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Lauri is actually a very successful writer. She has had many novels and short stories published. She was born in the US but now lives in Botswana.

Her blog Thoughts From Botswana is one of my favourite reads.

Lauri is also a regular writer over at Search Engine Stories.

If you haven’t checked out any of her wonderful writing yet, you really should.

So here we go….
1. Where is your cell phone?
It could be anywhere. Many of you will be horrified to learn this about me but I hate mobile phones. I only use mine for emergencies and very few people actually know the number. Usually about once a week I hear the sound of bells. It is the distress call my mobile sends out when it needs to be recharged. Sometimes I answer the distress call, most of the time I don’t.
2. Where is your significant other?
Sitting beside me on the couch. We are watching the ARIAS (Australian equivalent of the Grammys). My hubby used to be on the board of the ARIAS and voted every year for Best Album, Best Single etc. I have been to the ARIAS more times than I care to remember. Unfortunately most of the people who attend are would-be’s-if-they-could-be’s and it gets a bit tiresome after a while.
3. Your hair color?

4. Your mother?

I’m not sure what this question means but I will say that my mother apologised to me yesterday for not sorting out the situation with my sister and her abusive husband properly. She admitted that one of her greatest failings is hoping things will just go away. I felt glad and sad to hear her say that.

5. Your father?
Again with the cryptic question… my father and I are still circling each other like gunslingers after the fight we had over Barack Obama a week ago. He said no one really wanted to vote for a black man. I accused him of being the world’s most covert bigot, he accused me of being the world’s most dysfunctional socialist. He was so nasty to me I cried. He blames my political inclinations for what he sees as my lack of success.
6. Your favourite thing?
An entire weekend with nothing to do.

7. Your dream last night?
Not being able to find my way home. That Bob Dylan movie No Direction Home sums up my dream life.

8. Your dream/goal?
To earn a decent living as a writer
9. The room you’re in?
Living room
10. Your hobby?
Cataloguing clouds
11. Your fear?
That the things people dream of will never happen
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years?
In my own home with at least two novels published.

13. Where were you last night?
Watching a French movie on my own. The boys had gone to bed. It was bliss.

14. What you’re not?
A proctologist. And thank the Lord. Wouldn’t you get tired of your patients saying – You’re not really seeing me from my best side?
15. One of your wish-list items?

The Mary J Blige CDs I lost in transit during our last move. I miss you Mary J.

16. Where you grew up?
Half Glasgow, Scotland/Half Sydney, Australia

17. The last thing you did?

Folded the laundry

18. What are you wearing?

My PJS (it is 11PM)

19. Your TV?
It’s a Philips 68cm. No HD widescreen jobs here, mate.
20. Your pet?
Goldfish, goldfish, goldfish and that silly little wood pigeon we’ve named Ronnie who keeps sitting on the chairs in the garden.

21. Your computer?
Mac Powerbook G4. I want to marry it.
22. Your mood?
Fair to middling
23. Missing someone?
My sister Shelley. My cousin Patrick

24. Your car?
BMW 535i. Hey, don’t get excited, I’m not a yuppie or anything – it’s nearly 20 years old!

25. Something you’re not wearing?
An air of indifference

26. Favourite store?
Gleebooks in Glebe Point Road. Poetry section to die for.
27. Your summer?
Long and hot. I will be bombarded by blue skies and an overwhelming sense of vibrancy
28. Love someone?
Yes. More than one.

29. Your favorite color?
Whatever colour hope is

30. When is the last time you laughed?
When I was watching the ARIAS. One of the winners was drunk. She could barely get her acceptance speech out. I said :’ I hope she doesn’t chunder’ which is true blue Aussie for puking. Then my son said :’If she does puke the headline in the papers will be The Chunder From Down Under’. Sweet.
31. Last time you cried?
I watched a movie from Mongolia on Friday night called The Story of The Weeping Camel. It was about camel shepherds who discovered one of their baby camels had been rejected by its mother and wasn’t being fed. They called in a music therapist who caused mother and baby to be reunited. It was so touching I blubbered away for ages. It was a true story. Just brilliant!

If anyone would like to tag themselves for this, please do so.

It was fun.

Thanks, Lauri!

15 thoughts on “A Little Bit About Meme

  1. oh I do love a good meme (although I always want to put a circumflex on the first e in meme).

    This one was quite good – I rather like those open-ended do-anything-with-them questions “mother?” “father?”.

    I like what I see of you – although I am very sensitive to puking and the merest mention of it makes me feel ill!


  2. Your thoughts and feelings about mobile phones are exactly like mine.
    The only reason why I have one is because I need it for work. And so thatfamily and a very small, select group of friends can call me. In other words,I have it so people can call me. I rarely call people on my mobile,maybe 2 or 3 calls or texts a month. And I switch it off when I get on train because I don’t want to receive a call when I’m on a train and be like the dolts who do-yelling inane,private, and personal comments into a mobile on a train is not my idea of fun.




  3. “Blue skies and an overwhelming sense of vibrancy” How cool. I’ve got gray skies and malaise. If I wrote one of these it would be quite bizarre.


  4. >>7. Your dream last night?<>BMW 535i. Hey, don’t get excited, I’m not a yuppie or anything – it’s nearly 20 years old!<>14. What you’re not?<>The Mary J Blige CDs I lost in transit during our last move. I miss you Mary J.<<

    I feel the same way about Carole King’s ‘Tapestry’ … it was in my car casette player when it was stolen.


  5. Okay, agree completely re the cell phone. Hate it, and rarely use it.
    At least your mom addressed the situation w/your sister and her behavior around it with a sense of …acknowledgement of her part in aspects of it.
    Sorry about your dad. I think that sometimes such a different take on things – not to mention way of conveying said take – is a direct result of a generation gap.
    Hope is my favorite color too. 🙂


  6. RELUCTANT – sorry about mentioning the thing that makes you ill. We get a bit of that around here with 12 year old boys and their jokes!

    DAVID – hahaha. I know exactly what you mean. On the bus last week I sat next to a young girl who spent the entire journey talking on her mobile. It was a thrilling account of her sex life. She was happy about it. The rest of the passengers weren’t.

    CRAFTY GREEN – wasn’t it the best film ever? The little boy was gorgeous. I just loved everything about it.

    PUNATIK – you should write one. I’m sure it would turn into a piece of poetry.

    TRAVELRAT – ‘Tapestry’ is one of those classic albums everyone should have. I have it on vinyl and if I lost it I would be so upset. Sorry to hear your copy got stolen.

    EPIPHANY – the generation gap definitely comes into play every now and then with my parents. I have to remember that and not get so mad about things they say. And hope – most beautiful colour in the world!

    MELEAH – it’s the best, isn’t it? I actually get more done when I have nothing planned. I love those sorts of weekends!


  7. I don’t know what happened here … only a fraction of my comments got posted.

    Dreams: I mentioned a piece in the paper, which said those used to colour television tended to dream in colour, while those brought up with black and white television tend to dream in mono. So, people who grew up without TV dream in audio only?

    BMW: I had a ‘Boomer’ back in 1975, before it became the badge of the yuppie. It was a 1966 model, and I loved it!

    What you’re not: Guy Ritchie … thank goodness! What did he do to deserve Madonna for a wife?

    (Like the famous Dr. Spooner said: ‘I do not wuddle my muddy blirds!’ 😀 )


  8. TRAVELRAT – I don’t know what happened to your comments. Mine occasionally get swallowed too. That is funny about the dreams. Very true, I think. Those vintage BMs are the best. I love the shape of them. Poor Guy Ritchie. It’s not going to be easy to make a clean break from Madge. I read somewhere today there will be a $650 million divorce settlement. That is scary!

    LAURI – I cannot help but be effusive about you. Didn’t mean to embarrass you, though. This was a fun meme!


  9. I sure hope #8 & #12 come true Selma, you certainly deserve for it to happen. I watched some of the ARIAS as I taped it. Was the drunk person you were referring to Gabrella Cilmi? She seemed as high as a kite by the end of the night and they kept making mention of the fact that no-one should give her a drink as she’s only 17.


  10. GYPSY – it was her. A friend of mine was at the ARIAS and said GC was really out of it. At 17 years of age. Not a terribly good role model for her young fans, methinks. But hey, at least she didn’t chunder!

    KAREN – it is a good one, isn’t it? I can see it on a bumper sticker, for sure!

    GROOVY – awww, what a nice thing to say. I feel the same way about you.


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