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Vic over at Little Bits gave me this award. I am delighted because Vic is very much a superior scribbler herself. She is in the midst of writing what I think will be a great novel. I am very excited about it for her.

Recipients of this award are supposed to nominate five people to give this award to but I would like to nominate everyone on my blogroll because really, all of you are superior scribblers and I couldn’t narrow it down to just five of you.

Thank you, Vic. I am really honoured.

Poet With A Day Job has tagged me with this meme which I think has something to do with Facebook. Many of you will be shocked to hear this but I have never even been on Facebook. I am probably missing out on lots of fun stuff. Oh, well…

The rules are: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 16 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

1. Whenever I buy canned food from the supermarket I indulge my inner obsessive-compulsive and feel all over the can for any dents. If I find a dent I don’t buy the can. I am worried if there is a dent that the food will have gone off. Tuna and listeria sandwich, anyone?

2. I believe that real people can at times act as real angels with unexpected gestures of kindness or compassion. Those little things from the human angels I have met have actually saved my life.

3. I would wear my PJs all day if I could

4. I am not afraid of spiders at all but am terrified of flying cockroaches. One flew up my skirt once and ever since then – uuuuggghhhh. The Sydney cockroaches are too big for comfort.

5. I am attracted to men who work with their hands, especially carpenters. I think it’s the short shorts and the tool belt!!

6. I am indebted to my friend, Kate, who has given me the inspiration to write a young adult novel. I am in the middle of it right now. If I succeed in getting it published I will have to give Kate half of whatever I get….

7. I wish I had been married in Las Vegas

8. I wish I’d been born under a bad sign. It sounds so rock and roll!!

9. The older I get the more I love animals. I wish I could save every endangered species in the world and give a home to every abandoned animal.

10. Every time I write something I try to work in the word capitulate because I love the sound of it so much. Capitulate, capitulate….but placing it in the right context has proved to be elusive

11. I have very long hair and am obsessed with buying things to tie it up with even though I rarely use any of them. I tend to use the same old black band thingy over and over again

12. I have accepted that is no longer environmentally responsible to cling to my dream of getting a car with a V8 engine – either a Holden Monaro or a BMW 540i *sigh*

13. I wish I was a songwriter

14. I often feel like I’m not good enough

15. When I was a kid I thought the frontal lobe was a sexual organ

16. My favourite quote of all time is by the writer, Virginia Woolf –

The beauty of the world, which is so soon to perish,

has two edges, one of laughter, one of anguish,

cutting the heart asunder.

I’m not going to tag anyone, but if anyone would like to do this, please feel free.

20 thoughts on “Taking Care Of Business

  1. i share many of your “dissimilarities”,, maybe it is true.great minds think alike…….

    and as for working the word capitulated into a storyline,,, here is my feeble attempt…..

    with not so much as a smile gracing her ever scarlet lips, esmeralda capitulated to the marriage as preordained by her father,, the king,,, who had agreed to it under much duress,, many years ago in return for a large portion of persia that should have been rightfully his to begin with….

    dutifully,,she curtsied,,, her royal grace knelt before her betrothed.. as the sour taste of loathing welled up from deep within her,, she took comfort in the knowledge that,the very ring she extended to him to be kissed,, the very ruby that she that held out to him, signifying to all onlookers that she took him willingly as her spouse,, was in fact the gilded home to the fatal potion with which she would in fact bid him “forever adieu” on the eve on which they were to be wed…


  2. I too often feel like I’m not good enough. I also wish I was a song writer, but have long since realised that any ability I may have once had has disappeared into nothingness.
    p.s. thanks for the excellent compliment on the novel.


  3. Second time around, I am gonna get married in Vegas; right now me and Joe aren’t official LOL πŸ˜‰

    I am so happy to read that you are working on a novel. Somewhere along the way I missed that.

    Great list Selma, have a wonderful day, hugs, G


  4. An interesting list of what makes you, you. People can be “angels” at times, although I’ve often wish we could call human “angels” by some other term. I’ve been known to putter around the house in my sleeping attire now and then and I must have liked men who work. I married a farmer though he kept that a deep, dark secret until he had me safely hooked. I think writers are wonderfully interesting people…I write … but when I came to the word, capitulate? Hate the word. To bring this to a close … the word, capitulate? That word is hateful to me. Because I capitulated all to often to others whims, I lost “me” too often and for far too many years.


  5. PAISLEY – I love that. We do think alike because I had always envisioned using ‘capitulate’ in the same sense as you did. Shakespeare uses it a bit and you also see it a lot in medieval romances. Your attempt is brilliant!

    VIC – I mean it about your novel. Don’t stop writing. The work is going to be worth it, you’ll see!

    GERALDINE – Vegas just appeals to me. Maybe it’s all the Elvis impersonators, I don’t know. I only started the young adult novel a few weeks back and have been surprised how well it’s going. Maybe it’s the genre I’m looking for!

    MARY – I’m sorry ‘capitulate’ stirs up some painful memories for you. Of course, it is a word with fairly negative connotations. From your experience, I can certainly understand how you would dislike the sound of it.


  6. I had never considered the word capitulate until you mentioned it. It is a good word with a strong meaning. Like you I enjoy the sound of it, the feel of it on my tongue. I don’t, however, recall ever using it in conversation or writing. I, too, would like to be a song-writer. I write poetry sometimes and have even shared some of that on my blog. However, I just don’t ‘hear’ the music. I can write a melody, but it doesn’t flow from my creativity and I’m never sure it’s not in the same league as “Roses are red, violets are blue …” I’d hate to write trite, tired music.


  7. My response to your meme…

    1. Makes perfect sense to me.

    2. And some of us get to fall in love with a real angel.

    3. I do sometimes… except mine are the same design as the Emperor’s new clothes, so I can’t go outside in them.

    4. Ah the cockroach incident of ’73. It was front page news in the Cockroach Flyer.

    5. I often working with my hands IN my tool belt, does that count?

    6. Correction: WHEN you succeed in getting published…

    7. So you’ve been to Vegas? Lucky you.

    8. I was born under a sausage roll, and that’s a bad sign.

    9. The older I get the more I smell like an animal.

    10. I was holding out on agreeing that it’s a good sounding word, but I’ve decided to capitulate and agree under the terms and conditions that you have indicated.

    11. I tie my Hare up… but only until I construct a hutch for him. (Now where’s that tool belt…)

    12. I run on a V8… that’s right, a glass of V8 vegetable juice in the morning ensures that I’m running to the bathroom by smoko time.

    13. What… you wish you were a biro…?

    14. That’s better than knowing you’re not good enough.

    15. My Aunty played the church organ… she was a spinster… so I’m guessing she wasn’t a sexual organist.

    16. My favourite quote of all time is by anon, and one sees it up in lights all the time – EXIT


  8. >> I wish I was a songwriter<<

    Will ‘lyricist’ do?

    Since I can just about manage a simple tune on a tin whistle, I’ve always dreamed of writing some poetry, and having someone set it to music.

    Alas, the only verse I’ve managed so far is a totally unprintable parody of ‘Albert and t’ Lion’ πŸ˜€

    Happy Hogmanay, lassie!


  9. oh thankyou dont mind if i do

    1.i try to be there i mean here wherever i am

    2. but sometimes i’m somewhere else

    3. sometimes i dont like to hear music because the feelings evoked are heartstopping

    4. other times i cant imagine life without it

    5. i am a songwriter just not a very good one, i mean not a famous one but i wish i was a singer

    6. i spend hours every day with a feral cat rescue mission and 27 cats in our shelter. one of them just had babies. i brought her home, she’s in my bedroom closet right now with five kittens 2 days old

    7. i have not married but if i did i would do it in Las Vegas too! without a doubt!

    8. i have never fitted into anything quite comfortably yet, as far as career goes, while i do well enough anyway, it makes me feel unfulfilled

    9. i watch birds

    10. i sing and read stories to cats

    11. i sometimes stay up all night and into the next day without sleep and dont care

    12. i pretty much always feel like im not good enough but dont care because its just plain true. only kidding, not always true but poignantly true in some areas *sigh*

    13. i need coffee

    14. i am always dropping leaving and losing things. i threw away a fifty dollar gift card by mistake.

    15.as time goes by, i have somehow lost or dropped a cynicism that i had. i miss it though.

    16. i am truly delighted to be writing these things, thankyou!


  10. Luckily I’m a touch typOist as I typO while laughing my head off @ “when I was a kid I thought the frontal lobe was a sexual organ!” The misconceptions we have as kids, or adults, for that matter, because I still- well that’s for my book…

    Delightful list. I like these type of memes that give more insight into who the person is behind the blog. I thought I was home free though, until I spied that you added me to your blogroll. πŸ™‚ (New Year’s Resolution: put my blogroll up—– you see I had a blog where I am as far back as 2006 but computer crashed.)

    I’m right there with you groping those cans. I’m also lucky to have real life angels throughout my life. I DO stay in my pjs all day sometimes- even paint canvases in them, so they are not merely my attire for “chasing nature with my camera.”

    Your blog is a joy to read. I’d rather meet you for chat and fun in real life but technology makes this the next best thing!
    HNY 2009 Selma! πŸ™‚


  11. P.S. I am compelled by my inner child to add this. I missed reading #11 on your list until after I clicked publish. Me, too. Love that you also don’t care. It’s our right. No need to apologize to the “more structured or horrified folks” who just don’t get it…that freedom……


  12. I loved reading your list, Selma. Good luck on that novel! May the new year bring you blessings in abundance. ((hugs))


  13. Don’t forget to let us know when your book is published Selma. My two daughters will soon fall into that category and I’d love to buy them a book written by you.

    I hope you thoroughly enjoyed the fireworks with your family tonight. I have to admit that when they mentioned the cost of $5 million it made me cringe. I can’t help thinking about the real good that could be done with that money rather than set a match to it and watch it burn for 20 minutes. I know….very killjoy of me but I think the same thing every year.

    I hope this new year will be a joyful one for you and that you get to do the things you really want to do.


  14. An informative meme there. As for the award, you deserve it. I’m not on Facebook either, although most of my kids are, and regularly comnmunicate with each other from different parts of the UK. I guess that’s one good reason for me not to be on there πŸ™‚


  15. Muy interesante, as they say in Spanish. A few thoughts: 1) Do you like to drive fast? If so, you could always aspire to own one of those V8s as a special sort of fun car that you only drive on closed courses that are designed for that sort of thing. A friend of mine does that. 2) I suppose “born to lose”, one of Lemmy (of Motorhead)’s tatoos is a reference to being born under a bad sign. But what is a bad sign? Doesn’t that depend on the individual? 3) I don’t know that being married in Las Vegas would be a good thing. After all, you can always visit the place and, say, renew your vows there… 4) Lately I’ve been thinking that this feeling of not being good enough (which I share) is an outgrowth of depending on outside sources of validation/happiness rather than providing yourself with your own validation or sources of happiness. Just a thought. 5) The Virginia Woolf quote sounds like a description of the famous symbol of the theater that depicts a smiling face right next to a frowning face. You know, comedy and tragedy. My Mom has a ring with that symbol which she wears all the time (she’s a retired actress).

    Happy New Year, by the way.


  16. EVE – I know what you mean. There’s always that fear with songwriting that the lyrics are either a bit repetitive or too trite. I do it for fun, though. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll sell one of my silly songs!

    LURAGANO – I’m sorry to say that is the case. It’s the big ones that fly too – usually straight at you. Summer in Sydney is not for the faint-hearted!

    BEAR – you really are hilarious. I am laughing at every single point. Too funny. πŸ˜†

    PUNATIK – oh, I would love that. But only if you have the time. That would be a special thing to have indeed!

    TRAVELRAT – hahhahaha. Happy Hogmanay to you too. Hope you had a lovely new year!!!

    TIPOTA – I love all your answers, particularly the one about the cats. More than that though, it’s great to hear from you!

    GEL – well, I’d love to have a chat too. Maybe one day…..I’m laughing that you also check the cans. I thought I was the only one. πŸ˜€

    SAINTPAULGRRL – I hope you have a year full of good things too. You deserve it!

    ROMANY – I always cringe when I hear the cost of the fireworks. It seems to get more expensive every year. It does ruin it a bit for me. I’d love the money to be spent on hospitals or the homeless and just get everyone a packet of sparklers instead. But I think I’d be run out of town for suggesting it!

    ANTHONY – think of all the things you’d find out if you went on Facebook. All the juicy stuff. Actually, come to think of it, maybe it’s best you don’t know!

    RICHARD – I had no idea your Mum was an actress. I have seen the ring you mentioned and it fits the quote so well. I would love to go on one of those race courses. For me, that would be heaven. I just love your responses!

    POET – Virginia Woolf is one of the greats for me. Such profound observations. I often read her and just go WOW. I am rendered inarticulate by her brilliance!


  17. I don’t know how I missed this post. Facebook is overrated. I finally broke down and got on it to watch over my daughter’s account. Several people from my past have found me on it, but there are a few I wish hadn’t, but I’m too nice to block them. πŸ˜›

    The tool belt huh? Must be my attraction to Redbeard… he keeps his hung up on the bedpost like a nighty… :-O


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