Do You Want The Good News Or The Good News?

Juliet from Crafty Green Poet was kind enough to give me this award the other day.





 The “BFF” award is passed on according to the following rules: 

1. Only five people are allowed
2. Four have to be dedicated followers of your blog
3. One has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world
4. You must link back to whoever gave you the award.

As you know, whenever I get an award I get myself in a state trying to figure out who to pass it on to because I don’t want to offend anyone by leaving them out. But I’m all about the happy vibes this week so I want to pass it on and I will follow the rules with the slight variation that I would like to give the award to people I haven’t given an award to before –  so here goes.

I’d like to give this award to the following people – 

1. Geraldine from My Poetic Path. She is a brilliant poet. She and I have a lot in common (including a love of tea pots) and she is someone I have come to regard as a friend.

2. Epiphany from Your Presence Requested. Epiphany is someone I wish I knew in person. She is so cool.

3. David from David M’s Journal is a rock for me. Thank you for your constant encouragement, David.

4. Kayt from The Pedestrian Crossing. Another brilliant poet and a really switched on lady.

5. Punatik from Fragments Of Reality is a new reader of mine. He just gets this crazy old life. He is a great poet as well and lives in Hawaii.

As well as the five people mentioned above I’d like to thank EVERYONE for reading my blog. I value each one of you. You make my day, every day!!!!!!!!!!

More good news….

Remember the poor flamingo who was attacked at Adelaide Zoo? 

Well, he is eating now and is gaining weight.

Read about him here.

Our prayers have been answered.

Have a great day, everyone!

26 thoughts on “Do You Want The Good News Or The Good News?

  1. TRAVELRAT – 😀

    NAT – I know. The poor old thing should be putting his feet up!

    PUNATIK – my pleasure. It is a treat to read your blog too!

    MELEAH – thanks so much, hon!


  2. Hi Selma,
    With all of this positivity and given that you’re baby animal nuts, I’ve got one for you, but a bit of background first.
    I spend a lot of time in my backyard listening to music rather than watching ‘reality’ t.v. because I prefer reality.
    Anyhow, the birds have come to trust me. I feed the ducks in the pond in the park across the road from my unit (I even have one that lands in my yard if she is particularly hungry. She waddles up to my back door and starts quacking and if the microwave doesn’t defrost the bread quickly enough she lets me know about it, imagine lots of quacking and neck arching) and I have had doves nesting in a small scrub tree about 3 metres from the back door with the nest at eye level.
    They have had one baby and last weekend it (don’t know the gender) launched off on its first flight. It came hurtling out of the tree and crashed into one of my eaves, a little groggy but not hurt so the little one had a rest in my yard for a while and I provided a bowl of water because it was pretty warm.
    This morning I saw something wonderful. I was having my usual cup of coffee when the mother landed on my fence at eye level about 5 metres away. The next thing that I know the little one lands (wobbles would be a better word, still a bit unsteady) right next to ‘mum’ and starts flappin her wings against her mother at one stage taking ‘a break’ and resting her left wing across the mother’s back for a few seconds (a beautiful sight). The baby dove then sprang onto ‘mum’s back and stood there surveying ‘home’ then, enter ‘dad’. A few ‘woohoos’ later and the little one hops off and the family waddles of across the fence, ‘dad’, ‘mum’ and ‘baby’.
    Now thats REALITY versus ‘reality’.
    I guess that the moral of this ‘story’ is, “Trust begets Trust”.



  3. Thank you dear Selma for your very kind words and for including me on a list with other readers of your blog who I think so much of.

    I am honored to know you and am so happy you found your way to MPP and Veggies…and in turn I found your wonderful blogs. You are such a gifted person and such a kind, loving spirit. That for me is what shines through in your diverse posts, again and again.

    Big hug, G 🙂


  4. CHRIS – what a fantastic story. I love it. Those birds trust you too or they wouldn’t come to your garden.. The little baby dove sounds adorable. Oh, I wish I had seen that. Do you have a blog? If not, would you consider starting one? It sounds like you have a lot of material just in your immediate environment. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story!

    GERALDINE – the feeling is mutual. It is always a pleasure to visit you and read your amazing work. So glad I discovered your blog too!

    TEXASBLU – I am delighted he is getting better. It made me feel so good to know that. YAY!

    KAREN – I’ll keep you posted on his progress, Karen. It’s always nice to share a happy story!

    DAVID – thank you. You are a true friend!


  5. Hi Selma,
    I don’t have a blog, I haven’t been doing this for long and Anthony was my first ‘real’ point of contact.
    I was actually thinking about all of this last night. I’ve got so many different stories to share but I’m a generalist not a novelist and I felt that if I could find someone who could turn them into something meaningful it could be very worthwhile, guess who I thought of? 🙂
    A few examples: I was in L.A. staying at the Disneyland Hotel when the earthquake hit and the riots hit, ditto with San Francisco (staying in the Union Square Hotel).
    I lived in Papua New Guinea, befriended a village chief’s son (a story in itself), I actually convinced him to take tertiary education, went to his village, had number one mother (Jackson’s dad had SEVEN wives) throw herself around my ankles, and shared food with the from their cornfield.
    Was also in South Africa for the ’95 Rugby Union World Cup with the All Blacks (I lived in N.Z. too) and had the most amazing dancing experience at Ngala Game Reserve with the locals (we even had some of them visit us in N.Z.).
    Then there was the time at the Hong Kong Sevens when we had everybody in a Chinese restaurant dancing on the tables singing “climb the mountain”, etc., etc, etc.
    I haven’t told you about the parakeets, lorikeets, galahs, cockatoos or swallows yet either. 🙂
    The thing is, I don’t want to take up your valuable blog space, do you think we should share e-mail addresses?
    If I had enough money I would commission you (and I mean it!) 🙂


  6. Selma,
    I just remebered a few more items. When I was in South Africa, I saw Nelson Mandela present the world cup to the Sout Arican team, walked the streets with 2 ex All Blacks to a disco (where you get frisked at the door to check for weapons in Johannesburg, we had everybody at the disco doing the Haka. At the game reserve we saw ‘The Big Five’, saw a leopard carrying an Impala up a tree, watched a chameleon changing colour, were chased by an elephant in our jeep, walked with Rhionocerouses (did I spell that right?), watched the animals drinking at a lagoon at sunset (predators and prey), had an unimpeded view of the stars at the lagoon without smog or city lights (incredible!!), had a candlelit dinner in a dried out watercourse under the trees, saw Jonah Lomu (he actually worked for us in his teens) score the try of the century against England at Durban, attended the inaugural dinner of the New Zealand Warriors with the then All Black Captain Sean Fitzpatrick and his lovely wife, befriended a Fijian when I was over there and he climbed a tree for me to get a coconut, and invited me back to his village for dinner, etc., etc., etc.
    See what I mean about SPACE! 🙂


  7. Dang!!! …and just when I’d decided to take an extended break from blogging. 😉 Thank you so much, Selma. I am so incredibly flattered,and am absolutely positive you and I would hang out if we knew each other in “real life”. Thank you, thank you, thank you! xoxo


  8. A cannot think of anyone more deserving of this award than you Selma and good on ya for passing it on. I always have the same sort of angst and would rather not hurt anyone’s feelings.

    That is wonderful news about the flamingo. i felt sick to the pit of my stomach when I found out what had happened to it and in my own backyard too.

    Finally, I hope Chris above me does start a blog. I know I would read it with all those wonfderful stories on offer.


  9. CHRIS – you can take up as much space as you like. If you would like to, you are welcome to do a guest post. I’ll send you my email address – we can certainly arrange something.

    It sounds like you have lived a very full and exciting life with plenty of material for a memoir or autobiography. I am flattered you would think of me to help you write it. Perhaps we can sort something out in the future. However, I do think you would enjoy blogging. If I can do it, anyone can. I started off wondering what I could possibly write about and it is amazing how the flavour of the blog develops over time. You would certainly have me as an avid reader, particularly with any stories concerning Danny Carter. *sigh*
    We’ll sort something out, I’m sure!

    EPIPHANY – sorry to interrupt your break, but I just had to give you that award. You are a gem. Now go back to that well-deserved break. XXX

    ROMANY ANGEL – I am so glad the poor flamingo is on the mend. Those types of stories affect me so badly. We’ll have to talk Chris into starting a blog – we need another Aussie on the crew!


  10. Congrats on the award, and most humble thanks 🙂

    I am so very, very delighted about the flamingo. So glad to see all the wonderful energy that sprung from your post make it directly on target – what a group this is!! Thank you so much for posting the update.

    And Chris – I quite enjoyed your story as well. I second or third or whatever, (I’ve lost count) the motion that you put up a blog. Writing will take you places you never dreamed of. Anyway, my vote is you go for it! And thanks for all the kind words, they are most genuinely appreciated. I quite enjoy reading what you have to say also. So hey, why don’t you start a blog? 😉


  11. Hi Selma,
    All the girls *sighed* over Danny Carter. 🙂
    There are lots of stories (not necessarily about Danny) that I could share but they would be R18+ rated and certainly not appropriate for a public forum.
    Here is a ‘clean’ one though. On one of our trips to the ‘7’s’ we had Andrew Mehrtens and Grant Fox with us (do you remember them?) and one of my business colleagues was ‘stirring’ them up (he was a big boy, about 110kgs). We were about to leave the hotel and all of the ‘boys’ were getting into the lift. Grant and I decided to give them a hard time so we said we would wait for the next lift as this one was pretty full. As soon as the lift doors closed Grant and I sprinted down about 10 flights of stairs pressing the lift stop button on every floor and then waited on the ground floor for them to arrive. On lift arrival at the ground floor the ‘boys’ came flying out of the lift in a wedge scrum with my business colleague at ‘point’, Grant squatted down, grabbed him by the ankles and lifted him to full arm extension above his head. When it was all over my colleague was just shaking his head and he said to me, “he’s STRONG isn’t he?”. Grant wasn’t a very ‘big’ man either.
    Kayt’s ‘nailed’ it again, “all the wonderful energy that sprung from YOUR post”.
    ThANK YOU Selma, Romany Angel and Kayt for your very kind words. I will send my e-mail address as a separate comment but you don’t have to delete it unless you think you should, if anybody tries to spam me they’re in, ‘Selma Aussie slang word’, poo!


  12. Selma,
    My e-mail address is,
    I spoke to my daughter, Brooke, last night and have now ‘insisted’ that she read your blog (and the comments from your readers) to give her a ‘break’ from the mundane world otherwise she will suffer ‘Papua New Guinean PAYBACK’, the ultimate threat, literally!

    Rhinocerous, rhinocerous, rhinocerous, TWIT (thats called self critique). 🙂


  13. ROMANY – yeah, come on, Chris. I’ll do a big promo on my blog for you! You should give it a try!

    KAYT – isn’t it good news about the flamingo? I am so happy about it. I enjoy what Chris writes too. Maybe is we hassle him enough he might give in!

    CHRIS – thanks for your email address. Will be sending you one shortly. I do remember Grant Fox. What a legend. He really had an amazing technique and such a good eye. I am even more in awe of him after hearing that. I can imagine that some of the rugby stories would be rather R-rated. I love your stories so much. I hope your daughter does decide to read. It would be great to have her on board!

    DESPERATEWRITER – isn’t it good he’s better? I am so delighted. So great to hear from you!


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