Goldfish Update

I just wanted to let you all know that I have been successful in my campaign to stop the goldfish being given out as prizes at my son’s school fete.


I am not very popular with the President of the P&C (PTA) mind you. He agreed that it was inhumane to treat fish this way but had an issue with me raising it so close to the day of the fete. ‘That’s because it was all kept so closely under wraps,’ I said. ‘I complained about it last year along with at least fifty other people but the braindead fundraisers went ahead and organised it anyway. I just assumed it wasn’t going ahead.’

‘You should have raised it through the proper channels,’ he said. ‘At a P&C Meeting.’

‘As President of the P&C you should never have approved it in the first place,’ I said. ‘And if you don’t shut your mouth I’m going to shut it for you.’

Once a bodgie, always a bodgie……..

( A bodgie is Australian slang for (in the 1950s and 60s) a young man belonging to an anti-social subculture (known as bodgies and widgies) that rejected the morality and general world-view of the time. Bodgies were especially noted for violent behaviour, free sexuality and being influenced by American fashions. They characteristically had long hair, wore drape style, waistless jackets, and rode motorcycles.)

Today I saved 300 fish from certain death.

It’s a good feeling!

22 thoughts on “Goldfish Update

  1. congratulations, although we were all looking forwards to the punch up on Saturday.
    As for me thinking it was immoral for them to be giving out goldfish, Alistair said “I thought it would be immoral to dress 5 year old girls up in gold lame mini dresses and blonde wigs, but what do I know?”


  2. >>‘And if you don’t shut your mouth I’m going to shut it for you.’

    Once a bodgie, always a bodgie……..<<

    See you, Jimmy! 😀

    Nice work … I take it you mentioned the support you got from all over the world?

    (I made some enquiries of an Australian who works at our veterinary practice, and he THINKS it’s illegal in some states … although he’s not certain … he studied in Glasgow and has never practised in Oz)


  3. Good on you! I remember goldfish were regularly given as prizes in fair stalls when I was young. Not many survived.

    ‘And if you don’t shut your mouth I’m going to shut it for you.’

    Do I see hints of the good old Glaswegian Handshake in this? 🙂


  4. thrilled to find out that no human or animal rights were trampled to death in the process…. i think you got your point across… i am a bit deviant i know,,, but i am wondering if they will bring them back after your son graduates that school???? hmmmm…..


  5. Yay!!!!!!!!! But now the Activists have nothing to do on the weekend… you’ll have to give them a drum kit and a basement to use up that energy they were working on penting up for the event.


  6. Hi Selma,
    Only one statement (only ONE) is possible here.
    Squirt would be soooooooo proud of you!!

    I think he/she is dancing a jig in Goldfish ‘heaven’. 🙂


  7. Hi Selma,
    I just had another thought (I’m a bit slow).
    In relation to whypaisley’s comment, do you realize that you have just led by perfect example for your son, guess who’s going to continue to carry the flag? Saving the goldfish is far more important than winning an Olympic gold medal, so, I’m going to award you ANOTHER Gold Star, that means that you have FIVE now, clever girl.

    Look out Michael Phelps!!!


  8. KATE – a punch up is always fun. I usually like to run out into the street shouting : ‘Fight. Fight!’

    For all the other readers, Kate’s son and my son go to school together and at a recent school production we were all shocked to see the girls in the Kindergarten class dressed in gold lame mini dresses with blonde wigs, wiggling their hips suggestively to Shania Twain’s ‘Man I Feel Like A Woman.’ We were a little perplexed that we appeared to be the only ones who thought it was inappropriate considering their age. I immediately thought of JonBenet Ramsay.

    TRAVELRAT – it was definitely a ‘See You, Jimmy’ moment. I did mention there was a global initiative going on. My next step is to get the legislation changed in Sydney, so I’m off to harass Sydney City Council.

    ANTHONY – och aye! I got a bit fed up because the guy kept going on and on about procedure and it didn’t seem that interested in the fate of the fish. I have to say I’m glad it’s all over.

    KAREN – it is a good feeling. It was very tiring and at times quite stressful, but it is good to know that sometimes one can make a difference.

    PAISLEY – the thought has crossed my mind. Believe me, I’m sure they’re already planning it. I’d better get working on the legislation….

    L’URAGANO – grazie. I just did what I think was right.

    LINDA – I know. They’re probably destined for another fair alright. That’s the depressing part. Still, one fair at a time!

    TBALL – I agree. WOOT TO THE MAX!!!!!

    RICHARD – I know, hon. It seems crazy to me. It’s a funny old world.

    DAOINE – I think they’re going running. Seriously. I guess all that pent up emotion has to be released somehow. LOL.

    PAUL – hahaha. I should get that on a T-shirt!

    PWADJ – double WOOT. YAY!

    CHRIS – you know, you are such a kind person to remember Squirt. I know he’d be happy about it. Thanks for caring and for the extra gold star!


  9. I hear that they give away whales at Japanese school fetes. (To encourage the children to pursue science studies, of course.)

    Bodgies and Widgies… It was Sharpies and Mods in my time… I was a Mod. Then I became a Hippy. And… well perhaps I should blog about it one day.


  10. Hi Selma,
    Do you realize that you have been given the ultimate accolade by Kayt and Meleah.
    “You Rock and Rule!!!”.

    Dance anyone? 🙂


  11. BEAR – it wouldn’t surprise me at the moment with the Japanese and their stance on whaling. So not on. I hope you do blog about all those stages in your life. I would really enjoy reading about it!

    KAYT – totally agree. No matter what. We all have a purpose of some sort.

    MELEAH – it is a good feeling. I am really glad I did it. Thank you!

    CHRIS – Hahahaha. 😆


  12. I am catching up on posts. Sorry I have not been around lately.

    I am so happy you saved the goldfish, Selma. It’s amazing how selfish humans can be.


  13. INGRID – sometimes I fear selfishness will be the undoing of the human race. I hope not, but sometimes I do worry. No need to apologise, Ingrid, it is lovely to have you here at any time.


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