”. According to Madam Lash, a typical client might be an exec who had to close down a department-causing 100s perhaps 1000s of
    people to be unemployed.Usually, he will end up getting a huge bonus for doing this.All this causes a desire to be punished.But who can punish the powerful,especially if nothing illegal has been done? And even then, the powerful often get away with doing illegal things.No. If your powerful and you feel the need to be punished, you go to a domantrix. Of course, not all non socopathic,non narcisistic powerful men feel the needed to be punished,some deal with things in others ways-e.g charity and community work.The ones who do feel the need also have complicated and complex dynamic psycho-sexual issues that we, who don’t have have them,can never fully comprehend.

    As for your story it was well-written, thought-provoking, and fun to read. Thanks, DavidM.


  12. TEXASBLU – I only partly get it but nonetheless, I do find it fascinating. And very, very funny….

    RICHARD – I would love to interview a man who saw a dominatrix on a regular basis. I would love to know if it lived up to his expectations. And I think we all have a dark side to our natures. It shows itself in various ways. Part of the human condition, I suspect. And yes, you do have a sort of saintliness about you tinged with a touch of good ole rock’n’roll. I mean, you don’t want to be too saintly, do you? 😉

    DAVID – I think I also heard that interview. It is interesting that the bulk of the clients are powerful men crushing the little guy in the course of their work and therefore they feel the need to be punished. That makes so much sense and also doesn’t say much for what the corporate world does to the human psyche. Thank you so much for mentioning this. How enlightening!


  13. Great read Selma! I love the practical day to day details you use to set the scene and move the story. The back trouble, realities of using the ‘equipment’, and the character wondering about the future of her job. It gave the whole thing a perfect sense of realism. I worked with a guy who once worked as a personal assistant (essentially running errands, buying groceries, paying bills, etc.) to a very expensive dominatrix (her clients were international, some political figures I was told) and his take was that it was just like any other job for her – she got bored, didn’t feel like going to work some nights, wasn’t always up for going to the gym etc., and for sure there was no sex. Fascinating topic…


  14. What a terrific post, Selma. You captured what I’m sure is the essence of that life. Meleah is right, you can write about anything. I wish I could write fiction. …maybe I’ll give it a try…


  15. KAYT – now he would be an interesting guy to talk to. I wonder what he thought of all the men coming to be ‘punished.’ I wonder if he was tempted himself. There are so many people out there with incredibly interesting stories, aren’t there? Can you imagine putting on your catsuit and limbering up your whip while thinking: ‘Ho hum. Just another day at the office?’ LOL.

    EPIPHANY – you should give it a try. I KNOW you can write fiction. I would be absolutely delighted if you would join us. I hope you will consider it!


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